All the Ways Survivor Season 44 Can Be Better Than Season 43

Survivor is a reality show that has been on the air for over two decades. With its unique blend of strategy, social dynamics, and physical challenges, it has become a cultural phenomenon. However, even the most die-hard fans will admit that some seasons are better than others. Season 43 of Survivor was not the show’s strongest outing, but there are many reasons to believe that Season 44 could be a significant improvement. 

These could be a few strategies that will make season 44 better than 43:

  • Fresh Faces and New Ideas
  • Character Development
  • Better Production Values
  • More Diversity
  • Better Marketing


Survivor has faced criticism in recent years for its lack of diversity. Season 43 was no exception, with a cast that was overwhelmingly white. However, it appears that Season 44 will be more diverse, with a cast that includes people of different races, ethnicities, and backgrounds. This could make the show more reflective of society and appeal to a wider audience.

Strategic Gameplay

Survivor is known for its strategic gameplay, but Season 43 was criticized for being too predictable. The cast seemed to be content with simply following the majority alliance, and there were few big moves or blindsides. However, Season 44 could be different. The cast includes some savvy players who are known for making bold moves, and they could shake up the game.

More Interesting Challenges

Survivor challenges are always a highlight of the show, but Season 43’s challenges were somewhat lackluster. Many of them were simple obstacle courses or puzzles, and there were few truly memorable moments. However, Season 44 promises to have more interesting challenges, with some that have never been seen before. This could make the show more exciting to watch.

Stronger Cast

One of the most important factors in the success of any Survivor season is the cast. Season 43’s cast was widely criticized for being dull and lacking in personality. However, Season 44’s cast looks to be much stronger. There are some standout players out of 18 in total who are sure to bring drama, conflict, and entertainment to the show. The title “Sole Survivor” is all worth it after all.

Final Words!

Survivor has been on the air for over 20 years, and it has gone through many changes over the years. However, some fans feel that the show has lost its way in recent seasons, with too much focus on twists and advantages and not enough on the core gameplay. Season 44 could be a return to form for the show, with a focus on strategy, social dynamics, and physical challenges.

Only time will tell if Survivor can deliver on the promises, and all the daring statements by Jeff Probst, but fans are eager to find out.

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