Watch ‘The Bachelor Australia (2023) Season 11’ on 10 Play in New Zealand for FREE

Stream the latest 11 season of the Bachelor Australia 2023 on 10 Play, aired on 3 December 2023. All New Zealand fans of the Bachelor can watch The Bachelor Australia (2023) Season 11 on 10 Play via a VPN. This Bachelor Australia 2023 is all set to charm you with its blend of heartfelt connections, stunning Australian backdrops, and the thrill of the search for love.

Quick Steps: How to Watch The Bachelor Australia 2023 On 10 Play in new zealand

Follow these simple steps to watch The Bachelor Australia 2023

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PureVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the AU

  4. Login to 10 Play

  5. Watch The Bachelor Australia (2023) Season 11’ on 10 Play in New Ze on 10 Play

Where To Watch The Bachelor Australia (2023) Season 11 In New Zealand

Viewers may face geo-restrictions in New Zealand when attempting to watch The Bachelor Australia (2023) Season 11 on 10 Play. Nevertheless, these limitations can be easily bypassed by utilizing a trusted VPN service. By connecting to an Australian server through the VPN, viewers can effortlessly access The Bachelor Australia (2023) Season 11 on 10 Play without any hindrances or obstacles.

One approach is to use a VPN service, which allows you to access 10 Play in Canada & you can stream other 10 Play content like, MasterChef Australia 2023 (Season 15) in Canada for free.

Why Do We Need a VPN To Watch The Bachelor Australia (2023) Season 11 In New Zealand

Streaming platforms often have geographical restrictions. If you’re in New Zealand and want to watch The Bachelor Australia (2023) Season 11 on 10play, as it airs in the Australia a VPN is your golden ticket. It masks your location, making it appear as if you’re accessing the content from the Australia. It enables you to bypass geo-restrictions and content licensing policies by the streaming platform.

Best VPN to Watch The Bachelor Australia (2023) Season 11 In New Zealand

For ease of use, we will guide you to the best VPN for for streaming The Bachelor Australia (2023) Season 11 in New Zealand.


ExpressVPN stands out as the finest VPN choice with its user-friendly apps, top-notch privacy, excellent streaming abilities, and respectable speeds.

Subscription PlanPrice in USD$Price in NZ$
1 Month Plan$10.95NZ$18.52
6 Months Plan$59.95NZ$101.39
12 Months Plan$99.95NZ$169.04

The Bachelor Australia 2023 Release Date

Season 11 of “The Bachelor Australia” will begin on December 3, 2023, and will feature an exciting and uplifting lineup of hopeful individuals on their quest to find love, along with surprises and drama.

New Episode Release Time Of The Bachelor Australia (2023) Season 11 In new Zealand

New episodes of The Bachelor Australia Season 11 is going to be release at 10:30 am NZDT in New Zealand on 10 Play.

What To Expect From The Bachelor Australia (2023) Season 11

The Bachelor Australia’s 11th season begins with a lot to look forward to. This season is more than just another chapter in the series; it marks the end of a decade of love, conflict, and inspiring stories. To maintain true to its roots, the program will include a mix of group dates, one-on-one dates, and the iconic rose ceremony. Expect surprising twists and turns in the idea with three bachelors to keep both applicants and spectators on their toes.

Watch Trailer of The Bachelor Australia Season 11

Check out the gripping trailer for The Bachelor Australia 2023, showcasing the new bachelors and a glimpse into the season’s drama and romance.

The Bachelor Australia Season 11 Contestants List Is Here!

A group of 24 women will be vying for the hearts of these bachelors. Expect a mix of personalities, from the adventurous and bold to the introspective and romantic. The contestants’ interactions, both with the bachelors and each other, are sure to provide a blend of drama, camaraderie, and emotional moments. This season features three bachelors – Wesley Senna Cortes, Ben Waddell, and Luke Bateman. Each brings a unique background, personality, and approach to the journey of finding love.

  • Nella, 35, Flight Attendant, NSW
  • Evie, 29, Professional Development Specialist, SA
  • Tabitha, 27, Registered Nurse, QLD
  • Yasemin, 32, Model, VIC
  • Brea, 25, Mining Administrator, QLD
  • Jade, 27, Interior Designer, QLD
  • Kirsten, 32, Tattoo Artist, QLD
  • McKenna, 25, PR Manager, QLD
  • Ellie, 29, Beauty Therapist, WA
  • Mel, 35, Indigenous Mentor, NT
  • Aarthi, 29, Health Projects Manager, NSW
  • Amelia, 25, Nursing Student, NSW
  • Carla, 23, Hairdresser, NSW
  • Dana, 25, Medical Researcher, NSW
  • Holly, 27, Environmental Scientist, NSW
  • Lana, 36, Category Manager, NSW
  • Lisa, 23, Interior Design Student, NSW
  • Anastasia, 32, Property Developer, VIC
  • Angela, 36, Business Owner, VIC
  • Angie, 33, Makeup Artist, VIC
  • Caitlin, 25, Jewellery Salesperson, VIC
  • Chrystal, 25, IT Analyst, VIC
  • Natalie, 25, Project Manager, VIC
  • Maddison, 24, Marketing Specialist, VIC

The Bachelors Australia Season 11 Episode Guide

There are 6 episodes released till now & here is the episode guide for this The Bachelors Australia 2023:

  • The Bachelor Australia Season 11 Episode 1 – December 3, 2023: Our three new Bachelors, Luke, Ben, and Wes, arrive at a gorgeous ‘Bridgeton’ type home in Melbourne with dreams of finding love, and one Bachelorette quickly catches all three of their eyes.
  • The Bachelor Australia Season 11 Episode 2 – December 3, 2023: It’s the day following the inaugural party, and The Bachelors get their first chance to invite the girls on solo and group dates. Who will be fortunate enough to be chosen?
  • The Bachelor Australia Season 11 Episode 3 – December 5, 2023: Prepare for a tennis group date when one bachelorette’s future ambitions do not line with Bachelor Ben’s, posing a major impediment to the formation of a prospective relationship.
  • The Bachelor Australia Season 11 Episode 4 – December 6, 2023: One Bachelorette is caught in a love triangle and must tell both Bachelors where she stands. The decision to pursue a potential romance with one Bachelor may devastate the other.
  • The Bachelor Australia Season 11 Episode 5 – December 2023: TBA
  • The Bachelor Australia Season 11 Episode 6 – December 2023: TBA

The Bachelors Australia (2023) IMDb Ratings

The Bachelors Australia IMDb ratings are 4.8/10.

The Bachelor Australia (2023) Review

Everyone knows this is staged, the winners picked before the show starts and all the contestants are all clients from model/acting/performing companies, right?



Which 2023 bachelors are still with their partners?

Along with Felix and Jess and Thomas and Leah, Jed and Alesia are the only couple from the season who are still together, but they are cautious to name their relationship at this early stage.

Is Jessica still with Felix?

No, they have break up now

Why didn’t Felix propose to Jessica?

According to Jess, the lengthy distance made it tough to “kick off a relationship.” “As someone who really values communication and who loves a good D&M, I felt like Felix and I had very different perspectives on what that would look like, and we just kind of lacked that communication,” she told me.


As The Bachelor Australia Season 11 comes to a close, we’ve seen a spectrum of emotions, from heartbreaks to fairy tale endings. This season has been a captivating journey for our New Zealand audience, bringing a slice of Australian charm across the Tasman Sea.

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