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Get ready for an exhilarating journey into the world of justice as Channel 4 prepares to debut an enthralling new drama series, watch The Jury: Murder Trial in New Zealand on Monday, February 26, 2024, at 9 pm. This groundbreaking show marks a significant milestone in British television, offering viewers a unique opportunity to witness a real murder trial recreated with two separate juries. The series promises to unravel the complexities of the jury system while posing a compelling question: will two distinct groups of jurors arrive at the same verdict?

Quick Steps: Watch The Jury: Murder Trial In New Zealand On Channel 4 for FREE

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Where To Watch The Jury: Murder Trial In New Zealand?

For viewers in New Zealand eagerly awaiting this gripping legal drama, accessing “The Jury: Murder Trial” may require some creative solutions. As a production of the UK-based Channel 4, the series initially airs on British television. However, New Zealand audiences can still catch the show through various streaming platforms or by utilizing a VPN.

Why Do You Need A VPN To Watch The Jury: Murder Trial In New Zealand?

Overcoming regional restrictions to access Channel 4’s content, including “The Jury: Murder Trial,” from outside the UK may present a challenge. However, with the assistance of a VPN, viewers can effortlessly bypass these geographic limitations and stream the series from any location. By connecting to a UK server through a VPN, New Zealand viewers can unlock seamless access to Channel 4’s captivating content.

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Release Date of The Jury: Murder Trial

The Jury: Murder Trial is scheduled to premiere on Monday, February 26th, 2024, at 9 pm on Channel 4.

Official Synopsis

“How much can we trust our justice system? This landmark experiment follows the restaging of a real-life murder trial in front of two juries of ordinary people. Will they reach the same verdict?”


About The Jury: Murder Trial

This groundbreaking series takes a deep dive into the British jury system by recreating a real murder trial with two separate juries. Filmed over ten days in a former courthouse in Essex, the show closely examines the inner workings of justice as both juries deliberate on the case of a man who admits to killing his wife. However, his defense maintains that he lost control, thus arguing for a verdict of not guilty of murder.

Watch The Jury: Murder Trial Trailer

Viewers eager to get a glimpse of what The Jury: Murder Trial has in store can check out the official trailer. The trailer offers a tantalizing preview of the intense courtroom drama and the gripping narrative that unfolds as the two juries navigate the complexities of the case.

The Cast of The Jury: Murder Trial

Official NameCharacter Name
Katie SheridanHelen Reisdale
Caroline GruberKimberley Smythson
Natalie GradyAnnaliese Hartt
Angus KennedyDr. William Caxton
Jordan MifsudBradley Ryman
Ellouise Shakespeare-HartJo Flixton
Daphne KoumaSteffi Leonetti

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Is The Jury: Murder Trial available in HD quality for streaming in New Zealand?

Yes, The Jury: Murder Trial is available in HD quality for streaming on the platform in New Zealand.

Can I binge-watch all episodes of The Jury: Murder Trial at once in New Zealand?

Yes, all episodes of The Jury: Murder Trial are typically released simultaneously for binge-watching in New Zealand.

Will there be a second season of The Jury: Murder Trial in New Zealand?

As of now, there is no official announcement regarding a second season of “The Jury: Murder Trial” in New Zealand.


The Jury: Murder Trial promises to deliver an exhilarating and thought-provoking exploration of the British jury system. With its innovative storytelling and immersive courtroom drama, the series is poised to captivate audiences across the UK. Don’t miss out on this groundbreaking television event that promises to ignite discussion and challenge perceptions. Tune in to Channel 4 on Monday, February 26th at 9 pm for an unforgettable viewing experience.

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