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The world of secondary school football is on the cusp of encountering an extraordinary and inspiring narrative of resurgence that extends beyond the field’s boundaries and delves into the fundamental principles of life. “God Family Football,” a captivating documentary series, is set to debut on Amazon Freevee. This program chronicles the remarkable journey of Denny Duron, a former professional football player, iconic high school football coach, and pastor. Following a three-decade hiatus from head coaching, he resumes the role to guide Evangel Christian Academy’s football program to reinstate its national prominence.

Where to Watch GOD. FAMILY. FOOTBALL in the UK?

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Get a Sneak Peak into the Trailer!

The official preview offers a touching story of redemption, commitment, and the enduring connections forged within a tight-knit society. Join the iconic figure Denny Duron and his squad as they strive to rejuvenate a challenged high school football team, guided by a philosophy beyond the sport: “Prioritizing God, valuing family, and placing football third.” Prepare for touching instances, motivating chronicles, and a surge of heartfelt feelings, all soon available on Amazon Freevee.

Reviving Redemption: The Journey of Evangel Christian Academy’s Football Team in ‘God Family Football’

Taking place against the backdrop of the 2022 Louisiana high school football season, the documentary series centers around Evangel Christian Academy. Over the past twenty years, this team has achieved an impressive total of fourteen state championships. Nevertheless, a setback occurred in 2021 when the group concluded with a record of three wins and eight losses, along with an early departure from the playoffs. This season, the primary aim is to achieve redemption.

At the heart of this series is Pastor Denny Duron, who not only resumes his position as the head coach but also functions as a mentor and guiding figure for his players, both on and off the field. Embracing the principle of “Placing God as the top priority, valuing family as the second, and considering football as the third,” Duron embodies values that transcend the mere sport. The series adeptly captures the pressures experienced by these young athletes while emphasizing the importance of unity, camaraderie, and the resilience that arises from mutual support.

The documentary series “God. Family. Football.” delves deeply into the lives of Evangel’s players, coaching staff, and the broader Shreveport community. Fourteen state champions from the last two decades of high school football come together to rejuvenate the football program of Evangel Christian Academy.

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A Deep Dive into Evangel Christian Academy’s Football Team

Evangel Christian Academy’s football team is a prominent high school football program based in Shreveport, Louisiana. The school has gained attention for its successful football program, producing several notable players and significant accomplishments.

The team has won multiple state championships over the years and has been recognized for its competitive performance in high school football. Evangel Christian Academy’s football program is known for its on-field success and the values it emphasizes, including faith, family, and community involvement.

As mentioned in your previous inquiries, Denny Duron is a central figure associated with the team. He has a history as a former professional football player, a high school football coach, and a pastor. His role in the team’s journey to redemption and success has likely been a critical focus of the “God Family Football” docuseries.

everything about god family football

Unforgettable Personalities: The Cast of ‘God Family Football

Denny Duron, the driving influence behind the show, is a remarkable individual deserving admiration. His sincere concern for young athletes and his unwavering commitment to shaping their futures universally establishes a benchmark for coaches. He embodies the guidance that leaves an enduring imprint for many generations. Also joining the ensemble is NFL quarterback Russell Wilson, taking on the role of an executive producer. Wilson’s participation speaks volumes about the importance of the series, which extends beyond the realm of football.

Who Was Denny Duron?

Denny Duron is a former professional football player, a legendary high school football coach, and a pastor. He gained recognition for involvement with the Evangel Christian Academy’s football program in Shreveport, Louisiana. Duron is known for his dedication to coaching, his impact on the lives of young athletes, and his emphasis on values that extend beyond the football field.

everything about god family football

His coaching philosophy, encapsulated in the motto “God first, family second, and football third,” emphasizes the importance of faith, family, character development, and athletic success. Denny Duron’s story, including his journey from a pro football player to a pastor and coach and his impact on the Evangel Christian Academy’s football program, seems to be a central theme in the docuseries “God Family Football.”

Official Synopsis!


Legendary high school football coach Denny Duron comes out of retirement to lead the football program he founded at Evangel Christian Academy in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Episode Guide – God Family Football

“God Family Football” presents a collection of six episodes, ensuring a blend of sports intensity and emotionally resonant tales. The series profoundly delves into the experiences of Evangel’s players, the coaching team, and the Shreveport locality. It sheds light on the challenges, victories, and individual narratives that shape the profound influence of the game beyond its playing grounds.

Episode No.Release DateTitle
11 September, 2023The Best is Yet to Come
21 September, 2023No Pain, No Glory
31 September, 2023The Cancun Cannon
41 September, 2023Backs Against the Wall
51 September, 2023Homecoming
61 September, 2023Playoff Bound


“God Family Football” is more than just another sports-focused documentary series; it’s a journey that encompasses faith, family, and the unwavering determination of a community to come together for a shared purpose. As Denny Duron and his team navigate challenges both on and off the field, viewers can expect an emotional rollercoaster that leaves them inspired and deeply moved. Whether you’re a devoted football enthusiast, a champion of impactful stories, or someone seeking top-quality entertainment, mark your calendars for September 1, 2023. Get ready for an unforgettable wave of emotions, values, and accomplishments, exclusively available on Amazon Freevee.

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