How To Watch ‘Ridley’ On PBS Outside USA

Ready to dive into a world of mystery? Watch Ridley, premiering on June 18, 2023, at 8 PM ET. This gripping crime drama stars Adrian Dunbar as Alex Ridley, a retired detective drawn back into the fray to solve a complex case.

The series takes you on a thrilling journey as Ridley uses his unique insight into crime-solving to consult on a missing person case that soon spirals into a dark and unexpected turn. Inspired by real-life retired detectives who re-joined police forces in consultancy roles, Ridley offers a fresh perspective on crime dramas.

Tune in to PBS or stream it on and the PBS app. Don’t miss out on this thrilling journey!

Quick Steps: How to Watch Ridley

Follow these simple steps to watch Ridley

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to PBS

  5. Watch Ridley on PBS

Where To Watch Ridley On PBS

Watch Ridley on PBS through several methods:

  1. Television Broadcast: You can watch “Ridley” on your local PBS station at the scheduled broadcast time. The show premiered on June 18, 2023, at 8 PM ET.
  2. PBS Website: You can stream “Ridley” on the PBS website (
  3. PBS Video App: The PBS Video app allows you to stream “Ridley” on demand. The app is available on various devices including iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and select Samsung Smart TVs.
  4. YouTube TV: PBS is available on YouTube TV, a subscription-based service. You can watch “Ridley” live or on-demand through this service.

Remember to check the availability in your specific region as it can sometimes vary.

Watch Ridley Premieres on PBS: Mark Your Calendars For June 18, 2023!

Watch Ridley is set to unravel mysteries on PBS starting June 18, 2023! Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey with Adrian Dunbar in this gripping crime drama. Don’t miss out!

Plot Behind The Show – Ridley

At the heart of the series is Alex Ridley, portrayed by the talented Adrian Dunbar, known for his role in “Line of Duty”. Ridley is a retired Detective Inspector, a man who once stood at the forefront of crime-solving. However, after a personal tragedy and a subsequent nervous breakdown, he steps away from the force, seeking solace in the world of jazz music and club ownership.

But Ridley’s retirement is short-lived. His former protégée, DI Carol Farman, played by Bronagh Waugh, pulls him back into the world he left behind. She seeks his unique insight and expertise to crack a complex murder case that has left the police force stumped. As Ridley steps back into his old world, the investigation takes a dark and unexpected turn, pushing him to his limits.

How To Watch Ridley

Ridley is more than just a crime drama. It’s a deep dive into the human psyche, exploring themes of loss, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of truth. It’s about a man grappling with his past while trying to make sense of the present. Furthermore, it’s about the intricate dance between mentor and protégé, the bonds that tie them together, and the secrets that threaten to tear them apart.

So, mark your calendars and prepare to be enthralled by Ridley. This is not just a show, it’s an experience – one that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat, episode after episode. Don’t miss out on the chance to journey alongside Ridley as he navigates the murky waters of crime and personal demons.

An Official Synopsis

Retired Detective Alex Ridley is lured back into service as a consultant detective when his former protégée, Carol Farman, needs help cracking a complex murder case.


Dive into the Drama and Watch Ridley’s Trailer!

Unveil the suspense with the thrilling Ridley trailer! Get a sneak peek into the world of crime, mystery, and intrigue that awaits you in this captivating series. Don’t miss out!

Watch Ridley’s YouTube Reviews

Terence Maynard is a splendid actor, and should appear in so much more. This series was well below his pay-grade in terms of writing material. He deserves better

Terror Tower

The Faces of Ridley: Introducing the Cast

Adrian DunbarAlex Ridley
Bronagh WaughDI Carol Farman
Terence MaynardDCI Paul Goodwin
Georgie GlenDr Wendy Newstone
George BukhariDC Darren Lakhan
Julie GrahamAnnie Marling
Aidan McArdleMichael Flannery
Bhavna LimbachiaGeri Farman
Jacquetta MayKate Ridley
Tareq Al-JeddalJack Farman
Steve HolnessHouse Band
Sophie AllowayHouse Band
Rory DempseyHouse Band
Kitty WatsonElla Ridley
Zak DouglasKit McKellen
George CostiganRay Trevice
Elizabeth BerringtonJean Dixon
Nico MirallegroCallahan Flannery

Episodes Guide For Ridley

  1. The Peaceful Garden, Part 1
    • Season: 1
    • Episode: 1
    • Air Date: Sunday, June 18
    • Time: 8:00 PM
    • Channel: PBS
    • Synopsis: When a local farmer is found dead, Ridley is called on by his ex-colleague DI Farman to assist.
  2. The Peaceful Garden, Part 2
    • Season: 1
    • Episode: 2
    • Air Date: Sunday, June 25
    • Time: 8:00 PM
    • Channel: PBS
    • Synopsis: Ridley suspects the wrong man was tried for Hannah Lindsay’s abduction; another body is discovered.

Watch Ridley’s IMDb And Rotten Tomatoes Ratings

IMDb Rating6.6/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating33%

Best VPNs to Watch ‘Ridley’ On PBS Outside USA

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Critic’s Review Of Ridley

All the stupid Line of Duty comments aside this was a solid police plot well cast and acted. I guess these critics think it is easy to put on these performances. It is a police drama people what you think you was going to see something all original. Never knew Adrian could sing but I loved the songs at the end of each episode. Made for a very nice touch. Hope I can find the soundtrack on Spotify. Why do these reviews have to be 600 characters? For crying out loud I said all I had to say and how do all these other critics get off with two sentences but I am forced to blather on and on and on and.


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What is the storyline of Ridley?

Directed by Bryn Higgins. Premiering on PBS, 18th June 2023. Tasked with solving a complex crime, Ridley investigates the murder of a sheep farmer, and the connections with the disappearance of a young child many years previously, and a convicted sex offender.

Who was the killer in Ridley?

Amid the main plot, there are Ridley’s visits to prison to see a man called Michael Flannery (Aidan McArdle), an ex-snitch from his days as an officer and apparently – dum-dum-dah! – the man who set the fire that killed Ridley’s family.

Who are the main actors in Ridley?

The main actors in Ridley are Adrian Dunbar, who plays Alex Ridley, and Bronagh Waugh, who plays DI Carol Farman.

Wrapping it UP!

Watch Ridley which is a captivating crime drama that premiered on PBS on June 18, 2023. Starring Adrian Dunbar as Alex Ridley, a retired detective drawn back into crime-solving, the series is a thrilling blend of suspense, emotion, and intrigue. With its compelling narrative and complex characters, Ridley is more than just a crime drama – it’s a testament to the human spirit and the relentless pursuit of truth. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable journey. Tune in on PBS or stream it on and the PBS app.

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