Watch Love Triangle 2024 in New Zealand on Channel 4 for Free

Get ready to shake up your notions of romance with the highly anticipated debut! Watch Love Triangle 2024 in New Zealand on Channel 4 for free, premiering on April 23, 2024. Crafted by the innovative minds behind the wildly popular Married at First Sight, this groundbreaking reality series injects a fresh twist into the dating landscape. Against the backdrop of contemporary relationship challenges, Love Triangle follows six individuals as they navigate the unpredictable waters of love and connection. Through a series of blind dates and unexpected twists, viewers are in for a rollercoaster ride of emotions and revelations. With its bold premise and promise of captivating drama, Love Triangle is poised to captivate audiences and emerge as the next big sensation in reality TV.

Quick Steps on Watch Love Triangle 2024 in New Zealand on Channel 4 for Free

Follow these simple steps to watch Love Triangle 2024 in New Zealand on Channel 4

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PureVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the UK

  4. Login to Channel 4

  5. Watch your favorite content on Channel 4

Where To Watch Love Triangle 2024 in New Zealand?

If you’re in New Zealand and eager to watch Love Triangle 2024, you can access it through E4’s online platform, All 4. However, since the channel is not available in New Zealand due to regional restrictions, you’ll need to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). By connecting to a VPN server located in the UK, you can virtually appear to be browsing from the United Kingdom, granting you access to All 4 and allowing you to stream “Love Triangle” as if you were watching from across the globe.

Why Do You Need A VPN To Watch Love Triangle 2024 in New Zealand?

To watch Love Triangle 2024 in New Zealand, a VPN is essential due to regional restrictions on accessing E4’s digital platform, All 4. Since E4 is only available in the United Kingdom, viewers in New Zealand cannot directly stream the show without a VPN. By connecting to a VPN server located in the UK, users can mask their actual location and make it appear as though they are accessing the internet from within the UK. This allows them to bypass geographic restrictions and gain access to All 4, enabling them to stream “Love Triangle 2024” and other exclusive content as if they were in the UK.

Best VPN To Watch Love Triangle 2024 in New Zealand

To ensure a seamless viewing experience, choosing a robust and reliable VPN is crucial. Here are two of the best VPNs for you to watch Love Triangle 2024 in New Zealand:


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ExpressVPN is synonymous with top-tier speed and security in the VPN industry. With an extensive network of servers located in the UK, ExpressVPN guarantees consistent access to Channel 4 content, including Love Triangle 2024. Moreover, the VPN’s robust encryption protocols and strict no-logs policy ensure that your privacy remains safeguarded at all times, providing peace of mind while streaming your favorite reality TV shows.

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Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN stands out as a top choice for those seeking strong privacy features and a wide-ranging server network. PIA offers numerous servers based in the UK, specifically optimized for smooth streaming experiences. This setup ensures that viewers can watch Love Triangle 2024 in New Zealand on Channel 4 without the frustrations of buffering or disruptions, making it a reliable option for accessing international content seamlessly.

  • Pricing: Affordable $2.19/month (NZD 3.63/month) 2-year plan with an 82% discount
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Love Triangle 2024 Release Date

Mark your calendars! Love Triangle 2024 premiere on April 23, 2024. Keep your eyes open as new episodes are coming.

Love Triangle 2024 About

Love Triangle 2024 emerges as a revolutionary reality TV series, reimagining how dating shows are perceived. From the creative minds behind “Married at First Sight,” this E4 series explores the depths of romantic relationships with an intriguing new twist. The show lines up six singles, termed ‘pickers,’ who choose between two carefully selected ‘suitors.’ The twist lies in their communication, which is confined to texts, adding an air of modern mystery to their initial interactions.

As the narrative unfolds, the pickers meet their chosen suitor on a thrilling blind date and swiftly move in together, accelerating the relationship in a bid to cultivate deeper connections quickly. But the drama doesn’t stop there; rejected suitors return to the fray, bringing potential for love or chaos, thereby enriching the show with a blend of emotional twists and unforeseen revelations. “Love Triangle” sets itself apart by testing its participants’ emotional resilience and captivating its audience with boundary-pushing scenarios, promising a deeply engaging journey into the art of modern romance.

Watch Love Triangle 2024 Trailer

As of now, the official trailer for “Love Triangle” has not been released. Fans are eagerly awaiting this sneak peek to get a glimpse of the cast in action and the dynamic interactions that the show promises.

Meet the Cast of Love Triangle 2024

  • ZaraLena from Preston – A bold entrepreneur ready to find love.
  • Jasmine from Wiltshire – A young teaching assistant open to romantic adventures.
  • Danika from Reading – A trainee PT looking for a genuine connection.
  • Dan from North Wales – An engineer eager to build a lasting relationship.
  • Lloyd from Manchester – A DJ ready to mix things up in his love life.
  • Mike from Sheffield – A former professional basketball player aiming for a slam dunk in romance.

Episode Guide of Love Triangle 2024

Love Triangle comprises 10 episodes, with each episode running for about 60 minutes.

  • Episode 1: Introduction to the singles and initial texting phase.
  • Episode 2: First blind dates and unexpected arrivals.
  • Episode 3: First impressions and living arrangements.
  • Episode 4: Relationships begin to form and tensions rise.
  • Episode 5 to 10: Deepening connections, dramatic twists, and final decisions.


Is Channel 4 free to watch Love Triangle 2024 in New Zealand?

Yes, Channel 4 is free-to-air in the UK, but some content might require registration.

How do contestants choose their matches?

Contestants choose their matches based on text conversations, without knowing their identities.

Where else to watch Love Triangle 2024 in New Zealand?

You can only watch Love Triangle 2024 in New Zealand on Channel 4 via VPN.

Are there eliminations in Love Triangle?

No, there are no traditional eliminations. The focus is on personal choices and relationship dynamics.


Love Triangle 2024 is poised to transform the reality dating scene with its fresh, innovative format and surprising narrative twists. As participants wade through the complexities of contemporary dating—communicating solely via texts and grappling with the immediacy of shared living spaces the audience is treated to a captivating blend of romance, conflict, and introspection. This series not only stands out due to its distinctive approach but also plunges into the emotional depths of love-seeking in the spotlight. Whether you’re a dedicated reality TV viewer or fascinated by the nuances of human connections, Love Triangle promises an enthralling and intellectually stimulating watch.

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