Best Documentaries on Hulu In UK

Hulu offers an extraordinary collection of documentaries that have the power to transport us to different worlds, introduce us to remarkable individuals, and shed light on important social issues.

Whether you’re fascinated by true crime stories, intrigued by the lives of renowned musicians, or curious about the inner workings of influential companies, Hulu has something to captivate every viewer.

In this article, we will delve into the best documentaries on Hulu in UK, providing you with a comprehensive look at these compelling and thought-provoking films.

Here’s a list of best documentaries on Hulu in UK:

  1. Homeroom (2021)
  2. Dead Asleep (2021)
  3. Kid 90 (2021)
  4. The Orange Years: A Nickelodeon Story (2018)
  5. MLK/FBI (2021)
  6. The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years (2016)
  7. WeWork: Or the Making and Breaking of a $47 Billion Unicorn (2021)
  8. Jawline (2019)
  9. Spaceship Earth (2020)
  10. Enemies of the State (2021)

Homeroom (2021)

  • Run Time: 1 hr 30 min
  • Director: Peter Nicks

Description: Homeroom is a timely and touching documentary that follows a group of graduating seniors in an Oakland high school as they use their voices to address the issue of police presence in schools.

The film explores the inequalities and injustices faced by these young individuals, revealing the realities of budget cuts and ill-equipped facilities. Homeroom serves as an uplifting story of hope and resilience in the face of adversity.

Dead Asleep (2021)

  • Run Time: 1 hr 26 min
  • Director: Skye Borgman

Description: Dead Asleep is a true crime documentary that delves into the case of Randy Herman Jr., who claims to have committed a murder while sleepwalking.

The film presents compelling evidence and allows the audience to draw their own conclusions about the case, offering a unique twist on the true crime genre.

The Orange Years: A Nickelodeon Story (2018)

  • Run Time: 1 hr 42 min
  • Directors: Scott Barber, Adam Sweeney

Description: The Orange Years: A Nickelodeon Story takes viewers on a nostalgic journey through the rise of the iconic children’s network.

This documentary offers an in-depth look at the shows that shaped a generation, including classics like Rocco’s Modern Life and Kenan & Kel.

Through candid interviews with household names like Kenan Thompson, Larisa Oleynik, and Tom Kenny, the film provides a behind-the-scenes perspective on the making of these beloved programs.

MLK/FBI (2021)

  • Run Time: 1 hr 44 min
  • Director: Sam Pollard

Description: Another best documentaries on Hulu in UK ‘MLK/FBI’ uncovers the chilling surveillance campaign carried out by the FBI against civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

This powerful documentary explores the extent to which the FBI went to discredit and undermine Dr. King, weaving together archival footage and interviews to shed light on this dark chapter in American history.

Director Sam Pollard presents a thought-provoking reexamination of the past that challenges previously held notions and seeks to uncover the truth.

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years (2016)

  • Run Time: 2 hr 17 min
  • Director: Ron Howard

Description: Directed by Ron Howard, The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years provides an exhilarating glimpse into the frenetic touring years of the legendary band.

This documentary celebrates Beatlemania and the band’s unparalleled success, focusing on their relentless touring schedule and the impact they had on popular culture.

With restored footage of their iconic Shea Stadium concert and interviews with fans and historians, the film offers a fresh perspective on The Beatles’ enduring legacy.

WeWork: Or the Making and Breaking of a $47 Billion Unicorn (2021)

  • Run Time: 1 hr 44 min
  • Director: Jed Rothstein

Description: WeWork: Or the Making and Breaking of a $47 Billion Unicorn dives into the rise and fall of WeWork, a co-working space company.

This documentary explores the charisma and unorthodox methods of its co-founder, Adam Neumann, and how they contributed to the company’s remarkable success and ultimate downfall. If you enjoy business-focused documentaries that examine captivating figures in the corporate world, this film will surely intrigue you.

Jawline (2019)

  • Run Time: 1 hr 39 min
  • Director: Lisa Mandelup

Description: Jawline offers a compelling exploration of influencer culture and the pursuit of social media fame. The film follows the journey of 16-year-old Austyn Tester as he navigates the world of content creation, leaving behind his small-town life in Tennessee.

Director Lisa Mandelup provides a raw and compassionate portrayal of Tester’s ambitions and the realities of social media stardom, shedding light on the impact of influencer culture on young individuals.

Spaceship Earth (2020)

  • Run Time: 1 hr 53 min
  • Director: Matt Wolf

Description: Spaceship Earth tells the captivating story of the Biosphere 2 experiment conducted in 1991. This documentary explores the lives of eight individuals who lived inside the self-contained ecosystem, mimicking Earth’s atmosphere and climate.

The film delves into the environmental challenges, conflicts between residents, and even touches on cult-like behaviors that arose during the two-year experiment.

Through archival footage and present-day interviews, Spaceship Earth unveils a tale that feels almost unbelievable at times.

Enemies of the State (2021)

  • Rating: 6.0/10
  • Director: Sonia Kennebeck

If you enjoy stories that start normally and gradually become more bizarre, then you won’t want to miss Enemies of the State. it definitely one of the best documentaries on Hulu in UK to watch.

The DeHart family appear to be too perfect to be true. But that’s because at least one member, Matt DeHart, is viewed as a threat by the government. It is because of his involvement with Anonymous and hosting a server for Wikileaks’ Julian Assange. 

The film is a rollercoaster ride of conspiracy theories, perplexity, and allegations of involvement in child pornography. In many ways, it reminds one of Citizenfour. It was the documentary about Edward Snowden.

Both movies traverse similar ground. At times, Enemies of the State can be incomprehensible, while at other moments, it’s impossible to look away.


Hulu’s collection of documentaries in the UK is a treasure trove of captivating and thought-provoking films.

From exploring social issues and iconic moments in history to delving into the lives of remarkable individuals, these documentaries offer a diverse range of subjects to engage and educate viewers.

Whether you’re seeking nostalgia, true crime, or a deeper understanding of the world, Hulu’s documentary selection has something to offer every curious viewer. So sit back, relax, and embark on an enlightening journey through the captivating stories waiting to be discovered on Hulu.


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