Is Semi-Pro on Netflix? Where to Watch the Movie

In the realm of sports comedies, Semi-Pro stands out as a humorous and spirited portrayal of the world of basketball. Directed by Kent Alterman, this film brings together a star-studded cast including Will Ferrell, Woody Harrelson, André Benjamin, Maura Tierney, and more. With its release on October 17, 2013, Semi-Pro on Netflix quickly garnered attention for its blend of comedy and sports drama. In this chaotic routine question arises, is Semi-Pro on Netflix? So, the clear answer is it is not available on Netflix you a VPN to bypass the restrictions.

Where to watch Semi-Pro?

Semi-Pro was previously available on Netflix in certain regions, including Palestine, it is no longer accessible on the platform in most countries. However, viewers can explore alternative streaming platforms or rental services to watch the movie.

What are the Alternate Streaming Options to Watch Semi-Pro?

For viewers interested in watching Semi-Pro outside of Netflix, there are several alternative streaming options and rental services available. To access below streaming service you need a VPN service to overcome the streaming challenges.

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • iTunes
  • Google Play Movies & TV
  • YouTube Movies
  • Vudu
  • Microsoft Store
  • FandangoNOW
  • Redbox On Demand

These alternative streaming options and rental services provide viewers with the flexibility to watch Semi-Pro at their convenience, whether on a computer, smartphone, tablet, or smart TV, without the need for a Netflix subscription.

What is Semi-Pro about?

Semi-Pro follows the story of Jackie Moon, the eccentric owner-coach-player of the Flint Michigan Tropics, a struggling team in the American Basketball Association (ABA). Set in 1976, the ABA faces the looming threat of collapse as the National Basketball Association (NBA) plans to merge with only the top four ABA teams. Determined to fulfill his NBA dreams and save his team from oblivion, Jackie Moon rallies his teammates to strive for success on the court.

Semi-Pro Cast

The film boasts a talented ensemble cast, with each actor bringing their unique flair to the story:

  • Will Ferrell portrays Jackie Moon, the charismatic owner-coach-player of the Flint Michigan Tropics.
  • Woody Harrelson takes on the role of Monix, a former NBA player turned player-coach for the Tropics.
  • André Benjamin, also known as André 3000 from the hip-hop duo Outkast, shines as Clarence “Coffee Black” Withers, a talented player with dreams of making it big.
  • Maura Tierney portrays Lynn, a love interest to Jackie Moon.
  • Other notable cast members include David Koechner, Andy Richter, Will Arnett, Andrew Daly, DeRay Davis, and Josh Braaten.

Watch Semi-Pro Trailer

For those interested in experiencing the comedic antics and basketball thrills of Semi-Pro, the trailer provides a glimpse into the world of Jackie Moon and his ragtag team’s journey towards NBA glory. Whether you’re a fan of sports comedies or simply seeking an entertaining movie night option, “Semi-Pro” promises laughs and heartwarming moments for viewers of all ages.

Semi-Pro Box Office Success

Semi-Pro received mixed reviews from critics, it achieved moderate success at the box office. The film grossed approximately $33.5 million worldwide, showcasing its appeal to audiences who enjoy a blend of sports and comedy.

Wrap Up

Semi-Pro may not be currently available on Netflix in most regions, there are various avenues for audiences to enjoy this comedic sports film. With its talented cast, humorous storyline, and memorable characters, Semi-Pro remains a beloved addition to the genre of sports comedies. Whether streaming on alternative platforms or renting through digital services, viewers can embark on a nostalgic journey back to the 1970s basketball scene with Jackie Moon and the Flint Michigan Tropics.

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