Stunning Ensemble: All About The Cast Of Elvis

Calling all the Elvis Presley fans out there! Get your guitars out and be ready to embark on a rock ‘n’ roll journey of the iconic superstar, with hips that can set the world on fire and a voice that can make hearts melt. Elvis Presley is not just a musician but a legend and a cultural phenomenon! The cinematic masterpiece Elvis, available to stream on Prime Video and Max, will take you back to the era of the code with dazzling lights and unforgettable music. The cast of Elvis is a line-up of talented individuals who breathe life into the story of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Where to watch Elvis movie in Australia?

Get ready to rock and roll with the King in the sensational Elvis movie, now available for streaming on Max, Foxtell, and BINGE! The film will take you on an exhilarating journey through the life and legacy of the legendary Elvis Presley. To witness the magic of Elvis’s iconic hits and the trials and triumphs that shaped his extraordinary career, check out the latest Elvis movie.

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What is Elvis movie all about?

The cast of Elvis

The Elvis movie is an enthralling musical biopic that delves into the meteoric rise of the legendary Elvis Presley. Set against the 1950s and 60s backdrop, the film portrays Elvis’s journey from humble beginnings in a small Southern town to becoming a global icon and the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

With mesmerizing performances, captivating storytelling, and a focus on his profound impact on music and culture, the movie explores his relationships, struggles, and unwavering dedication to his craft. It’s a heartfelt homage to the man who reshaped music history and left an indelible mark on the world.

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The cast of Elvis- A constellation of talent!

The cast of Elvis

A star-studded line-up graces the screen in the Elvis movie, where talented actors bring the electrifying life of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll to dazzling life. They capture his charisma, struggles, and musical magic, which lure audiences away. Let’s look at the lives of these individuals who have brought the beloved musical icon and his life to our screens!

Actor/ ActressCharacter
Austin ButlerElvis Presley
Tom HanksColonel Tom Parker
Helen ThomsonGladys Presley
Richard RoxburghVernon Presley
Olivia DeJonge Priscilla Presley
David WenhamHank Snow
Dacre MontgomerySteve Binder
Kate MulvanyMarion Keisker
Kelvin Harrison Jr. B.B. King
Alton MasonLittle Richard
Kodi Smit-McPheeJimmie Rodgers Snow
Shonka DukurehWillie Mae “Big Mama” Thornton
Luke BraceyJerry Schilling

Austin Butler as Elvis Presley

The cast of Elvis

Austin Butler takes on the remarkable role of Elvis Presley in the film, portraying the iconic musician who remains synonymous with the title “King of Rock and Roll.” Presley’s legacy stems from his dynamic musical renditions, alluring stage presence, and a distinctive fusion of artistic styles. He garnered admiration for his musical genius while stirring controversy with his provocative on-stage acts, establishing himself as a cultural phenomenon of the 20th century.

Before stepping into this transformative role, Butler’s acting journey included notable television characters like James “Wilke” Wilkerson in Switched at Birth and Sebastian Kydd in The Carrie Diaries. In a highly competitive casting process, Butler emerged victorious over other prominent contenders such as Ansel Elgort, Harry Styles, and Miles Teller. His audition, featuring a heartfelt rendition of “Unchained Melody” in a dressing gown, deeply resonated with director Luhrmann, ultimately securing him the role.

During the filmmaking journey, Butler’s commitment to embodying Presley became all-encompassing, blurring the lines between his character and himself. His portrayal, marked by captivating facial features and an enchanting presence, has garnered widespread acclaim. While replicating the depth and masculinity of the original legend is impossible, Butler masterfully injects a humanizing essence into the portrayal.

Tom Hanks as Col. Tom Parker

The cast of Elvis

In the film, Tom Hanks takes on the role of Col. Tom Parker, a Dutch music entrepreneur who became Elvis Presley’s manager. Parker, an illegal immigrant from the Netherlands with a background in carnival work, transitioned into music promotion, collaborating with notable artists like Gene Austin, Hank Snow, and Tommy Sands. He became Presley’s exclusive representative upon their meeting in 1955, controlling not only the singer’s public image but also influencing his personal life.

Hanks, an Oscar-winning actor and filmmaker celebrated for his diverse roles in films like Forrest Gump, Sleepless in Seattle, and Band of Brothers, portrays Parker as a “diabolical genius” who established a complex and toxic relationship with Presley. The actor also won the prestigious Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama.

Helen Thomson as Gladys Presley

The cast of Elvis

In the film, Helen Thomson portrays Gladys Presley, Elvis Presley’s mother. Gladys had a poignant history, as she gave birth to Elvis’s identical twin brother, who tragically was stillborn just 35 minutes before Elvis was born. This loss made Gladys deeply protective of Elvis, her surviving child, though she remained supportive of his musical aspirations. Elvis’s very first recording, the song “My Happiness,” was dedicated to his mother, reflecting their close bond. This song was pivotal in launching Elvis’s meteoric rise to superstardom.

Before this film role, Helen Thomson established herself in television shows like Blue Heelers, Bad Mothers, and Stupid Stupid Man. Beyond the screen, Thomson boasts an impressive stage background, performing with acclaimed theatre companies like the Melbourne Theatre Company and the Sydney Theatre Company.

Richard Roxburgh as Vernon Presley

The cast of Elvis

Richard Roxburgh takes on the role of Vernon Presley in Elvis’s movie, Elvis’s father and Gladys’s husband. Various odd jobs marked Vernon’s early life as he worked diligently to support his family. When Elvis’s star began to rise, Vernon played an important role, guiding him through the complexities of fame and even signing his contract with Sun Records while Elvis was underage. Beyond the music realm, Vernon also managed Elvis’s financial and personal matters, overseeing his affairs from their residence in Graceland.

Richard Roxburgh, an accomplished Australian actor, has earned acclaim for his performances with the Sydney Theatre Company. He has also ventured into Hollywood productions like Van Helsing and Mission: Impossible 2. Notably, Roxburgh had a prior collaboration with director Luhrmann in the musical film Moulin Rouge!

Olivia DeJonge as Priscilla Presley

The cast of Elvis

In the film, Olivia DeJonge portrays Priscilla Presley, Elvis’s former wife. Priscilla and Elvis’s first encounter occurred while he was stationed in West Germany during his U.S. Army service. Priscilla, who had moved there due to her father’s Air Force assignment, visited Elvis’s temporary home in Bah Nauheim and captured his attention, leading to a romantic connection.

DeJonge delved into her role by embodying Priscilla’s skittish and vulnerable personality, focusing on makeup, clothing, and mannerisms that echoed her softness. The actress worked closely with a movement coach to accurately capture Priscilla’s voice and gestures. Before her role as Priscilla, DeJonge appeared as Elle in Netflix’s The Society and admired Luhrmann’s filmmaking style, having studied his works during her high school years in Perth, Australia. This familiarity with the director’s style fuelled her passion for the project.

David Wenham as Hank Snow

The cast of Elvis

David Wenham plays the role of Hank Snow, a Canadian-American country music artist pivotal in introducing Elvis Presley to the public. Snow, a regular at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry, played a crucial role in giving Presley his first shot on stage as his opening act. After the performance, Snow facilitated Elvis’s connection with Col. Tom Parker, who later became his manager. This marked the beginning of Elvis’s breakthrough in the industry.

Wenham, a well-known figure in Hollywood, is recognized for his roles, such as Faramir in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Dilios in 300 and its sequel, and Lieutenant John Scarfield in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Dacre Montgomery as Steve Binder

The cast of Elvis

Dacre Montgomery portrays Steve Binder, a renowned American producer and director with a rebellious and candid demeanor, which resonated well with Elvis Presley’s personality. Binder collaborated with Presley as a director and producer throughout his career. Initially hesitant about working with Presley, Binder reportedly delivered a blunt assessment, telling the star that his job was declining. Despite this, Binder eventually agreed to direct Presley.

Binder played a pivotal role in capturing Presley’s raw moments as a performer, leading to the creation of the 68 Comeback Special. Dacre Montgomery recognized for his role as Billy Hargrove in Stranger Things and as Jason Scott in the 2017 film Power Rangers, has notably impacted television and cinema.

Kate Mulvany as Marion Keisker

The cast of Elvis

Kate Mulvany takes on the role of Marion Keisker, an essential figure in the film, as the station manager recognized as the first person to record Elvis Presley. In 1953, Keisker was alone at the Sun Records office, also serving as the Memphis Recording Service, when Elvis walked in to record two songs for a modest fee of $3.25. The tracks recorded were “That’s When Your Heartaches Begin” and “My Happiness.” Mulvany’s portrayal of Keisker is a significant part of the film’s narrative.

Leading up to her role as Keisker, Kate Mulvany has amassed many credits in film and television, including appearances in productions like Hunter, The Final Winter, and The Great Gatsby. Her diverse experience adds depth to her performance in the film.

Kelvin Harrison Jr. as B.B. King

The cast of Elvis

Kelvin Harrison Jr. takes the role of B.B. King, the legendary blues singer-songwriter and guitarist celebrated for his distinct techniques, including fluid string bending, sparkling vibrato, and precise staccato picking. King’s influence on the history of electric guitar is immense. Notably, King recalls his encounter with Presley at the Sam Phillips studios, highlighting Presley’s friendly and respectful demeanor, with Presley always addressing him as “sir.”

Before his role as B.B. King, Kelvin Harrison Jr. had smaller parts in movies like Ender’s Game and 12 Years a Slave. However, his performances in Luce and Waves propelled him into the spotlight, garnering attention for his acting prowess and marking his rise in prominence.

Alton Mason as Little Richard

The cast of Elvis

Alton Mason takes on the role of Little Richard, a pivotal figure in rock culture often hailed as the “Architect of Rock and Roll.” Little Richard’s influence is grounded in his charismatic stage presence, energetic piano skills, and distinct raspy vocals. His iconic compositions like “Tutti Frutti” have not only become classics but also served as inspiration for Elvis Presley. Presley acknowledged Richard’s immense influence, expressing his admiration in a conversation with Richard in 1969.

Alton Mason’s transition from the modeling industry to acting finds him embodying the role of Little Richard. Mason holds the distinction of being the first black male model to walk the runway for Chanel. This diverse background enriches his portrayal of the iconic musician and adds to the film’s portrayal of the rock and roll era.

Kodi Smit-McPhee as Jimmie Rodgers Snow

The cast of Elvis

Kodi Smit-McPhee portrays Jimmie Rodgers Snow, a notable country artist and the son of Hank Snow. He started his musical journey under the RCA label and established friendships with renowned musicians like Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley.

Initially recognized as a child actor, Smit-McPhee has graced the screen in movies including Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Dark Phoenix, and X-Men: Apocalypse. His recent achievement includes a Best Supporting Actor award for his role in Jane Campion’s film The Power of the Dog.

Shonka Dukureh as Willie Mae “Big Mama” Thornton

The cast of Elvis

Shonka Dukureh embodies the role of Willie Mae “Big Mama” Thornton, a prominent American R&B singer renowned for being the first to record “Hound Dog.” This iconic hit marked a high point in her career and was subsequently covered by Elvis Presley, propelling it to the top spot on the Rhythm & Blues Records chart.

The song is a pivotal representation of the origins of rock and roll, highlighting the dominant role of the guitar as the primary instrument. Dukureh also appeared in the music video for Doja Cat’s “Vegas,” one of Elvis’ soundtracks, further connecting her to Presley’s musical legacy.

Luke Bracey as Jerry Schilling

The cast of Elvis

Luke Bracey portrays Jerry Schilling, a seasoned talent manager known for his association with the Beach Boys, Lisa Marie Presley, and Jerry Lee Lewis. Apart from his work with Elvis, Schilling is also a significant member of the Memphis Mafia, contributing behind the scenes to various projects, including the 1972 documentary Elvis On Tour. Bracey’s previous credits encompass roles in films like Hacksaw Ridge, The November Man, and G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

Let’s wrap up!

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or new to the magic of Elvis, this film promises an unforgettable experience that will have you singing along and dancing in your living room. So, grab your popcorn, settle in, and let the King’s story unfold in all its glory, exclusively on Prime Video Max and Hulu Max. The cast of Elvis, old and new, doesn’t just mimic history but embodies it. Together, they take us on a whirlwind tour through the life, music, and legacy of the man who became a living legend.

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