How to Watch ‘Disney Plus Hotstar’ UK in April 2024 [Updated]

Here is how to watch Disney Plus Hotstar UK in April 2024. Hotstar is India’s most widely used service since it broadcasts cricket matches and Bollywood movies serial and a lot of Hindi and tamil content. However, Disney+ Hotstar is a geo-restricted streaming channel. And if it is available in a certain region, its full content library is only available in India. That is why technically Hotstar is not available in UK. Basically a small part is available but in order to watch full library users need a VPN. Users can use ExpressVPN to unlock Indian Hotstar and watch Disney plus Hotstar UK.

Some of the finest Indian movies, tv series, and English series, like Gaslight, Pop Kaun, Aashiqana Season 3, The Night Manager, and Mandalorian Season 3, Bigg Boss, Super Singer, are available on Hotstar, along with a plethora of other international content. Users can enjoy live sporting events, such as India vs. Australia 2023 series, the IPL 2023, and many more, are available on Disney+ Hotstar through the Hotstar India app.

Quick Steps: How to Watch Disney Plus Hotstar UK

Follow these simple steps to watch Disney Plus Hotstar UK

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the India

  4. Login to Disney+ Hotstar

  5. Watch Disney Plus Hotstar on Disney+ Hotstar

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Disney Plus Hotstar UK?

Hotstar has been officially released in the US, the UK, and other countries. Nevertheless, Indian Hotstar is geo-blocked, so you’ll need a reliable VPN to watch Disney Plus Hotstar UK. Due to licensing and distribution restrictions, the content collection of Disney+ Hotstar, the Indian version of the Hotstar service, is currently available solely in India. So, the following error screen will appear if you attempt to access Indian Hotstar from the UK you will see following error:

“Content unavailable

The content is currently not available in your region.”

A VPN will hide your real IP address and make it seem like an Indian one, making it appear like you are accessing the site from within India. With a VPN, users from the UK may access Hotstar.

How to subscribe and watch Disney plus Hotstar UK?

A Disney+ Hotstar subscription gets you access to Hotstar’s premium and VIP plans at the lowest pricing on the market, Since Hotstar is an Indian streaming service it costs less to the citizens in UK because its package price has to be paid in INR.

In order to subscribe to Hotstar in UK, users require a VPN along with an Indian mobile number and an Indian Debit or credit card. Here is how you can sign up and watch Hotstar in UK:

  1. Download and register for a VPN.
  2. Join a server in India.
  3. Visit Disney+ Hotstar’s main page and hit the “Subscribe” button.
  4. Click the “Subscribe” button to start your Hotstar subscription.
  5. Select “Choose Your Plan” from the options.
  6. Those interested may now join up using their social media profiles, emails, or by giving a phone number in India. (If you need an Indian phone number, contact a friend or relative there.)
  7. Choose a viable payment method and finish up.
  8. After you’ve done that, you can get premium Hotstar content.

Note: Users who do not have an Indian contact number, they can ask their friends, relatives in India to get you one or you can also ask someone on Fiverr to get the job done for you.

How to download and watch Disney+ Hotstar on your device

Hotstar is an Indian video on demand streaming service which is subscription based and it is not available in India this is why if you wish to watch Hotstar in UK then here is how to download Hotstar on your device:

  • First get a VPN
  • Install the VPN app on your device (we recommend using ExpressVPN)
  • Connect to a server in India
  • Now create a new google ID for android devices and a new Apple ID for iOS devices, Make sure to select India as your preferred location (this step is important to find the app on the app store)
  • Now download the hotstar app
  • Log in and start streaming.

Best VPNs to Watch Disney plus Hotstar UK [Quick Summary]

We conducted extensive evaluations to discover which VPN services are the most reliable. Our research found the following to be the top two VPNs for accessing Disney+ Hotstar:

  • ExpressVPN is the most often recommended VPN service due to its fast server connections. Prices start at GB£ 5.52 / month (about US$ 6.67 / month) with a concession of 49% and an additional three months free when you sign up for an entire year.
  • NordVPN is an excellent VPN option because its extensive server network helps unblock sites from any location. You can s

Disney+ Hotstar packages to watch Disney Plus Hotstar UK? 

Mentioned below are the packages offered by Hotstar:

PackagesSuper Disney+ HotstarPremium Disney+ Hotstar (Yearly)Premium Disney+ Hotstar (Monthly)
PriceINR 899/yrINR 1499/yrINR 299/mo.
Price in GBPGBP 8.75/yr.GBP 14.59/yr.GBP 2.91/mo.
ContentFull libraryFull libraryFull library
AdsWith AdsAd-freeAd-free
Simultaneous Streams2 Streams4 Streams1 Stream
Free Trial30-days30-days30-days

What can you Watch on Disney+ Hotstar?

Disney+ Hotstar offers a wide variety of movies and tv series. Here’s a rundown of the top movies and TV series now available on Disney+ Hotstar if you’re stuck trying to decide what to stream. 

What are the Best Shows on Disney+ Hotstar?

These top-rated Hotstar Desi serials and the Best Shows on Hotstar are not to be missed. 

  • Cooku with Comali
  • Babli Bouncer
  • Dance+
  • Rudra: The Edge of Darkness
  • Ishqabaaz
  • Yeh Rishta Kye kehlata hy
  • The Great Indian Murder
  • Anupama
  • The World According to Jeff Goldblum
  • Ghum hai Kisikey
  • Koffee with Karan 
  • Yehh Jadu hai Jinn ka

What are the Best Movies to Watch on Disney+ Hotstar?

You won’t want to miss any of these Best Movies on Disney+ Hotstar. 

  • Jhansi
  • MS Dhoni: The Untold Story
  • Sita Ramam
  • Baaghi 3
  • Vikram: Hitlist  
  • RRR 
  • Maaran 
  • Akhanda 
  • Housefull 4
  • Good Luck Jerry 
  • Cuttputlli
  • Brahmastra
  • The Warrior 
  • Raid
  • Comaili
  • Hero Telugu

What Sports Can We Watch on Disney+ Hotstar?

Hotstar has an extensive library of sports. Cricket matches, football games, golf tournaments, Formula 1 races, E-Sports tennis matches, and many more important sports events are broadcast live on Disney+ Hotstar.

  • Tennis
  • Formula 1 Racing
  • E-Sports
  • Car Racing
  • FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup
  • Cricket
  • Kabaddi
  • Live domestic and international matches
  • Football
  • Hero ISL
  • T20 Women’s World Cup
  • English Premier League

What’s New on Disney+ Hotstar in July and August 2023?

AshokaJanaki Jaane
The Trial

What are the Supported Devices for Disney+ Hotstar?

You may watch Hotstar on any of the following devices:

PC BrowsersApple TVAmazon Firestick TVSmart TV
macOSRokuAndroidiOS (iPad and iPhone)
LG TVChromecastFirestickKodi

Can I Watch Hotstar in UK on iOS?

To get the Hotstar app on your iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. The first step is to switch your App Store region to India.
  2. Now go to the App Store on your iPhone and look for the Disney+ Hotstar app.
  3. Launch the VPN app and connect to a server in India.
  4. Look for the Hotstar app.
  5. Just download the Hotstar app, enter your login details, and start watching your favorite shows and movies.

How to Watch Hotstar in UK on Android?

Follow these steps to install Hotstar on your Android device:

  1. Download and subscribe to a VPN.
  2. Start up the VPN app and enter your credentials.
  3. Connect to a server located in India from the list provided.
  4. Now, you may find the Hotstar Android app by searching for it on the Google Play Store.
  5. Just download the Hotstar app and start streaming.

Can I Watch Hotstar in UK on Firestick?

To set up your Hotstar Premium account on your FireStick, follow the instructions below:

  1. Sign up for a VPN, log in to its app, and connect to a server in India.
  2. Start up your FireStick and go to the main menu.
  3. Use the on-screen keyboard to type “Hotstar” into the search bar.
  4. Find the app that you need, then click on it to install it.
  5. Choose Open when the download is complete.
  6. Use your phone number as your Hotstar login and watch the greatest movie streaming service.

Can I Watch Hotstar in UK on Android TV?

The Disney Hotstar app for Smart TVs may be downloaded as follows:

  1. Launch a VPN by signing up for one and setting it up.
  2. Join a server in India.
  3. Launch the App Store on your Smart TV.
  4. Click the Install button after searching for Disney+ Hotstar.
  5. Once the setup is complete, choose the Open button.
  6. The activation link is displayed on the TV.
  7. Go to the Hotstar website and enable it on your device.
  8. Put in your login details (username and password). The TV will display a code; enter that code and press the Continue button.
  9. Your Smart TV will be updated, and immediately begin playing your selected Hotstar shows.

How to Watch Hotstar in UK on Roku?

Here’s how to install the Disney+ Hotstar app on your Roku:

  1. Sign up for a VPN.
  2. Launch your VPN app, and connect to a server in India.
  3. Go to the router’s admin page and choose a VPN.
  4. Get the Hotstar app for your Roku device.
  5. Join Hotstar by making an account.
  6. Have fun using your Roku to watch Hotstar shows.

How to Watch Hotstar in UK on PC?

To install Hotstar on your computer, do as follows:

  1. Install the BlueStacks app on your Windows Computer.
  2. Sign in to the Play Store using your Google account.
  3. Launch the VPN and link up with a server in India.
  4. Just type “Disney+ Hotstar” into the search box.
  5. Finish the download of Disney+ Hotstar on your device.
  6. To use the Disney+ Hotstar app, click on it.
  7. Have fun watching all of your favorite shows on Hotstar.

Can I Watch Hotstar in UK on Mac?

You need to do these steps to get Hotstar up and running on your Mac:

  1. Register for a reputable VPN service.
  2. Make sure your Mac’s MediaStreamer is set up properly. Next, link up with an Indian server.
  3. Just install the VPN app and log in on your Computer.
  4. Choose Network from the System Preferences menu.
  5. Choose the Indian server under Pick VPN server > Setup.
  6. Once connected, visit the Hotstar website to start watching Disney+ Hotstar on your Mac.


Is Hotstar available in UK?

Yes, But full library of Hotstar is available in India. And Hotstar UK has less content.

In which countries is Hotstar available?

Disney+ Hotstar is accessible exclusively in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. You can get it in the UK, the US, Canada, and Singapore, but with fewer features.

Can you use a Free VPN for Hotstar?

You can, but I wouldn’t advise using a free VPN to access Hotstar; many of them aren’t trustworthy and have even been caught selling users’ private information in the past. 

Is it legal to use a VPN to watch Hotstar in UK?

Yes, using a VPN to watch Hotstar is UK is totally legal.

How can I watch Disney plus in UK?

Hotstar is an Indian streaming service and it is not accessible in UK directly. Users in UK ned to get a VPN to watch it. All you have to do is subscribe to a reliable VPN which offers servers in India, we recommend using ExpressVPN and then connect to an Indian server and enjoy Hotstar streaming.

Can I use VPN on Disney Hotstar?

Yes, luckily Disney+Hotstar is unblocked via VPN. The VPN will let your get an Indian IP address and then you will be able to stream Hotstar.

Which country has access to free Hotstar?

Hotstar is only available in India for free. Basically only some content on Hotstar is available for free and that too is only accessible in India. Some selected movies and shows are available for free, users in UK can get VPN to access that content.

Does Hotstar work in the US with a VPN?

Yes, Hotstar is only accessible in India but users in UK can unlock it via a VPN. The VPN will helps users to hide their real ID address and replace it with an Indian IP address, then users will be able to hide their identity and stream Hotstar.

Is Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar the same?

No, Disney Plus hotstar is an Indian streaming service while Disney Plus is a US based streaming service. Disney Plus has some content from Disney Plus Hotstar and Disney Plus Hotstar too has some conteny from Disney Plus on there list. But both the services are different from each other and target different audience. Disney plus has more of Kids content while Hotstar offers content for adults. Hotstar has different type of series, sports and some content for kids.


Disney+ Hotstar is an extremely popular streaming platform, thanks to its extensive catalogue of Indian entertainment and live sports coverage. Unfortunately, geo-restrictions prevent access, but there’s no reason for panic.

To get Disney+ Hotstar from wherever you need, connect to a dependable VPN provider to situate yourself in India virtually. Hotstar offers a free trial to new subscribers. We hope this article has clarified how to watch Disney+ Hotstar from the UK. Have fun streaming!

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