The King Returns – Watch ‘Reinventing Elvis: The ’68 Comeback (2023)’ In New Zealand Only On Paramount Plus

As the anticipation for Elvis Week heightens, a riveting new documentary is poised to grace screens, offering an up-close and personal glimpse into a pivotal chapter of musical history. Brace yourself to watch the unveiling of Reinventing Elvis: The ’68 Comeback in New Zealand, a documentary masterpiece poised to unearth a trove of exclusive visuals, candid interviews, and behind-the-scenes secrets crafted to satiate the ardor of Elvis devotees. Unveiling its premiere exclusively on Paramount+ on August 15, 2023, Reinventing Elvis: The ’68 Comeback embarks on an enthralling odyssey, peeling back the layers to reveal the transformative tale woven into Elvis Presley’s iconic 1968 concert.

This immersive exploration of a historic live-broadcast extravaganza marks a milestone that forever altered the course of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s journey, showcasing his unmatched talent, magnetic charisma, and unwavering resolve. Within the vast realm of Paramount Plus’ streaming galaxy, a constellation of 2023’s top movies awaits.

Quick Steps: How to watch Reinventing Elvis: The '68 Comeback (2023) in New Zealand

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  3. Connect to a server in the US

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Don’t miss out – Release date of Reinventing Elvis: The ’68 Comeback (2023) has been revealed!

Aired on Paramount+ on August 15, 2023, Reinventing Elvis: The ’68 Comeback magnificently aligns with the commemoration of Elvis Presley’s historic pact-signing date, an epochal instant that illuminated the genesis of his fabled vocation. This absorbing documentary undertakes a comprehensive exploration of this pivotal juncture, exalting the indelible ‘Elvis’ comeback spectacle that instilled a newfound vigor into his melodious expedition.

Enjoy the thrills: Watch the official trailer of Reinventing Elvis: The ’68 Comeback (2023)

Step into the alluring teaser of Reinventing Elvis, where you’ll be drawn into a realm of exhilarating stage acts, candid dialogues, and innovative imagination that transformed a musical icon. Brace yourself to reexperience the instances that defined Elvis’ resurgence and commemorate his enduring imprint on the panorama of entertainment.

Where can I watch Reinventing Elvis: The ’68 Comeback (2023) online in New Zealand?

Set forth on a captivating cinematic voyage with Reinventing Elvis: The ’68 Comeback, emerging as the shining star in the online domain. Venture into the captivating narrative of Elvis Presley’s resurgence, all within the embrace of Paramount+. Unveil a treasury of entertainment wonders with Paramount+’s subscription plans, encompassing the iconic ’68 comeback spectacle, Elvis’s timeless classics, and exclusive content that promises a journey through time. Thanks to the reliable assistance of a VPN like ExpressVPN, geographical barriers dissolve, granting you unrestricted entry to Paramount+ from anywhere on the planet.


Opt for the Paramount Plus essential plan, priced at $5.99 monthly, and unlock a comprehensive package boasting Paramount Plus originals, CBS on-demand shows, and exhilarating live sports streaming. Alternatively, elevate your experience to the premium plan, available for $11.99 per month, and indulge in all the essential features along with live streams of local CBS affiliates, access to Showtime content, and an ad-free viewing adventure. As an added bonus, newcomers often enjoy a 7-day free trial upon joining. Immerse yourself in the magic of Elvis’ resurgence and embark on an unforgettable journey through music history by embracing the power of Paramount+.

Official Synopsis

“ELVIS and STEVE – true buddy story highlights Binder’s nexus w/ Elvis to accomplish the game changer result. The authentic, real telling of conflicts w/Col Parker to produce one of the most seminal moments in pop music history.”


Echoes of Greatness: Revisiting the Journey in Reinventing Elvis – The ’68 Comeback

Explore an extraordinary documentary that delves into a pivotal juncture in music history. It unravels the story of Elvis Presley’s iconic 1968 comeback special, shedding light on the narrative that revitalized his career and solidified his legendary status. Through exclusive interviews with Elvis experts, firsthand accounts from witnesses of the electrifying performance, and the directorial insights of Steve Binder, the original director of the special, the documentary captures the essence of Elvis’ resurgence.

Focusing on the innovative vision that reshaped Elvis’ image, showcasing new renditions of his classic hits by contemporary artists, and examining the intricate relationship between Elvis and his manager, Colonel Parker, the film offers a comprehensive portrayal of an artist’s journey of rediscovery and reinvention.

Discover the cast of Reinventing Elvis: The ’68 Comeback (2023)

Embedded within this documentary lies the heart of the tale meticulously crafted by the Emmy-awarded filmmaker Steve Binder. Binder’s involvement extended beyond directing the ’68 special; he cultivated an intimate and trustworthy bond with Presley. As the original architect of the special, Binder provides an up-close perspective on the genesis of the ’68 comeback special and its profound implications for Elvis’ career trajectory. Augmented by dialogues with Elvis authorities and primary recollections, the film imparts a well-balanced panorama of the artist’s transformative odyssey.

Steve BinderEmmy-award-winning Director and Narrator 
Darius RuckerAccomplished Artist
Maffio (Latin GRAMMY)Accomplished Artist
Drake MilliganSkilled Performer

What’s the plot of Paramount Plus special Reinventing Elvis: The ’68 Comeback (2023)?

Reviving Elvis: The ’68 Comeback immerses its audience in a pivotal juncture of Elvis Presley’s journey, casting a spotlight on the transformative year of 1968. In an epoch marked by seismic shifts in the music realm, Elvis stood on the precipice of reclaiming his throne. Guiding this metamorphosis from the shadows was director Steve Binder, whose innovative ingenuity steered Elvis away from the conventional concert blueprints scripted by Colonel Parker. The ripple effect of Binder’s inventive vision reverberated profoundly with the burgeoning youth demographic, propelling Elvis into an epoch of newfound authenticity and entrancing stagecraft.

Beyond a mere ode to the grandeur of the ’68 Comeback Special, this documentary embarks on an expedition through the intricate tapestry that wove the fabric of Elvis’ trajectory. It navigates the multifarious interplay between Elvis and his managerial helmsman, Colonel Parker, casting a luminous spotlight on the divergent visions that harmonized in the birth of this seminal juncture. This cinematic masterpiece elucidates how the ’68 Comeback Special revolutionized Elvis’ persona, accentuating his unadulterated artistic eloquence and carving an enduring path for his indelible heritage.

What are the critical reviews of Reinventing Elvis: The ’68 Comeback (2023)

“An Eye-Opening Look at the Legend’s Major Comeback Attempt”


“Reinventing Elvis captures a moment when a legend was rediscovering his own genius and sharing it with a world that had nearly forgotten him.”

The Saturday Evening Post

Here are the IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings of Reinventing Elvis: The ’68 Comeback (2023)

Reinventing Elvis: The ’68 Comeback (2023) IMDbReinventing Elvis: The ’68 Comeback (2023) Rotten Tomatoes

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How long is the running time of Reinventing Elvis: The ’68 Comeback?

The documentary Reinventing Elvis: The ’68 Comeback has a running time of 1 hour and 50 minutes, offering viewers an immersive and comprehensive journey into the transformative narrative of Elvis Presley’s legendary 1968 comeback special.

Can I watch the documentary Reinventing Elvis: The ’68 Comeback internationally?

Yes, by using ExpressVPN, you can access Paramount Plus and watch the documentary from anywhere in the world, transcending geographical boundaries.

Was Elvis 68 Comeback Special a success?

Absolutely, the Elvis ’68 Comeback Special was a remarkable triumph. It topped Nielsen television ratings, becoming the most-watched show of its season with an impressive 42% television audience share. Later known as the Comeback Special, it revitalized Presley’s singing career.

Wrapping Up!

Reinventing Elvis: The ’68 Comeback embarks on a cinematic voyage that reveres the tenacity, genuineness, and lasting impact of Elvis Presley. As audiences eagerly await the documentary’s unveiling on Paramount+, they are cordially invited to immerse themselves in the mesmerizing tapestry of musical history. Through unfiltered dialogues, exclusive footage, and the expert narration of Steve Binder, the documentary encapsulates the very essence of an artist’s rediscovery and his exceptional aptitude for reshaping his heritage. The ’68 comeback spectacle endures as a testimony to Elvis Presley’s resolute influence on the realm of entertainment, rekindling the awareness that his melodies perpetually strike a chord across successive eras.

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