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Where to watch ‘Letterkenny Season 11’ from anywhere: Pitter Patter Boys

It’s time to catch up on everything Letterkenny because, just in time for Christmas, a new season of the well-liked comedy series will premiere on Hulu. Since the show’s International Women’s Day special debuted in March 2022 and featured the women of Letterkenny hosting the first yearly Anti-Beauty Pageant, viewers haven’t seen any new Letterkenny material. The forthcoming Season will be the first new Letterkenny content fans have seen. Between the tenth and eleventh seasons, Shoresy, the first live-action spinoff of the series, also made its premiere. If you are intrigued about where to watch Letterkenny Season 11, it will premiere on Hulu on December 26, 2022.

What is the release date of Letterkenny Season 11?

Letterkenny is coming back with its 11th Season to make your evenings full of laughter on Monday, December 26, 2022.

Will Letterkenny Season 11 be available on Hulu?

If you are looking for a good time and are also a fan of the Letterkenny series, then you are lucky because Season 11 of Letterkenny will air on Hulu on December 26, 2022. And that’s not it! All Seasons 1 – 10 of Letterkenny are available on Hulu to stream.

Preview of Letterkenny

Letterkenny first premiered as Letterkenny Problems in 2013, a collection of YouTube sketches in which Daryl from Nathan Dales and Wayne from Keeso narrated tales about the hypothetical small town of Letterkenny. The Canadian network Crave took up the show in 2016 and quickly gained cult status. Letterkenny’s popularity in the US soared in 2018 after Hulu acquired the series’ streaming rights. Letterkenny also features K. Trevor Wilson as Squirrely Dan and Michelle Mylette as Katy. The return of the Skids, Roald, Stewart, Connor, and Darien, in Season 11 has also been confirmed by Evan Stern, Tyler Johnston, Patrick McNeil, and Danny VanZandwyck. The show usually releases two seasons a year. However, the COVID-19 epidemic changed the schedule of production and brought delays.

What is the plot of Letterkenny Season 11?

Do you want to know why you should watch Letterkenny Season 11? Well, here is a little synopsis for you!

The three factions that make up Letterkenny’s population are the Hockey Players, the Hicks,  and the Skids. They constantly quarrel over things that appear insignificant and frequently result in someone getting their ass kicked. The lost puppies, best chip flavours, Skid business, an influencer invasion, unexpected guests at the beer league, the Degens causing trouble, and a mystery at the Church Bake Sale are among the issues the little town has to deal with in Season 11. And that is only the beginning.

Letterkenny Season 11 Official Trailer

The trailer for Letterkenny’s upcoming 11th Season teases some of the hijinks in which the group of friends will be engaging. Dan, Katy, Wayne, and Daryl will again be on the road and getting into more amusing situations in the upcoming Season. Along the way, the show’s signature punchy, quick-witted language is displayed, which will undoubtedly excite viewers anticipating the following Season.

Cold Open of Letterkenny Season 11

Letterkenny’s Season 11 cold open was released by Hulu, giving Hicks the hiccups. In the frigid opener of Letterkenny’s upcoming eleventh Season, Katy, Squirrely Dan, Daryl, and Wayne examine the movie clichés that they all find to be the worst. They eventually decide on the most grating scenario: when actors take a sudden inhale for dramatic effect and, leaning too much into the bit, the three guys have hiccups.

What is the cast of Letterkenny Season 11?

The prominent cast members of Letterkenny Season 11 include:

  • Nathan Dales (Daryl)
  • Jared Keeso (Wayne)
  • K. Trevor Wilson (Squirrelly Dan)
  • Jared Keeso (Shoresy)
  • Michelle Mylett (Katy)
  • Dylan Playfair (Reilly)
  • Mark Forward (Coach)
  • Evan Stern (Roald)
  • Kaniehtiio Horn (Tanis)
  • Lisa Codrington (Gail)
  • Jacob Tierney (Glen)
  • Melanie Scrofano (Mrs McMurray)
  • Dan Petronijevic (McMurray)
  • Tyler Johnston (Stewart)
  • Andrew Herr (Jonesy)

Episodes of Letterkenny Season 11

The new series is anticipated to contain at least 6–7 episodes overall, each with a minimum runtime of 19–30 minutes, which will release all at once so you can enjoy it without having to wait each week!

Letterkenny Spinoff: Shoresy!

Shoresy, a spinoff produced by Keeso, centres on the beloved Letterkenny character Shoresy as he relocates to Sudbury to join the failing Sudbury Bulldogs Triple-A ice hockey team. Six episodes made up the first Season, launched in May 2022 on Hulu. Shoresy received favourable reviews from critics, who also praised the show’s ability to humanize its title character through its use of visual humour. The show received praise for accurately portraying indigenous characters and flipping hockey’s usual gender relations by giving women leadership roles.

On which OTT platform Letterkenny Season 11 will release?

The Letterkenny Season 11 will air on Hulu on December 26, 2022. Seasons 1-10 are also available on Hulu to stream.

Final Verdict of Letterkenny Season 11!

It’s simple to understand why: Letterkenny’s rural setting and a blend of eccentric and realistic characters give the story a timeless quality that makes it feel relevant. That is not to suggest that the show cannot be timely. The Hicks, in particular, are quite adept at online communication. However, Letterkenny excels at capturing the small details that define its small rural community, such as hockey, brawling, goofy drug users dancing in front of the dollar store, and chorin’ on the farm. Then there’s the emphasis on what counts: spending time with your friends and enjoying many small joys that make life worthwhile, such as friends, beer, dogs, and armchair philosophy. The end product is a fun movie that might prompt you to say “pitter patter, guys” more frequently. Now, you all know where to Watch Letterkenny Season 11.

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What are the genres of the Letterkenny series?

The genres of the Letterkenny series are comedy and sitcom.

What is the trailer release date of Letterkenny Season 11?

The trailer release date of Letterkenny Season 11 is December 5, 2022. The trailer was released on Hulu’s official Youtube channel.

Who are the scriptwriters of Letterkenny?

Jared Keeso, Jacob Tierney, Jonathan Torrens, Jesse McKeown, and Trevor Risk are the scriptwriters of Letterkenny.

Who is the Cinematographer of Letterkenny?

Jim Westenbrink is the Cinematographer of Letterkenny.

What are the Production Companies of Letterkenny?

New Metric Media, Bell Media, WildBrain Studios (Season 8-present), and Play Fun Games Pictures are the Production Companies of Letterkenny.

Who is the Producer of Letterkenny?

Kara Haflidson is the Producer of Letterkenny.

Who is the director of Letterkenny?

Jacob Tierney is the director of Letterkenny.

Where & How To Watch Letterkenny live streaming Online?

Letterkenny Season 11 will premiere on Hulu on December 26, 2022.

What are the ratings of Letterkenny?

The IMDb rating of Letterkenny is 8.7/10. Rotten Tomatoes has a 86% Average Audience Score.

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