Best Shows On Freeform To Watch In UK April 2024 Updated

Previously recognized as ABC Family, Freeform has ingeniously forged its distinctive place within the entertainment world. Providing an extensive array of programming, primarily aimed at a youthful adult audience, Freeform delivers an assortment of thought-provoking dramas, heartwarming comedies, and addictive series. If you’re searching for television shows that will have you firmly fixed to your screen, your quest ends here. Within this comprehensive guide, we have meticulously handpicked the best shows available on Freeform in UK for you.

So, without further ado, let us begin this exhilarating journey together!

How Did We Compile This List?

Deciding on the best shows on Freeform was no easy task, but a few key factors helped us narrow down our list. First and foremost, we couldn’t ignore the impressive IMDB ratings of several shows.

The Fosters received a commendable 8.0/10, The Bold Type wasn’t far behind with a 7.8/10, and Siren made the cut with a solid 7.0/10. These ratings were a clear indicator that these series deserved a spot among the best shows on Freeform in the UK.

In addition to the ratings, review testimonies played a crucial role in our decision-making process. Shows like Good Trouble received glowing reviews that made it impossible for us to overlook them.

A critic from Paste Magazine, for instance, described Good Trouble as a series that “captures what it’s like when you’re in your early 20s and just starting out, navigating a new career, new living situation, and new relationships. Good Trouble is well worth your trouble.”

Such acclaim only solidified its position among the best shows on Freeform.

But what truly stole our hearts were the narratives. Each show on this list brings something unique to the table, and trust us, as you read about them in this article, you will easily find your favorites among the best shows on Freeform.

Here is a list of all the shows included in this list:

  • Praise Petey (2023-Present)
  • Everything’s Gonna Be Okay (2020-2021)
  • Good Trouble (2019-Present)
  • Siren (2018-2020)
  • Famous in Love (2017-2018)
  • The Bold Type (2017-2021)
  • Young & Hungry (2014-2018)
  • The Fosters (2013-2018)
  • Switched at Birth (2011-2017)
  • The Office (2005-2013)

1. Praise Petey (2023-Present)

Praise Petey is a refreshing addition to the best shows on Freeform, offering a lighthearted and entertaining watch. The show revolves around the humorous and intriguing dynamics of a cult, with the main character, Petey, growing little by little in each episode.

The animation design is commendable, and the incorporation of weirdness due to the cult theme adds a unique flavor to the series.

Praise Petey
IMDb Rating6.1/10
CastAnnie Murphy, Kiersey Clemons, Amy Hill
Creator(s)Anna Drezen

Viewers have expressed their investment in both the main and side characters, eagerly anticipating new episodes. The show has been well-received for its pacing and the realness of the characters, making it a hopeful contender for more seasons.

You can also watch Praise Petty on Hulu or Fubo TV if you have a subscription!

2. Everything’s Gonna Be Okay (2020-2021)

Nicholas, a neurotic individual in his twenties, pays a visit to his father and teenage half-sisters, one of whom is on the autism spectrum.

However, their father tragically passes away, leaving Nicholas to shoulder the responsibility of holding the family together. As they confront the challenges of autism, burgeoning sexuality, consent, parenthood, adolescence, family dynamics, and grief, this heartfelt comedy follows the imperfect family’s journey.

Everything's Gonna Be Okay
IMDb Rating7.4/10
CastJosh Thomas, Kayla Cromer, Adam Faison
Creator(s)Josh Thomas

In the midst of difficult moments, they learn the significance of seeking happiness and growth, one awkward conversation at a time.

Everything’s Gonna Be Okay is a magnificent masterpiece that will make your heart glimmer. And if you don’t have the option of streaming it on Freeform, you can always watch it on Hulu!

3. Good Trouble (2019-Present)

Good Trouble is a series that explores the challenges and revelations faced by a group of individuals celebrating Thanksgiving. The show delves into the intricacies of relationships, decisions, and secrets, making it a relatable and engaging watch.

The characters in Good Trouble navigate through various situations, adding depth to the narrative.

Good Trouble
IMDb Rating7.5/10
CastCierra Ramirez, Zuri Adele, Sherry Cola
Creator(s)Bradley Bredeweg, Joanna Johnson, Peter Paige

The series has been praised for its portrayal of real-life scenarios and the development of its characters. It’s a show that resonates with viewers, especially those in their early 20s, making it one of the best shows on Freeform for a younger audience.

Other ways to stream Good Trouble includes streaming it on Hulu or Fubo TV.

4. Siren (2018-2020)

Siren is a show that requires a suspension of disbelief but rewards viewers with an enjoyable experience. The series features a mermaid, Ely, whose otherworldly nature is portrayed excellently by the lead actress.

The pacing of Siren is just right, and the acting is commendable, making it one of the best shows on Freeform.

Siren Freeform
IMDb Rating7.0/10
CastAlex Roe, Eline Powell,Fola Evans-Akingbola
Creator(s)Eric Wald, Dean White

Viewers have appreciated the unique storyline and are drawn into the world of Siren. The series has received positive feedback for its entertainment value and the portrayal of the lead character, making it a must-watch on Freeform.

You can also catch all three seasons of Siren on Hulu if you have the subscription!

5. Grown-ish (2018-Present)

Grown-ish is a cute and easy watch that has earned its place among the best shows on Freeform. The show explores the lives of college students, addressing topics such as drugs, sex, and lies, while tying a lesson to each of them.

The show promotes acceptance of others regardless of differences and emphasizes the importance of apologies among friends.

IMDb Rating6.5/10
CastTrevor Jackson, Yara Shahidi, Diggy Simmons
Creator(s)Kenya Barris, Larry Wilmore

The series has been praised for its lovable characters and the portrayal of college life. It’s a show that resonates with viewers and offers a blend of entertainment and valuable lessons, making it a favorite on Freeform.

To add to that, Freeform is not the only platform with Grown-ish – as of today, the show is also available to stream on Disney+, Fubo TV, Hulu, and DirecTV.

6. The Bold Type (2017-2021)

The Bold Type is a glamorous and empowering series that delves into the lives of three young women working at a Manhattan-based fashion magazine.

The show beautifully captures their journey as they navigate the challenges of work, love, and friendship in the bustling city. With a supportive female boss who breaks the stereotypical mold, the series is a celebration of female camaraderie and ambition.

The Bold Type Freeform
IMDb Rating7.8/10
CastKatie Stevens, Aisha Dee, Meghann Fahy
Creator(s)Sarah Watson

The characters’ feminine fantasies, office romances, and the strong bond of friendship are central to the narrative, making it a binge-worthy watch. Viewers have praised the show for its entertaining and relatable content, as it explores themes of empowerment and self-discovery.

The Bold Type can also be streamed on Hulu!

7. Young & Hungry (2014-2018)

Young & Hungry is a lighthearted sitcom that revolves around Gabi, a young chef with a flair for cooking and a penchant for designer dresses.

The show humorously portrays her culinary adventures, relationships, and the challenges she faces in her professional life. However, some viewers have criticized the show for its reliance on stereotypes and the lack of originality in the storyline.

Young & Hungry
IMDb Rating7.3/10
CastEmily Osment, Jonathan Sadowski, Aimee Carrero
Creator(s)David Holden

Despite the mixed reviews, Young & Hungry has managed to entertain audiences with its quirky characters and comedic elements. The series offers a blend of humor and romance, making it a fun watch for those looking for a light-hearted escape.

Young & Hungry can also be streamed on Fubo TV!

8. The Fosters (2013-2018)

Set in San Diego, California, The Fosters is a heartfelt drama series that explores the lives of a diverse family of adopted and biological children raised by two moms. The show tackles important social issues and the complexities of family dynamics, offering a realistic and sensitive portrayal of the challenges and joys of foster family life.

IMDb Rating8.0/10
CastTeri Polo, Sherri Saum, Hayden Byerly
Creator(s)Bradley Bredeweg, Peter Paige

Viewers have commended the series for its engaging storyline, well-rounded characters, and its gentle approach to addressing relevant topics. The Fosters is a sweet and thought-provoking show that resonates with audiences and sheds light on the foster system and family formation.

And the best part is that you can even watch The Fosters on Hulu without a hitch!

9. Switched at Birth (2011-2017)

Switched at Birth is a heartfelt television series about the lives of two teenage girls, Bay Kennish and Daphne Vasquez.

Switched At Birth Freeform
IMDb Rating7.7/10
CastKatie Leclerc, Vanessa Marano, Constance Marie
Creator(s)Lizzy Weiss

The two discover they were accidentally switched at birth in the hospital. Bay is raised in a privileged family, while Daphne grew up in a working-class household and is deaf. After discovering the truth, they must now confront the challenges of their divergent worlds.

Switched At Birth is also available to stream on Hulu and Fubo TV!

10. The Office (2005-2013)

The Office, a widely acclaimed mockumentary sitcom, humorously depicts the everyday work lives of office employees. These employees work at the Scranton, Pennsylvania, branch of the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.

The series boasts a unique format, memorable characters, and witty humor. This makes it a beloved classic among viewers.

The Office Freeform
IMDb Rating9/10
CastSteve Carell, Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski
Creator(s)Greg Daniels, Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant

The show has received numerous awards and has been praised for its clever writing and outstanding performances by the cast.

The Office is a cultural phenomenon. Whether you’re a fan of dry humor or character-driven stories, it is a must-watch series that has earned its place among the best shows on Freeform.

And apart from Freeform, it is also available to stream on Fubo TV and Peacock Premium.

Wrapping Up

That’s all for the best shows on Freeform! We hope you’ve already found your next show to watch with the help of our guide.

With relatable characters and thought-provoking themes, Freeform has become a go-to destination for quality television content. The network consistently delivers engaging narratives that resonate with diverse audiences. No matter what you’re into, the platform has it all. So, settle in, because you’re about to have a top-notch entertainment experience. Happy Viewing!

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