How To Watch ‘The Horror of Dolores Roach’ In New Zealand On Amazon Prime Video?

New Zealand has always been a country that appreciates a good scare, watch The Horror of Dolores Roach in New Zealand on Amazon Prime Video on 7 July 2023. This gripping series, available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, offers a macabre journey into the depths of the human psyche. However, accessing international content can sometimes be a challenge due to regional restrictions. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of watching ‘The Horror of Dolores Roach’ in New Zealand on Amazon Prime Video. Don’t miss out on this chilling and suspenseful journey.

Quick Steps: How to Watch The Horror of Dolores Roach In New Zealand

Follow these simple steps to watch The Horror of Dolores Roach

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to Prime Video

  5. Watch The Horror of Dolores Roach on Prime Video

What is the release date of The Horror of Dolores Roach?

The release date of The Horror of Dolores Roach is set for July 7, 2023, when it will make its debut on Prime Video. This Amazon Original series, comprising eight episodes, will be available exclusively on Prime Video.

How and where can I watch The Horror of Dolores Roach in New Zealand online?

If you are outside the USA and want to watch the show, you can use a VPN service. 

A VPN allows you to bypass geographical restrictions by connecting to a server in the USA, thereby granting you access to Prime Video’s content. Once connected to a US server through the VPN, you can enjoy The Horror of Dolores Roach from anywhere in the world.

What is the show The Horror of Dolores Roach about?

The show The Horror of Dolores Roach is an Amazon Original series based on a popular Spotify podcast with the same name. It is inspired by Aaron Mark‘s one-woman play called Empanada Loca and draws parallels to the story of Sweeney Todd. The main character, Dolores Roach, portrayed by Daphne Rubin-Vega, is a woman who has recently been released from an unjust 16-year prison sentence. She returns to the neighborhood of Washington Heights, which has undergone gentrification during her time behind bars.

Watch The Horror of Dolores Roach In New Zealand

Upon her return, Dolores reconnects with an old friend named Luis, played by Alejandro Hernández, who is a frequent marijuana user. Luis allows Dolores to live and work in the basement beneath his empanada shop as a masseuse. However, Dolores’s newfound stability is quickly endangered, leading her to resort to shocking and extreme measures to ensure her survival. Known for her skilled hands, Dolores, also nicknamed Magic Hands, navigates a path filled with horror and unexpected twists.

The original podcast was created, written, and directed by Aaron Mark, who also wrote the pilot script for the series adaptation.

Official Synopsis 

After an unjust 16-year prison sentence, Dolores Roach (Justina Machado) returns to a gentrified Washington Heights, where she reunites with an old stoner friend, Luis, who lets her live and work as a masseuse in the basement under his empanada shop. When the promise of her newfound stability is quickly threatened, “Magic Hands” Dolores is driven to shocking extremes to survive.


The Horror of Dolores Roach Episode Details 

The Horror of Dolores Roach consists of 8 episodes and is set to release on July 7, 2023.

EpisodesTitleRelease Date
1They Called Me Magic Hands7 July 2023
2This Building’s Gonna Be the Death of Me7 July 2023
3Like a Stoned-Ass Baby7 July 2023
4Bitch, I’ve Already Been to Prison7 July 2023
5I Never Don’t Find ‘Em7 July 2023
6Blink Twice7 July 2023
7Bye, Felicia7 July 2023
8Stop Me7 July 2023

The Horror of Dolores Roach Trailer

Meet the cast of The Horror of Dolores Roach

Official NameCharacter Name
MachadoDolores Roach
Alejandro HernandezLuis
Kita UpdikeNellie
K. Todd FreemanJeremiah

Rating of The Horror of Dolores Roach

The Horror of Dolores Roach IMDb7.9/10
The Horror of Dolores Roach Rotten Tomatoes 86%

Critic Reviews

The story was inspired by the urban-legend of the character Sweeney Todd, with Dolores’s friend Luis (Alejandro Hernandez) as the owner of an empanada business, which means — you guessed it — cannibalism! But it also means: the use of a story of murder and cannibalism in the story of the degradation of a specific city!


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Best VPNs to watch The Horror of Dolores Roach online In New Zealand

When it comes to watching The Horror of Dolores Roach, there are a few VPN options that stand out. 

  • ExpressVPN is highly recommended for its fast server connections, making it ideal for streaming. With subscription plans starting at GB£5.52 per month (approximately US$6.67 per month) and a 49% discount, it offers great value. Additionally, if you commit to a full year, you’ll receive three extra months for free.
  • Another reliable choice is NordVPN, known for its extensive server network that helps unblock sites from anywhere. Their 2-year plan offers a significant 60% discount, costing only £2.89 a month (around US$3.49). This makes NordVPN an affordable and effective option for accessing and enjoying Secret Invasion online.


Can I download episodes of ‘The Horror of Dolores Roach’ for offline viewing?

Yes, Amazon Prime Video allows you to download episodes of ‘The Horror of Dolores Roach’ for offline viewing. This feature is available on the Amazon Prime Video app for compatible mobile devices

What is the genre of The Horror of Dolores Roach?

It is a horror and mysterious series. 

How many episodes are there in ‘The Horror of Dolores Roach’?

‘The Horror of Dolores Roach’ consists of a single season, and the total number of episodes may vary. It’s important to check the series page on Amazon Prime Video to see the current episode count.

Wrap Up

With the help of a VPN and a few simple steps, you can unlock a treasure trove of international content on Amazon Prime Video, including the haunting series ‘The Horror of Dolores Roach.’ New Zealanders can now embark on a thrilling journey into the dark and twisted world of Dolores Roach. Remember to respect the content creators and watch the series through legal means by subscribing to Amazon Prime Video and using a VPN. Enjoy the chills and suspense as you delve into this gripping horror experience!

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