8 Best Tv Shows On Hayu: Updated April 2024 In Australia

G’day, and welcome to the best Hayu shows – Aussie Edition! If you’re Down Under and in search of the finest entertainment on Hayu, you’re in for a treat. This curated guide is your ticket to the most captivating, laugh-out-loud, and thrilling content on the platform, with a distinctly Australian twist.

From dazzling reality competitions set against iconic Australian landscapes to gripping true crime stories that hit close to home, and from lifestyle series showcasing the Aussie way of life to the latest entertainment buzz sweeping the nation, we’ve handpicked the shows that resonate with Aussies.

What Makes These Best Hayu Shows Stand Out

We’ve handpicked these gems based on their IMDB Rating, guaranteeing you access to the platform’s most exceptional and captivating series. Quality and entertainment value are our foremost considerations, ensuring your viewing experience is nothing short of outstanding.

1- Second Wives Club (2017)

CastShiva Safai, Tania Mehra, Katie Cazorl
GenreReality TV
IMDB Rating7.0/10
Availability Youtube TV, Amazon Prime, Vudu

Second Wives Club, a reality TV series, provided viewers with a fascinating glimpse into the lives of the wives of wealthy and successful men. The show followed a group of women navigating the challenges and dynamics of their unique roles as second wives, blending their families, managing lavish lifestyles, and dealing with the public scrutiny that comes with their high-profile relationships.

Best Hayu Shows
Source: IMDB

Each episode of Second Wives Club showcased the ups and downs of their friendships and the personal growth these women experienced as they supported one another through various trials and tribulations. With its mix of drama, humor, and heartfelt moments, the show offered a captivating look into the world of privileged second wives, shedding light on their resilience and determination to build their own identities while living in the shadow of their husband’s success.

2- Relatively Nat & Liv (2019)

CastNatalie Halcro, Olivia Pierson
GenreReality TV
IMDB Rating6.2/10
Availability Youtube TV, Amazon Prime, Vudu

Nat & Liv is a reality TV series that follows the lives of the captivating duo, Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson, along with their close-knit family and friends. This show provides an inside look into the glamorous and fashionable world of two social media influencers and entrepreneurs, showcasing their adventures in the fashion industry, personal relationships, and the bond they share with their loved ones.

Best Hayu Shows
Source: IMDB

The series masterfully blends humor, drama, and heartfelt moments as it navigates the challenges of balancing work and family. With the support of their relatives and best friends, Nat and Liv take on the fashion and beauty industry, all while maintaining their strong family ties. Relatively Nat & Liv captivates viewers with its engaging storytelling and offers a glimpse into the exciting yet relatable lives of these dynamic women and their tight-knit circle.

3- Below Deck Sailing Yacht (2020)

CastCrew members and charter guests
GenreReality TV
IMDB Rating6.4/10
Availability Hulu, Peacock, YouTube, Amazon Prime

Below Deck Sailing Yacht, is a thrilling reality TV series that takes viewers on a luxurious and drama-filled journey aboard a stunning sailing yacht. A spin-off of the popular Below Deck franchise, this show introduces a fresh perspective to the unique challenges of a sailing vessel. The series provides an intriguing peek into the lives of the crew members who work tirelessly to meet the demanding expectations of elite charter guests. 

Best Hayu Shows
Source: IMDB

As they navigate the high seas and cater to the desires of the super-wealthy clientele, tensions, and romances ignite amidst the beautiful backdrop of exotic locations. The dynamic crew, from the captain to the deckhands and stewardesses, brings their personalities and quirks to the forefront, creating a captivating blend of interpersonal drama and maritime adventures. 

4- Wicked Fit (2011)

CastKatie Boyd and her diverse clients
GenreReality TV
IMDB Rating5.4/10
Availability Amazon Prime

Wicked Fit, offered viewers a unique blend of fitness and drama. The show followed the charismatic and determined Katie Boyd, a personal trainer and former beauty queen, as she worked with her diverse clientele in Boston. Katie’s unfiltered personality and commitment to helping her clients achieve their fitness goals created a dynamic and entertaining narrative.

Best Hayu Shows
Source: IMDB

As the series unfolded, viewers witnessed the challenges and triumphs of Katie’s training sessions, her interactions with clients ranging from brides-to-be to struggling mothers, and her relentless pursuit of success in the competitive fitness industry. With its focus on body transformation and personal growth, Wicked Fit combined elements of reality television with fitness inspiration, making it an engaging watch for those seeking motivation to lead healthier lives.

5- New Money (2015)

CastNicky Harley, Kika Markham
IMDB Rating6.0/10
Availability Amazon Prime, YouTube, Vudu

New Money delivered an enticing blend of drama, suspense, and dark humor. The show revolved around the lives of the newly wealthy in London, exploring the challenges and complexities that come with sudden affluence. As characters grappled with their newfound riches, they faced moral dilemmas, personal crises, and shifting relationships.

Best Hayu Shows
Source: IMDB

The series delved into the contrasting worlds of old and new money, revealing the tensions and aspirations that drove its characters. With a talented ensemble cast, New Money skillfully portrayed the greed, ambition, and vulnerability of its characters, making it a thought-provoking exploration of wealth, power, and the pursuit of happiness. Viewers were drawn into a world where the trappings of success masked the insecurities and secrets of those who had it all, creating a compelling narrative that kept audiences hooked from start to finish.

6- The Real Housewives of Dallas (2016)

CastRotating cast of women
GenreReality TV
IMDB Rating4.9/10
Availability Peacock, Hulu, YouTube, Vudu

The Real Housewives of Dallas opened a window into the opulent and dramatic lives of wealthy women living in Dallas, Texas. This captivating installment of the Real Housewives franchise delivered a hearty dose of Southern charm, mixed with feuds, friendships, and extravagant lifestyles.

Best Hayu Shows
Source: IMDB

The show featured a dynamic cast of women from various backgrounds, showcasing their unique personalities, businesses, and social circles. As viewers followed the glamorous lives of these women, they also witnessed the inevitable conflicts, controversies, and emotional moments that arose within the tight-knit group. The Real Housewives of Dallas provided an addictive blend of entertainment, offering both glimpses of affluence and the relatability of human relationships, making it a must-watch for fans of reality TV and those interested in the dynamics of Dallas’ high society.

7- Violent Minds: Killers on Tape (2023)

CastJeff McDonald, Carrie Anne
GenreCrime, Documentary
IMDB Rating7.7/10
Availability Peacock, Hulu, Sling TV, YouTube

Violent Minds: Killers on Tape is a chilling documentary series that delves deep into the disturbing minds of infamous criminals. Hosted by psychologist Dr. Al Carlisle, the show offers viewers an unsettling glimpse into the psychopathic nature of notorious individuals such as Ted Bundy, the Hifi Killers, and Arthur Gary Bishop. 

Best Hayu Shows
Source: IMDB

Through inmate tapes and interviews, the series provides an unprecedented look at the inner workings of these killers’ minds, shedding light on their motivations and methods. With compelling narration by Jeff McDonald and expert analysis by Carrie Anne Drazewski-Kelle, Violent Minds is a riveting exploration of the darkest corners of human psychology and the criminal world.

8- Celebrity Game Face (2020)

CastKevin Hart and various celebrity couples
GenreComedy, Game Show
IMDB Rating7.3/10
Availability Hulu, Peacock, YouTube, Prime Video

Celebrity Game Face is an entertaining and light-hearted game show that brings together celebrities in a competitive and fun atmosphere. Hosted by Kevin Hart, this show features famous couples as they participate in hilarious and unconventional games, challenges, and trivia. Each episode is filled with laughter, surprises, and moments of genuine connection between the celebrities, making it a delightful watch for audiences of all ages.

Best Hayu Shows
Source: IMDB

The show’s format allows viewers to see a different, more playful side of their favorite celebrities, making it relatable and endearing. Celebrity Game Face not only provides a great source of entertainment but also showcases the camaraderie and love between the couples as they navigate the quirky challenges. It’s a heartwarming and humorous series that offers a unique glimpse into the lives of celebrities outside of their usual roles.

Here are more best Hayu shows recommendations!

Discover even more exceptional shows on Hayu with our additional recommendations. Dive into a world of captivating reality, true crime, and lifestyle series, carefully curated for your viewing pleasure.

  • Rich Kids of Beverly Hills (2014)
  • Jersey Shore (2009)
  • Pretty Wild (2010)
  • WAGS LA (2015)
  • Dancing Queens (2023)

Final Words!

As we wrap up our exploration of the best Hayu shows, we hope you’ve unearthed a treasure trove of entertainment gems that truly resonate with the Aussie spirit. From the outback to the urban jungles, these handpicked series, carefully curated for the discerning Australian viewer, have showcased the diversity, humor, and drama that make our country unique. So, whether you’re enjoying a Vegemite sandwich or a snag on the Barbie, know that Hayu has your entertainment needs sorted. We’ll keep the bushfires of excitement burning as you continue your journey through the world of top-notch Hayu shows, the Aussie way!

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