Watch ‘Darby And Joan’ In UK For Free On ABC iview

Watch Darby and Joan in UK, the acclaimed Australian dark-comedy series, arrives exclusively on ABC iview for free streaming. Premiering on January 14, 2024, the series introduces the dynamic duo of retired detective Jack Darby and widowed nurse Joan Kirkhope as they unravel a mysterious murder. You can watch Darby and Joan in UK by using a VPN to access ABC iview.

With humor, suspense, and stellar performances, Darby and Joan promises an immersive storytelling experience. Don’t miss the chance to delve into this world of intrigue and laughter, where every episode unveils unexpected partnerships and a captivating tale. Tune in for a delightful and suspenseful ride on ABC iview.

Quick Steps: How To Watch Darby And Joan In UK

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  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PureVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the Australia

  4. Login to ABC iview

  5. Watch Darby And Joan on ABC iview

Why Do We Need a VPN To Watch Darby And Joan on ABC iview In UK?

ABC iview’s content is often unavailable due to their licensing rules. To overcome these geo-restrictions and stream Darby and Joan in UK a VPN is essential. A VPN changes your virtual location, allowing you to easily access content from around the world.

Where To Watch Darby And Joan In UK?

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Darby And Joan Release Date

Darby and Joan arrives on ABC iview on January 14, 2023. Note that this Australian series premiered on August 8, 2022, initially captivating audiences on Acorn TV. Prepare for a gripping narrative, as the murder mystery takes center stage in this well-received production.

What is Darby And Joan about?

Darby & Joan is an Australian dark-comedy series that unfolds the unlikely alliance between retired cop Jack Darby and widowed nurse Joan Kirkhope, originating from an unexpected encounter after a car accident. Their journey takes them on travels together as they become an inseparable duo. The heart of the series lies in their collaborative efforts to unravel mysteries, with a primary focus on solving the enigmatic murder of Joan Kirkhope’s husband. 

Amidst the humor and darkness, the show intricately explores their evolving partnership and the challenges they face while delving into the intricate web of secrets and intrigue surrounding Joan’s late husband. ‘Darby & Joan’ promises a blend of wit, suspense, and character dynamics, making it a compelling and engaging dark-comedy series.

Trailer of Darby And Joan

The trailer for Darby & Joan provides a tantalizing glimpse into the Australian dark-comedy series. Packed with suspense, humor, and intriguing character dynamics, the preview teases the unlikely partnership between retired cop Jack Darby and widowed nurse Joan Kirkhope as they embark on a journey to solve a mysterious murder.

Meet the cast of Darby And Joan

The cast of Darby and Joan comprises a skilled ensemble, infusing the Australian series with both talent and expertise. Their nuanced performances, lauded by critics and viewers, elevate the narrative. Let’s delve into the cast:

  • Greta Scacchi portrays Joan Kirkhope, a widowed nurse on a quest to uncover the truth behind her husband’s death.
  • Bryan Brown embodies Jack Darby, a retired detective lured back into sleuthing through his partnership with Joan. His notable roles include Breaker Morant and The Thorn Birds.
  • Anna McGahan portrays Rebecca Kirkhope, Joan’s dedicated daughter, contributing to investigations while pursuing her career.
  • John Waters, seen in flashbacks, plays Ian Kirkhope, Joan’s late husband, whose mysterious demise sets the series in motion. Known for roles in ‘Offspring’ and ‘The Commons.

Episode Guide of Darby And Joan

Episode 1:

In the debut episode, Joan, a retired British nurse, collaborates with Darby, a retired Australian detective, as they venture into Australia. Together, they initiate a quest to unveil the mysteries surrounding Joan’s late husband’s life, leading them to investigate a mysterious death within a circle of old friends.

Episode 2:

This installment sees Darby and Joan momentarily setting aside Joan’s personal inquiry to aid one of Darby’s friends. They immerse themselves in the intricate details of a perplexing theft case at a banana plantation.

Episode 3:

Joan grapples with profound revelations about her husband’s past in the third episode. Seeking solace and distance from Jack, she unexpectedly finds herself alone and in jeopardy when her motor home attracts the attention of thieves.

Episode 4:

As Joan experiences her inaugural Australian Christmas in the fourth episode, celebrations are cut short by a tragic scuba diving incident. Joan and Jack unveil that the ostensibly accidental drowning was, in reality, an act of sabotage.

Episode 5:

Tensions escalate in the fifth episode when Jack and Joan are compelled to share a hotel room on New Year’s Eve. Their stay takes a dramatic turn as they delve into the investigation of a fire that erupts in the hotel.

Episode 6:

In the sixth episode, Jack grapples with his prior missteps as he is recruited to aid a young female athlete entangled in a sports-doping scandal. This installment delves into themes of redemption and the repercussions of past actions.

Episode 7:

The pursuit of a missing boy intensifies in the seventh episode, complicated by the unexpected arrival of Joan’s daughter, Rebecca. This development introduces a new layer to the ongoing investigation, adding complexity to the search.

Episode 8:

The eighth episode marks a significant shift in Joan’s journey as a familiar figure reemerges, assisting her in piecing together the truth about her husband. Simultaneously, Jack confronts a menacing threat connected to his past in the police force, heightening the suspense and intrigue.


What sets Darby and Joan apart from other detective series?

Darby and Joan stand out with its unique blend of dark comedy and mystery, coupled with the compelling chemistry between a retired detective, Jack Darby, and a widowed nurse, Joan Kirkhope.

Can I watch Darby and Joan on ABC iview for free?

Yes, all episodes of Darby and Joan will be available for free streaming on ABC iview. However, for viewers in UK, a VPN is recommended to access the content.

Who are the main actors in Darby and Joan?

The series features a talented cast, including Greta Scacchi as Joan Kirkhope, Bryan Brown as Jack Darby, Anna McGahan as Rebecca Kirkhope, and John Waters in the role of Ian Kirkhope, among others.

Final Words

In conclusion, the UK audience is in for an exhilarating treat with Darby and Joan on ABC iview with a VPN. This Australian dark-comedy series, blending mystery and humor seamlessly, promises a captivating experience. As the dynamic duo navigates through unexpected twists and turns, the series invites viewers on a journey of laughter, suspense, and unparalleled storytelling. With all episodes available for free streaming from January 14, 2024, on ABC iview, embrace the charm of Darby and Joan as it unfolds a tale of intrigue, humor, and the power of unconventional partnerships. Don’t miss this opportunity for a delightful escape into the world of mysteries.

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