6 Best Holiday Movies on Hulu to give you the perfect Holiday cheer

Time to dive in the holiday spirit and enjoy unconventional to classic films on Hulu! Christmas is a few months away but its whooping excitement is already in the air. All that’s missing is some snow and a big tree. But we’ll have to wait for that. But, hey! Let’s not forget that waiting and longing is the best part. Don’t believe us? Find it out yourself as we help you discover some of the best holiday movies on Hulu.

  1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)
  2. Love Actually (2003)
  3. Christmas in the Heartland (2018)
  4. A Christmas Carol (2019)
  5. Happiest Season (2020)
  6. A Very British Christmas (2021)

1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

This story revolves around a small world that exists inside a snowflake. A green, vengeful Grinch lives outside of Whoville (a town that loves Christmas) and has plans to ruin Christmas for everyone in the little town.

  • Release Date: November 17, 2000
  • IMDb Rating: 6.2/10
  • Time Duration: 1 hour 44 minutes
  • Director: Ron Howard
  • Main Cast: Jim Carrey, Taylor Momsen, and Christine Baranski

2. Love Actually (2003)

This movie follows eight very different couples as they navigate their love lives in a number of haphazardly related stories, all of which are set in London, England, during the hectic month leading up to Christmas.

  • Release Date: November 14, 2003
  • IMDb Rating: 7.6/10
  • Time Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes
  • Director: Richard Curtis
  • Main Cast: Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Alan Rickman, Laura Linney, Colin Firth, Emma Thompson, Keira Knightley, Andrew Lincoln, and Joanna Page

3. Christmas in the Heartland (2018)

The two teenagers in Christmas in the Heartlands travel to the heartland for the holidays to meet their estranged grandparents for the first time. The girls decide to switch places for the holidays to shake things up because they are both frustrated by their situation.

The girls begin to form unexpected bonds with each other’s grandparents, despite their initial irritation. Christmas in the Heartlands is a holiday comedy that will appeal to fans of Hallmark and Lifetime films

This movie is also known as ‘The Christmas Trap’.

  • Release Date: November 14, 2018
  • IMDb Rating: 5.8/10
  • Time Duration: 1 hour 52 minutes
  • Director: Harvey Lowry
  • Main Cast: Shelley Long, Bo Derek, Sierra McCormick, and Christian Kane

4. A Christmas Carol (2019)

Christmas Eve is just another workday for the miserly tycoon Scrooge. After retiring to his home, the evil guy experiences the shock of his life when three kind spirits take him on a nightlong journey that helps him truly understand himself, Christmas, and life’s meaning.

  • Release Date: December 19, 2019
  • IMDb Rating: 7.2/10
  • Time Duration: 2 hours 53 minutes
  • Director: Nick Murphy
  • Main Cast: Guy Pearce, Stephen Graham, and Joe Alwyn

5. Happiest Season (2020)

It can be challenging to meet your girlfriend’s family for the first time. It’s much more difficult to plan to pop the question during her family’s yearly Christmas dinner after you realize they have no idea she is a lesbian. Abby (Kristen Stewart) starts to doubt the girlfriend she believed she knew when she finds out that Harper (Mackenzie Davis) has kept their relationship hidden from her family.

  • Release Date: November 25, 2020
  • IMDb Rating: 6.6/10
  • Time Duration: 1 hour 42 minutes
  • Director: Clea DuVall
  • Main Cast: Kristen Stewart, Aubrey Plaza, Mackenzie Davis, Mary Steenburgen, Jake McDorman, and Dan Levy

6. A Very British Christmas (2021)

Opera vocalist Jessica is trapped in Yorkshire after her trip to Vienna for a concert is delayed. The only place to stay is a charming bed and breakfast managed by a widowed gorgeous man named Andrew.

  • Release Date: November 29, 2020
  • IMDb Rating: 5.8/10
  • Time Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Director: Steven Nesbit
  • Main Cast: Rachel Shenton, Mark Killeen, and Jennifer Bryer
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The Crux

A Christmas movie is a great way to give yourself a taste of the Holiday season. Well, that and a peppermint flavor coffee. This helps you get ready for all the craziness and love (best when combined) that will be all around in just a month or two. Once you are in that Holiday spirit, your day will turn bright around the corners and there is no better feeling in the world.

So get ready for Christmas with these movies available on Hulu. Canadian viewers can use a VPN to watch Hulu in Canada and indulge in the festive selection of Christmas movies. provides more information on how to access Hulu in Canada and enjoy these holiday films to the fullest.

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