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Welcome to the world of design dreams and home makeovers down under, where the magic of HGTV awaits you! But here’s the twist—did you know you can dive into this captivating world for a limited time without opening your wallet? Yes, it’s true! In this guide, we’re about to unveil the secrets of scoring an HGTV free trial in Australia, so you can experience the thrill of transforming your living spaces without spending a dime.

Get ready to embark on an interior design adventure like never before, as we open the doors to your own HGTV free trial!

What is HGTV About?

HGTV, or Home & Garden Television, is more than just a channel – it’s a destination for all who seek inspiration in their home improvement and decoration endeavors. The channel brings to your screens a vibrant array of shows that explore the various facets of home design, renovation, and real estate.

In one segment, you might find yourself immersed in the world of dreamy home makeovers, where ordinary spaces are transformed into extraordinary ones. In another, you might be on a thrilling property hunt, exploring various homes and neighborhoods, weighing the pros and cons of each space with prospective homeowners.

The channel not only showcases the exciting journey of finding a new home but also provides viewers with valuable insights into the real estate market, offering tips and advice that can be crucial in making informed decisions.

Is HGTV Available in Australia?

HGTV is a channel that has become synonymous with all things home improvement.

The channel, while a staple in American households, unfortunately, doesn’t extend its reach to Australian shores due to stringent geographical restrictions. But where there’s a will, there’s a way, and for Aussie HGTV enthusiasts, the HGTV free trial can become accessible, albeit through a slightly unconventional route.

HGTV Screen

The secret lies in the strategic utilization of a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, which acts as a digital tunnel, enabling users to mask their actual IP address (in this case, an Australian one) and adopt one from a different location (the USA). This digital disguise allows users to trick platforms into believing the content is being accessed from the USA, thereby unlocking the HGTV free trial and a treasure trove of content that was previously out of reach.

Once your VPN service is ready to go, you need to get yourself access to a US-based streaming service.

The combination of the two will help you unblock all restrictions and enjoy HGTV free trial in Australia without any hassle!

Platforms Offering HGTV Free Trial in Australia

After wearing your VPN shield, going through the myriad of US-based streaming platforms to find the perfect HGTV free trial can be a bit of a journey. But worry not! We’ve got you covered!

Here is a detailed guide on platforms that offer you a sneak peek into the world of HGTV without costing you a penny.


Free Trial Length: 7 days

Philo brings to you a simple and straightforward way to dive into the HGTV universe. Known for its affordability and a rich selection of over 60 channels, Philo ensures you don’t miss out on your favorite HGTV shows.

Here’s a simplified step-by-step guide to starting your HGTV free trial on Philo:

  • Visit Philo’s website.
  • Opt for the 7-day free trial.
  • Input your email or mobile number and verify it.
  • Choose add-ons if desired, provide payment details, and voila, your trial begins!

YouTube TV

Free Trial Length: Typically 7 days

YouTube TV, renowned for its extensive channel lineup and seamless streaming, also offers HGTV in its package. With a user-friendly interface and the ability to customize your channel lineup, YouTube TV ensures a tailor-made viewing experience.

Here’s how you can kickstart your HGTV free trial:

  • Visit YouTube TV online.
  • Begin your trial and sign in using your Google account.
  • Confirm and customize your location and membership details, and you’re set to explore HGTV!


Free Trial Length: 7 days

Discovery+ stands out with its vast library of shows across various networks, including HGTV. It’s a hub for reality TV and documentary enthusiasts, ensuring a blend of entertainment and information.

To start your HGTV free trial on Discovery+, simply:

  • Visit or use the app.
  • Follow the sign-up instructions, and you’re ready to dive in!

Sling TV

Free Trial Length: 7 days

Sling TV, with its flexible packages and a la carte channel options, provides a customizable viewing experience. Whether you’re an HGTV fanatic or a casual viewer, Sling TV has something for everyone.

To get your HGTV free trial started:

  • Visit Sling TV’s website.
  • Click ‘Try Us Today’ and create your account.
  • Choose your package, add-ons, and enter payment details to begin your trial.

Fubo TV

Free Trial Length: 7 days

Fubo TV, widely recognized for its sports content, also brings HGTV to your screens. With various plans and additional package options, Fubo TV caters to a wide array of viewing preferences.

To start your HGTV free trial:

  • Visit and opt for a free trial.
  • Choose a plan and any additional packages.
  • Enter payment details and start exploring HGTV!

Hulu With Live TV

Free Trial Length: 30 days

Hulu With Live TV, known for its blend of live and on-demand content, offers a rich selection of channels, including HGTV. With various plans and premium add-ons, Hulu ensures a comprehensive viewing experience.

To get your HGTV free trial:

  • Visit Hulu’s website.
  • Select a plan and enter your details.
  • Add billing information, and your trial begins!

DirecTV Stream

Free Trial Length: 5 days

DirecTV Stream, with its varied packages and numerous channels, brings HGTV to your fingertips. Known for its quality and variety, DirecTV Stream ensures you stay updated with all things HGTV.

To start your HGTV free trial:

  • Visit DIRECTV STREAM’s website.
  • Choose a package and start your free trial.
  • Add any additional offers, enter account info, and dive into the HGTV world!

Each platform brings its unique flavor to the table, ensuring that your journey through the HGTV universe is as exciting as the shows themselves. So, go ahead, choose a platform that resonates with you, start your HGTV free trial, and let the adventures in home and garden transformations begin!

What Will Happen If I Don’t Cancel the HGTV Free Trial in Australia?

Embarking on a journey with the HGTV free trial in Australia, despite the geographical hurdles, opens up a world brimming with inspiring home transformation stories and innovative design ideas. However, it’s pivotal to note that while the HGTV free trial is indeed free, it’s essentially a gateway to a paid subscription.

Most platforms will ask for your payment details upon signing up for a free trial, ensuring a smooth transition to a paid subscription once the trial period concludes. If you don’t cancel the HGTV free trial before it ends, the platform will assume you’re enjoying their service (which we hope you are!) and will automatically convert you into a paid subscriber. This means the subscription cost will be automatically deducted from your bank account or charged to your credit card without any further notification.

This automatic billing system is convenient for those who wish to continue with the service, but if you’re not looking to convert your HGTV free trial into a paid subscription, it’s vital to cancel before the trial period concludes to avoid any unexpected charges. This ensures that you can explore the vast and inspiring world of HGTV without committing to a subscription once the trial period sails to its end.

Cancelling the HGTV Free Trial

Here’s a simplified guide on how to cancel your HGTV free trial on various platforms to save yourself from the subscription fees:


  • Navigate to Philo’s official website.
  • Access your account settings.
  • Locate and click on ‘Cancel My Subscription’ and follow the prompts to confirm cancellation.

YouTube TV

  • Visit YouTube TV on a web browser or app.
  • Go to your account settings under your profile photo.
  • Navigate to ‘Membership’ and select ‘Cancel membership’, then confirm.


  • Sign in at the Discovery+ website.
  • Go to ‘Account’ under your profile.
  • In the ‘Subscription’ section, select ‘Cancel’ and follow any additional instructions.

Sling TV

  • Sign in to your Sling TV account.
    • Navigate to the ‘My Account’ dashboard.
    • Click ‘Cancel Subscription’ and confirm your decision.

Fubo TV

  • Sign into your Fubo TV account and select your profile.
  • Navigate to ‘Subscription and Billing’ under ‘My Account’.
  • Click ‘Cancel Subscription’ and confirm.

Hulu With Live TV

  • Visit your Account page on Hulu’s website.
  • Under ‘Your Account’, select ‘Cancel’ and follow the on-screen instructions.

DirecTV Stream

  • Sign in and go to ‘Manage my TV Subscription’.
  • Choose ‘Cancel my subscription’ and follow the steps provided.

HGTV Recommendations

Out of the best HGTV shows and other content, here are our recommendations that you should not miss!


Is HGTV available for streaming in Australia?

Unfortunately, HGTV is not directly available for streaming in Australia due to geographical restrictions. However, Australians can access HGTV content through a VPN and sign up for a streaming service that offers an HGTV free trial.

Is using a VPN to access HGTV legal in Australia?

Yes, using a VPN is legal in Australia. However, it’s essential to note that while using a VPN is permitted, accessing specific content may violate the terms of service of the streaming platform.

Summing it Up!

Navigating through the digital world to access the HGTV free trial in Australia might seem like a daunting task, given the geographical restrictions. However, with the strategic use of a VPN, Australians can unlock a world of inspiring and innovative home and garden content that HGTV provides.

And now that you have all the tips up your sleeve, you can easily watch HGTV shows with a touch of your fingertip!

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