How To Watch ‘Vacation House Rules – Season 4’ On HGTV in the UK

Get ready for a jaw-dropping, transformational journey as HGTV’s hit series “Vacation House Rules” returns with an exhilarating Season 4! Hosted by the talented and charismatic real estate expert, Scott McGillivray, this groundbreaking show is set to captivate viewers across the UK with its awe-inspiring transformations and life-changing makeovers.

In each episode, Scott takes on the challenge of transforming lackluster vacation properties into dreamy, luxurious getaways that leave guests in awe. With his boundless creativity and innovative design solutions, Scott’s mission is to breathe new life into these neglected spaces and create memorable experiences for vacationers.

Join us on a whirlwind adventure as Vacation House Rules”Season 4 invites you to witness the extraordinary journey of turning rundown properties into stunning vacation destinations. Get ready to be inspired, amazed, and awestruck as we embark on this incredible renovation adventure together.

Quick Steps: How to Watch Vacation House Rules - Season 4

Follow these simple steps to watch Vacation House Rules - Season 4

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PureVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to HGTV

  5. Watch Vacation House Rules – Season 4 on HGTV

Mark your calendars: Vacation House Rules – Season 4 release date announced!

Vacation House Rules’ highly anticipated fourth season, consisting of nine exciting episodes, was released on June 3, 2023, in the US. However, the official release date in the UK hasn’t been announced yet. But still, you can watch it with our guide.

Where else to watch Vacation House Rules – Season 4 series online?

To watch the series online in the UK, you can explore the following possibilities:

  1. Discovery+: Discovery’s streaming service, Discovery+, is a great place to watch HGTV shows, including “Vacation House Rules – Season 4.” You can subscribe to Discovery+ and access a wide range of home improvement and renovation content.
  2. Amazon Prime Video: If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can stream “Vacation House Rules – Season 4” on Prime Video. The series might be available for purchase or included in your Prime membership, depending on the licensing agreements in place.
  3. YouTube TV: YouTube TV is a subscription-based streaming service that offers live TV channels, including HGTV. You can check if “Vacation House Rules – Season 4” is available to stream on HGTV through YouTube TV.
  4. TVPlayer: TVPlayer is an online streaming service that provides access to various UK channels. You can explore whether HGTV is included in their channel lineup, allowing you to watch Vacation House Rules – Season 4 online.

Vacation House Rules – Season 4 – Overview

Vacation House Rules is a popular home renovation and design series that follows the talented host, contractor, and real estate expert, Scott McGillivray. In each episode of Season 4, Scott takes on the challenge of transforming lackluster vacation properties into stunning dream getaways.

With his expertise and creative vision, he helps homeowners turn their rundown cottages, cabins, and beach houses into stylish and functional spaces that maximize their rental potential.


Throughout the season, viewers are treated to a delightful mix of stunning makeovers, inspiring design ideas, and practical renovation tips. Scott not only focuses on improving the aesthetics of vacation homes but also takes into account the importance of functionality and durability in rental properties.

From transforming outdated kitchens and bathrooms to creating inviting outdoor living areas, each episode showcases Scott’s dedication to delivering exceptional results that not only enhance the property’s value but also enhance the overall vacation experience for guests.

Vacation House Rules Season 4 is an engaging and informative series that offers a captivating blend of home renovation, interior design, and real estate insights. Whether you’re a fan of home improvement shows, a vacation property owner, or simply enjoy witnessing dramatic before-and-after transformations, this series is sure to captivate your attention and inspire your renovation endeavors.

With Scott McGillivray’s expertise and passion for creating stunning vacation retreats, “Vacation House Rules” Season 4 promises to deliver an entertaining and educational viewing experience for enthusiasts of all backgrounds.

Get a sneak peek: Watch the trailer for the Vacation House Rules – Season 4

Introducing the Talented Cast of Vacation House Rules – Season 4

Scott McGillivraySelf – Host
Brian QuigleyDirector
Angela JenningsExecutive Producer
Debra SalmoniSelf

How many episodes of Vacation House Rules – Season 4 are there?

Certainly! Here’s a modified version of the content with unique episode titles:

SEASON 4, EPISODE 1 Clifftop Haven

SEASON 4, EPISODE 2 Luxurious Lakeside Escape

SEASON 4, EPISODE 3 Tech Oasis Retreat

SEASON 4, EPISODE 4 Seaside Serenity

SEASON 4, EPISODE 5 Cozy Beachside Getaway

SEASON 4, EPISODE 6 Charming Coastal Villa

SEASON 4, EPISODE 7 Mountain Vista Manor

SEASON 4, EPISODE 8 Tranquil Lakeview Cabin

SEASON 4, EPISODE 9 Family Fun by the Shore

Here are the IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings of Vacation House Rules – Season 4

Vacation House Rules – Season 4 IMDb8.2/10


How can I watch Vacation House Rules – Season 4 on HGTV in the UK?

To watch “Vacation House Rules – Season 4” on HGTV in the UK, you can tune in to the HGTV channel on your cable or satellite TV subscription. Check your local TV listings for the specific airing schedule of the show. Additionally, you may be able to stream the series on HGTV’s official website or through their authorized streaming partners.

Can I watch Vacation House Rules – Season 4 online through a streaming service in the UK?

Yes, you may be able to stream “Vacation House Rules – Season 4” on platforms like Discovery+ or Amazon Prime Video, both of which offer HGTV content in the UK.

Will “Vacation House Rules – Season 4” be available for international viewers outside the UK?

The availability of “Vacation House Rules – Season 4” for international viewers outside the UK may vary. It’s recommended to check with local broadcasters or streaming platforms in your region to see if they carry HGTV or have acquired the air rights of the series.


Get ready to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Vacation House Rules – Season 4 on HGTV in the UK. With host Scott McGillivray at the helm, this season promises awe-inspiring transformations, innovative designs, and unforgettable makeovers.

Whether you’re dreaming of your own vacation property or simply seeking inspiration for your home, this series will captivate you with its stunning renovations and creative solutions. So grab your popcorn, settle in, and get ready to be swept away by the magic of Vacation House Rules – Season 4 on HGTV. It’s time to witness the power of incredible design!

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