Best Romantic Movies on Hallmark In USA June 2024 Updated

When you think of Hallmark, one of the first things that probably comes to mind is romance! The Hallmark Channel is known for its heartwarming and happy-ending movies, and some of our absolute favorites have come from this renowned network. While it’s challenging to pick just a few from the extensive list, we’ve gathered 15 Hallmark romance movies that include both new hits and timeless classics. Check them out the next time you’re in the mood for that warm and fuzzy feeling!

1. Perfect Match (2015)

Featuring Danica McKellar and Paul Greene, this Hallmark romance movie tells the story of an engaged couple struggling to agree on wedding plans. To ease the tension, the mother of the groom hires both a wedding planner and an event planner. The catch is, these two planners, portrayed in “Perfect Match,” couldn’t be more different. Watch to see if these opposites attract in this heartwarming film.

2. It Was Always You (2021)

Best Romantic Movies on Hallmark

“It Was Always You” is a romantic drama movie from 2021. The story follows Elizabeth, whose plans for getting engaged become complicated when her fiancé’s carefree brother, David, comes back home. As Elizabeth prepares for her engagement party with many tasks at hand, David’s unexpected presence makes her rethink her choices. A storm leaves Elizabeth’s fiancé stuck on the other side of town, forcing her to handle last-minute preparations on her own.

3. The Wedding Veil (2022)

In “The Wedding Veil,” Lacey Chabert plays a museum curator working with a new board member, Peter, played by Kevin McGarry. They team up to uncover the history of recently discovered lost artworks and organize a gala for the reveal of a special painting. The movie follows longtime friends who discover a mysterious antique veil with a fabled power to unite its wearer with their true love. Terry Ingram directs the film, and it also features Autumn Reeser and Alison Sweeney.

4.Love, Romance and Chocolate (2019)

Emma Colvin, a New York accountant played by Lacey Chabert, is sad when her boyfriend cancels their Valentine’s Day trip to Belgium. Despite the heartbreak, Emma decides to go on the adventure alone. In Belgium, she meets a famous chocolatier named Luc Simon, played by Will Kemp, and their relationship becomes as sweet as chocolate. Lacey Chabert, known for her role, stars in this story of love and new beginnings.

5. A Country Wedding (2015)

Best Romantic Movies on Hallmark

“A Country Wedding” is a romantic drama film made for television in 2015, directed by Anne Wheeler and featuring Jesse Metcalfe, Autumn Reeser, and Lauren Holly. Premiering on the Hallmark Channel on June 27, 2015, the story revolves around a country music singer who returns to his Texas hometown to sell his family’s old house shortly before marrying a famous actress. During his visit, he reconnects with his childhood friend Sarah, a cowgirl who owns a small ranch. Through her, he rediscovers the joy of simple things in life that he had forgotten. The film, with a duration of 90 minutes, was produced by Country Road Productions, with executive producers Michael Ogiens and Nancey Silvers, and Harvey Kahn serving as the producer. The music for the movie was composed by Terry Frewer.

6. The Lost Valentine (2011)

In the movie, Betty White is Caroline, a lady whose husband went missing in World War II and never came back. Every year, she goes back to Union Station, where she last saw him, to remember him. Jennifer Love Hewitt is a journalist investigating Caroline’s husband’s disappearance 65 years ago. With the help of Caroline’s grandson, played by Sean Faris, Caroline starts sharing her story. While this happens, the young pair starts to feel a romantic connection.

7. My Secret Valentine (2018)

In a favorite Hallmark romance movie, Chloe discovers that her dad wants to sell their family’s winery. She starts seeking guidance from her secret tenant, who communicates through chalkboard notes. Over time, Chloe realizes that the mystery person she’s been writing to is someone surprising. Lacey Chabert and Andrew Walker are the main stars.

8. The Beach House (2018)

Cara comes back to her beautiful hometown after losing her job in the big city of Chicago. In her scenic hometown, she discovers a sense of calm by looking after wildlife, renovating her family’s beach house, and rekindling a romance with an old love. The stars of this heartwarming story are Minka Kelly and Chad Michael Murray.

9. Dater’s Handbook (2016)

Meghan Markle plays Cassandra Barber, a woman who hasn’t had much luck in love. She seeks advice from Dr. Susie and her new book, The Dater’s Handbook, to help choose between two men—George, who is reliable, and Robert, who is fun and playful. The guys are played by Kristoffer Polaha and Jonathan Scarfe.

10. The Magic of Ordinary Days (2005)

The Magic of Ordinary Days” is a movie from 2005 that takes place in 1944 Colorado. It narrates the tale of Livy Dune, a young woman who, after becoming pregnant by a soldier, is compelled to marry a reserved farmer named Ray, chosen by her father. The film highlights the relationship between Livy and Ray, who come from diverse backgrounds and must surmount their dissimilarities and biases. Despite being an older Hallmark production, it remains one of their most cherished films and stands as a top favorite among Hallmark romance movies!


The hallmark channel has always delighted its viewers by showcasing the extraordinary movies, dramas and more. We hope that you enjoy your favorite romantic movies from the list that we have shared here available exclusively on Hallmark channel! Happy movie time!

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