Zee5 Subscription Plans in the UK: A Comprehensive Guide -2023 Updated

In today’s digital age, streaming platforms have become the go-to source for entertainment, offering a plethora of content at our fingertips. Amidst the giants of the streaming world, Zee5 subscription plans in the UK have emerged as a topic of keen interest for those looking to diversify their viewing palette. With the increasing demand for diverse content, platforms like Zee5 have bridged the gap, bringing regional content to a global audience.

Zee5, originating from India, stands as a testament to the global appeal of Indian entertainment. From heartwarming dramas to thrilling action sequences, Indian content has resonated with audiences worldwide. Zee5, with its vast library, has played a pivotal role in this global outreach, ensuring that Indian shows and movies are just a click away for viewers, irrespective of their geographical location.

For the UK audience, in particular, Zee5 subscription plans in the UK offer a unique blend of content. It’s not just about Bollywood movies; it’s about experiencing the rich tapestry of Indian culture, languages, and storytelling nuances.

So, if you’re up for a little cultural experience by watching Zee5, stick with us a little longer to find out the secret!

Zee5 Overview

Zee5, an initiative by Zee Entertainment Enterprises, is an Indian subscription video on demand and over-the-top streaming service.

Launched in India on 14 February 2018, it has quickly become one of the leading online streaming platforms. With over 90+ live TV channels and more than 1.25 lakh hours of viewing content available in multiple languages, Zee5 offers a comprehensive entertainment package for its viewers.

Not just limited to Indian content, Zee5 boasts a vast library of Indian movies, international shows, original web series, and much more. Its global footprint is evident as the platform has made its services available in over 190 countries, ensuring that Indian content lovers worldwide have access to their favorite shows and movies.

Is Zee5 Available in the UK?

Yes, Zee5 subscription plans in the UK are available for those who wish to dive into the world of Indian entertainment. However, there’s a catch.

While Zee5 is accessible in the UK, the Indian library, which is arguably the most sought-after content, is geo-restricted. This means that viewers in the UK might not have access to all the shows and movies available to Indian viewers.

But, there’s a workaround.

By using a reliable VPN, viewers can bypass these geo-restrictions and access the Indian content library. So, while Zee5 is available in the UK, to get the complete experience, a VPN might come in handy.

Zee5 Subscription Plans in the UK

In the ever-evolving world of streaming platforms, Zee5 subscription plans in the UK stand out for their simplicity and value for money. Recognizing the diverse needs of its audience, Zee5 has streamlined its offerings, ensuring that viewers get the best of Indian entertainment without any complications.

Currently, Zee5 has made a strategic decision to offer only its premium plan in the UK, discontinuing other subscription tiers. This move ensures that subscribers get unrestricted access to the platform’s vast content library without having to navigate through multiple subscription options.

Here’s a breakdown of the Zee5 subscription plans in the UK:

Subscription PlanPriceOffer
Zee5 Premium Annual SubscriptionGBP10.01Discounted to GBP7.00 for a limited time
Zee5 Premium Quarterly SubscriptionGBP4.00

Subscribers to these plans are in for a treat. The benefits are manifold, including exclusive access to Zee5 originals that have garnered acclaim both in India and internationally. Fans of ALT Balaji shows can rejoice as they are part of the package. Additionally, the live TV feature ensures that viewers don’t miss out on real-time broadcasts, be it news or entertainment.

How To Subscribe to Zee5 Subscription Plans in the UK?

Subscribing to Zee5 subscription plans in the UK is a straightforward process, but there’s a small catch for those looking to access the complete Indian content library. Due to geo-restrictions, a VPN becomes essential. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Launch Zee5 Website/App: On your device, open a web browser and search for the Zee5 website or launch their app.
  2. Choose Your Plan: Once on Zee5’s website, navigate to the subscription section. Here, you’ll find the available Zee5 subscription plans in the UK. Choose the one that best suits your viewing needs.
  3. Registration and Payment: After selecting your plan, you’ll be prompted to register. Fill in the necessary details, proceed to payment, and voila! You’re all set to dive into the world of Zee5.

Cancelling Zee5 Subscription Plans in the UK

If you ever decide to cancel your Zee5 subscription plans in the UK, follow these simple steps:

  • Log into your Zee5 account.
  • Navigate to the ‘My Account’ section.
  • Choose the ‘Cancel Subscription’ option.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the cancellation process.

ZEE5 Popular Movies and TV Shows

Amongst the best ZEE5 shows and movies, here are the cream of the crop that you should not miss:


How much does Zee5 cost in the UK?

For those keen on exploring the vast content library of Zee5, the Zee5 subscription plans in the UK are priced at GBP7.00 for an annual plan and GBP4.00 for a quarterly plan.

Does Zee5 offer a 1-month plan?

Currently, Zee5 has streamlined its offerings. As such, they do not offer a 1-month plan. Subscribers can choose between the yearly and quarterly Zee5 subscription plans in the UK.

On how many devices can we watch ZEE5 simultaneously?

The device limitations vary between ZEE5 Premium and ZEE5 Club memberships. Subscribers to ZEE5 Premium may watch ZEE5 content on up to five devices at the same time. However, the restriction for the ZEE5 Club subscription is just 2.

Summing it Up!

In the vast ocean of streaming platforms, Zee5 subscription plans in the UK stand out for their unique content offerings and value for money.

From regional Indian dramas to international shows, Zee5 promises a diverse viewing experience. As we wrap up, it’s worth noting the benefits of subscribing to Zee5. Not only do you get access to a vast content library, but the platform also ensures a seamless viewing experience.

So, for those on the fence, dive in and explore the world of Zee5. It’s an entertainment journey you won’t regret!

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