How to Watch ‘Praise Petey’ In New Zealand on FreeForm

News that will excite Praise Petey fans everywhere! watch Praise Petey in New Zealand when it airs on FreeForm on July 21, 2023. Uncover Petra’s change as she takes a leadership position inside the mysterious New Utopia cult, as well as the details of her life-changing inheritance. No matter where you are in the world, grab some popcorn and prepare for this exciting voyage.

Quick Steps: How to WatchPraise Petey online in New Zealand

Follow these simple steps to watch Praise Petey

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to Freeform

  5. Watch Praise Petey on Freeform

Mark Your Calender: Praise Petey Reveals Its Release Date

Mark your Calendars as the exciting show ‘Praise Petey’ is making its debut to captivate the audience across the globe on Friday, July 21, 2023.

Where To Watch Praise Petey In New Zealand?

Praise Petey is available on Freeform. The channel is not available outside of the United States; you will need a high-quality VPN, such as Express VPN, to get around the limitations.

You can watch Freeform with a subscription of the following tv providers.

Sling TVFubo TVHulu + LiveYouTube TVDirect TV
It Charges $40/monthIt charges $74.99/month and gives 7 day free trial.It charges $69.99/month. It also offers Disney+ and ESPN for free. It costs  $64.99/month for 3 months and after that $72.99/month will be charged.It charge  $79.99/month

Official Synopsis

Follows a New York City girl who has it all until her life comes crashing down around her. As luck would have it, a mysterious gift from her father gives her a new lease on life.

Watch Praise Petey In New Zealand

All You Need To Know About The Show Praise Petey

In the Praise Petey TV series, we follow the life of the title character Petey, also known as Petra, who is well-liked and esteemed in New York City. Her life appears to be ideal until a huge event abruptly changes the course of her life. After her father passes away, Petey receives a significant bequest, which turns out to be a turning point in her life.
She decides to take on a leadership role within the New Utopia small-town cult after seizing this newly discovered chance. The program explores the fascinating cult dynamics and tracks Petey’s journey as she makes her way through this strange environment. It reveals the difficulties and complications she encounters in her new position, keeping viewers interested in the events as they develop.

Watch Praise Petey Trailer

This cult has been #blessed. Praise Petey debuts on Freeform on Friday, July 21st, 2023. Stream on Hulu the next day.

Youtube Reviews

It is so nice that Disney is making shows that look like the world they live in. I’m sure it reflects their values and community.

A user on YouTube says

Wow. This is sick in so many different ways. A cartoon talking openly about Human sacrifice, like it’s a joke. Truly sick stuff.

A YouTube user comment

The Stars Of Praise Petey

Official NameCharacter Name
Annie MurphyPetey
Kiersey CalmonEliza
Jhon ChoeMandit
Stefen RootPetey’s Dad
Amme HillMae mae
Christine BaranskiWhite

Episode Guide For Praise Petey

Episode Name Release Date Description
Taxi To The South21 Jul. 2023“It Girl” Petey St. Barts inherits her deceased father’s small-town cult.
Unemployment crisis21 Jul. 2023Petey creates an unemployment crisis when she liberates her new followers from their demeaning jobs.
We need 30$28 Jul. 2023Petey tries to make $30 for medicine to treat Mae Mae.
Father’s Knee28 Jul. 2023Petey revives her father’s local magazine and makes it her own.
Barn Wedding4 Aug. 2023Petey and Eliza rent out barns as wedding venues for the Manhattan elite in a scheme to bring honest income to New Utopia, their first client being Petey’s ex Brian.
Not sad Adult Birthday4 Aug. 2023To the inhabitants of New Utopia, Petey’s birthday is Crowning Day and the birthday girl is disappointed that the celebrations are more about White.
The Tangible Secret11 Aug. 2023Petey runs into Bandit and his Little Einstein mentee on her spiritual quest; Eliza’s crush on Grease Trap Connie gets out of hand thanks to Mae Mae.
Drippy Drips11 Aug. 2023Petey inadvertently approves the release of pent-up swamp gas that sends the residents of New Utopia into a craze just as she’s negotiating an important business deal.
Punishment Holes18 Aug. 2023Petey’s paranoia gets the better of her when her UTI causes gossip to run rampant in New Utopia.
Comet Day18 Aug. 2023Petey begins to worry what her life will look like without the cult’s devotion as she and Bandit prepare to support disappointed cult members in the aftermath of the fated comet’s arrival.

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Best VPNs to Watch Praise Petey On Freeform In New Zealand

We tested the top two trustworthy VPN providers for viewing The Praise Petey in New Zealand on Freeform. Our thorough analysis concentrated on determining the dependability of these VPNs exclusively for this purpose.

  • ExpressVPN is a top-tier VPN service, primarily because of its rapid server connections. The subscription plans begin at a rate of GB£ 5.52 per month (approximately US$ 6.67 per month) with a generous 49% discount, and if you commit to a full year, you also receive an extra three months free.
  • NordVPN is an excellent VPN option because its extensive server network helps unblock sites from any location. You can save 60% with their 2-year plan, which costs only £2.89 a month (about US$3.49).


Can I watch Praise Petey in New Zealand?

Yes, you can watch Praise Petey in New Zealand by using VPN.

Is Praise Petey available on You-tube?

Yes, you can watch Praise Petey on Youtube TV, if you have a subscription.


‘Praise Petey’ offers a refreshing and hilarious escape into the world of comedy, capturing the hearts of viewers with its relatable characters and witty humor. While Freeform is primarily available within the United States, New Zealand viewers can still access the network through the use of a VPN, provided they comply with the network’s terms of service.

Streaming services like Freeform allow us to explore a diverse range of content and immerse ourselves in captivating series from around the world. So, grab your popcorn, sit back, and get ready to laugh along with ‘Praise Petey’ as you embark on a comedy-filled adventure. Happy watching!

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