Where to watch ‘Wildcat’ from anywhere: A Wildlife Documentary Full of Human Feeling!

Watching Wildcat will certainly make you cry. There are warnings to never work with children or animals, but for former British military veteran Harry Turner, rescuing an infant ocelot—a small, spotted wildcat—in the South American wilderness ended up saving his life. A brand-new wildlife documentary with an undeniable appeal to fans of amazing true-life tales and animals will have its international debut on Amazon Prime. Audiences will lure into the South American ocelot at the center of this story about the emancipation and rescue of animals. Still, the human characters in this saga are just as compelling. If you are intrigued about where to watch Wildcat, the documentary will premiere on December 30, 2022, on Amazon Prime.

What is Wildcat about?

Wildcat follows a young veteran on his expedition into the Amazon as he tells his moving and motivational narrative. Once there, he meets a young woman who runs a facility for wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, and he is responsible for taking care of an orphaned baby ocelot. As a result, his life takes on new significance. Instead, what was supposed to be an effort to run away from life becomes an unexpected journey of love, learning, and healing.

Who is Harry Turner in the Wildcat documentary?

Veterans’ lives are not easy. Many veterans of the armed forces experience PTSD, TBIs, and other mental health issues. Harry Turner found that to be the case after leaving the British Army. After enrolling at 18, serving in Afghanistan, and returning with severe PTSD, depression, and suicidal thoughts, Harry had to be medically discharged from the service. He entered the Peruvian jungle in quest of isolation when he stumbled into Samantha Zwicker, an American scientist. Her recent rescue of an orphaned ocelot led to her bold endeavor to rewild Keanu.

She and Harry continue living their lives while teaching Keanu how to live like a wild animal in the touching documentary Wildcat. It also exposes how caring for Keanu aided Harry’s recovery. According to Harry, the orphaned ocelot is saving him, and he is saving the ocelot.

First Look Clip of Wildcat

Below you can watch Wildcat’s first look.

Official Trailer Wildcat

The trailer is both lovely and heartfelt. Even though Harry is in the most picturesque area, he still can’t find happiness in the Peruvian forest. But over time, Turner’s friendship with Keanu gives him a fresh perspective on life and even a little bit of salvation.


What is the runtime of Wildcat?

The runtime of Wildcat is 1h 46m.

What are the genres of Wildcat?

The genres of Wildcat are adventure, nature, science, human interests, environment, and documentary.

What are the Production Companies of Wildcat?

Emerging Earth, Unbound Films, AJNA, and Harmonium Pictures are the Production Companies of Wildcat.

Who are the editors of Wildlife?

Joshua Altman, David Zieff, Ben Gold, and Melissa Lesh are the editors of Wildcat.

Who are the cinematographers of Wildlife?

Melissa Lesh and Trevor Beck Frost are the cinematographers of Wildlife.

What is the official trailer release date of Wildlife?

The official trailer of Wildlife was released on November 2, 2022, on Prime Video’s official Youtube channel.

Who is the composer of Wildlife?

Patrick Jonsson is the composer of Wildlife.

Who are the producers of Wildlife?

Alysa Nahmias, Trevor Beck Frost, Melissa Lesh, and Joshua Altman are the producers of Wildlife.

Who has done the sound design and mix of the Wildlife documentary?

Lawrence Everson has done the sound design and mix of the Wildlife documentary.

Where & How To Watch Wildlife live streaming Online?

The documentary Wildlife will premiere on Amazon Prime on December 30, 2022.

What are the IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings of Wildlife?

The IMDb rating of Wildlife is 8.6/10. Rotten Tomatoes has a 100% Tomatometer.

What is the release date of Wildcat?

The emotional and adventurous documentary Wildcat will premiere on Friday. December 30, 2022.

Will Wildcat be available on Amazon Prime?

The documentary Wildcat will air on Amazon Prime on December 30, 2022.

On which OTT platform will Wildcat release?

You can watch the Wildcat documentary on Amazon Prime on December 30, 2022.

Final Verdict of Wildcat!

The opportunity to see how he changed his life is shown in Wildcat. Going somewhere, he wouldn’t be recognized. He would be completely cut off from society. This documentary explores how he encountered life there in a way that he had never anticipated. This documentary is different from others, where the tigers are maintained as pets. The goal of this refuge is to release animals back into the wild. It’s a documentary you should watch. You can watch Wildcat on Amazon Prime on December 30, 2022.

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