Best Thriller movies on AMC Plus to Watch Right now

Are you ready to embark on a journey of twists, turns, and conflicts that will keep you on the edge of your seat and will take all your focus in exchange for unmatchable entertainment? These spine-tingling thriller movies are enough to give you goosebumps with every twist. And AMC+ is the best channel to watch all the thriller movies as the quality and stories are in perfect balance.

Excess of anything is not good and AMC+ is a perfect hub for streamers who like to watch high-quality content. I’ve handpicked some of the best thriller movies that you can enjoy on AMC+.

Die Hard

DirectorJohn McTiernan
Release DateJune 20, 1988
StarsBruce Willis, Alan Rickman, Bonnie Bedelia
GenreAction, Thriller
IMDb Rating8.2/10

McClane, a police officer, decides to visit his estranged family for Christmas Eve. His daughters and wife impatiently look forward to meeting him after a long time. McClan reaches the headquarters of Japanese owned-business where his wife works at. Suddenly terrorists attack outbursts and capture them all as a hostage. McClan realizes that he is the only one who can save people.

Lethal Weapon

DirectorRichard Donner
Release DateMarch 6, 1987
StarsMel Gibson, Danny Glover, Gary Busey
GenreAction, Crime, Thriller
IMDb Rating7.6/10

Martin Riggs, a Los Angels police officer became suicidal after the death of his wife. The heartbroken husband was not able to imagine his life without her. But, his duty has other plans for him as he and his partner Roger will be sent on a mission to catch the biggest drug mafia.

Both partners face many conflicts due to uncertainty in their nature. During the investigation, both form a bond and Roger might help him to move on from the past.

What Josiah Saw

DirectorVincent Grashaw
Release DateAugust 4, 2022
StarsRobert Patrick, Nick Stahl, Scott Haze
GenreHorror, Thriller
IMDb Rating6.2/10

Josiah and his family reunite at a farmhouse after being separated for quite a long time. But things didn’t go the way expected because the family meeting turns into a massive argument when everybody starts confronting others for the past.

Josiah believes that his wife Miriam, who died by suicide is burning in hellfire and somehow she ask him to mend his ways and ask for God’s forgiveness if he doesn’t want to end up like her.


DirectorJean Luc Herbulot
Release DateSeptember 8, 2022
StarsYann Gael, Evelyne Ily Juhen, Roger Sallah
GenreAction, Horror, Thriller
IMDb Rating6.3/10

After catching and shooting the biggest drug dealer from Bissau, the group of mercenaries must hide in a remote village and stash their stolen haul. For escaping and executing the last part of the plan they must repair their plane so they can flee to Dakar, Senegal. Will they successfully return or will get shot in Bissau?

Stir Of Echoes

DirectorDavid Koepp
Release DateSeptember 10, 1999
StarsHorror, Mystery, ThrillerKevin Bacon, Zachary David Cope, Kathryn Erbe
GenreHorror, Mystery, Thriller
IMDb Rating6.9/10

Tom Witzky, a family man, laughs at supernatural phenomena and believes it’s all in the head. He asked his wife’s sister Lisa to put him into a hypnotic trance and after waking up, he felt a psychological connection with his son.

He felt like this never before; hallucinations of a missing neighbor disturbed and forced him to investigate. The investigation will mess things up and will put him in a life-threatening situation.

Con Air

DirectorSimon West
Release DateJune 6, 1997
StarsNicolas, Cage, John Cusack, John Malkovich
GenreAction, Crime, Thriller
IMDb Rating6.9/10

Army Ranger Cameron Poe got paroled and was heading back home on a jailbird flight, transportation for criminals. He was on the flight with terrific criminals like Diamond Dog and Baby O. Cyrus ”The Virus”, a genius serial killer who constructs a master escape plan. However, Poe and U.S. Marshall ruined his plans and didn’t let him escape.

The Hills Have Eyes

DirectorAlexandra Aja
Release DateMarch 10, 2006
StarsTed Levine, Katthleen Quinlan, Dan Byrd
GenreHorror, Thriller
IMDb Rating6.4/10

Bob Carter and his wife Ethel went on a trip to San Diego along with the other five members of the family. In the middle of nowhere, the family met an accident, two men went in search of help while others stayed there.

The family was unaware that decades ago, a nuclear experiment in the same location gave rise to monsters that feed on human flesh. As time passes by family begins to notice their presence.

Pet Sematary

DirectorMary Lambert
Release DateApril 21, 1989
StarsDale Midkiff, Denise Crosby, Fred Gwynne
GenreFantasy, Horror, Thriller
IMDb Rating6.5/10

Dr. Louis Creed and his family moved to Maine, where he met a local named Jud. Creed Cat accidentally died and left Creed heartbroken. Jud advised Louis to bury his cat in a nearby pet cemetery where animals came back to life with the worst personality. After some time Louis’s son dies in a tragic accident Louis decides to bury him in the same cemetery without thinking about the warning Jud gave.


DirectorRic Roman Waugh
Release DateFebruary 22, 2013
StarsDwayne Johnson, Susan Sarandon, Jon Bernthal
GenreAction, Drama, Thriller
IMDb Rating6.4/10

Jason, an innocent 18-year-old, was sentenced to ten years of imprisonment after being caught with a package of drugs. His father an owner of a giant business empire, somehow tries to save him by framing someone else. However, Jaon’s denial of punishing an innocent make his father devastated. John started investigating on his own and the tables got turned when he exposed a major Mexican drug mafia.

Land Of The Dead

DirectorGeorge A. Romero
Release DateJune 24, 2005
StarsJohn Leguizamo, Asia Argento, Simon Baker
GenreHorror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
IMDb Rating6.2/10

In a world with the majority of Zombies, few humans build a society where they can hide. Paul Kaufman, a ruthless man, decides to lead and protect the human group. But he implemented some terrible rules that were difficult to follow.

A rebel Cholo DeMoro prepares himself to raise his voice against Paul. He asked his friends to be with him, but eventually, the zombie outbreak led all the survivors to scatter and protect themselves.


Hooray! We’ve reached the end; lets appreciate the list as it is quite interesting. The combination of a thriller with drama and action is an add-on to the story. If you are getting bored and want to watch something exciting, then follow the list of best thriller movies on AMC+. I assure you that you won’t regret the decision.

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