Best Shows on ‘Peacock TV’ in New Zealand in May 2024

Don’t sit back and watch the top shows on Peacock TV in New Zealand! Peacock TV is a streaming service owned and operated by NBCUniversal, a subsidiary of Comcast. It was launched in July 2020. Peacock offers a wide range of TV shows, movies, news, sports, and original content. The service has both free and premium subscription tiers.

Peacock TV’s content includes classic shows from NBC, Universal Pictures, and other networks owned by NBCUniversal, as well as a variety of movies and original content produced exclusively for the platform.

The free tiers of Peacock TV include a selection of shows, movies, news, and some original programming, supported by advertisements.

Best TV Shows on Peacock TV Right Now

To enjoy the top-quality series currently available on Peacock, you’ll need to opt for a Peacock TV subscription plan. Along with your subscription, you’ll also receive a 7-day free trial of Peacock TV.

From exceptional comedy series to captivating reality TV, our selection covers a wide range. If you’re in search of family-friendly content, Peacock offers an impressive array of popular TV series that cater to the whole family’s preferences.


Director: Chris Potter
Family drama; Comedy drama
IMDb Rating:

“Heartland” is a Canadian television series based on a book series by Lauren Brooke. The show first premiered in 2007 and has gained a significant fanbase over its run. It falls under the genres of drama and family, and it primarily focuses on themes of love, family, and relationships.

The series is set on a ranch called “Heartland” in the fictional town of Hudson, Alberta. It follows the lives of the Fleming-Bartlett family as they navigate the challenges of running a horse ranch while dealing with personal struggles and triumphs. The heart of the series revolves around the healing of both horses and people, as the main characters work to rehabilitate and train troubled horses while also addressing their own emotional and interpersonal issues.

Resident Alien

Director: Robert Duncan McNeill, Chris Sheridan
Comedy drama; Mystery; Science fiction
IMDb Rating:

“Resident Alien” is a comedic science fiction television series that premiered on the Syfy network in January 2021. The show is based on a comic book series of the same name created by Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse. It blends elements of science fiction, comedy, and mystery.

The series follows an extraterrestrial being named Harry who crash-lands on Earth in a small town in Colorado. To avoid suspicion, he takes on the identity of Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle, a local physician. As he assumes this new role, he’s pulled into the community’s affairs, helping solve medical cases and other problems.

When Calls the Heart

Director: Brian Bird, Michael Landon Jr.
Family drama; Western; romance
IMDb Rating:

“When Calls the Heart” is a Canadian-American television drama series that premiered on the Hallmark Channel in 2014. The show is based on a book of the same name by Janette Oke and is part of the “Canadian West” series. It is known for its wholesome and heartwarming storytelling, set in a period drama context.

The series is primarily set in the early 20th century and follows Elizabeth Thatcher, a young teacher from a wealthy family. She accepts a teaching position in the small coal-mining town of Hope Valley in the Canadian frontier. The show focuses on Elizabeth’s journey as she adjusts to the challenges of life in a close-knit community and forms relationships with various townspeople, including a handsome Mountie named Jack Thornton.

New Amsterdam

Director: David Schulner
Medical drama
IMDb Rating:

“New Amsterdam” is an American medical drama television series that premiered on NBC in September 2018. The show is loosely based on the non-fiction book “Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital” by Eric Manheimer, who was the former medical director at Bellevue Hospital.

The series is centered around Dr. Max Goodwin, the new medical director at New Amsterdam Medical Center, a fictional public hospital in New York City. Dr. Goodwin is determined to disrupt the bureaucracy and traditional ways of running the hospital in order to provide the best care for patients. He faces numerous challenges, from financial constraints to personal health struggles, as he pushes for innovative and patient-centered approaches to medicine.

The Curse of Oak Island

Director: Kevin Burns
IMDb Rating:

“The Curse of Oak Island” is a reality television series that premiered on the History Channel in January 2014. The show is centered around the efforts of a group of treasure hunters and researchers as they explore the mysterious Oak Island, located off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada.

The island is famous for its legends and myths about hidden treasures and historical artifacts, often referred to as the “Money Pit.” The show’s premise revolves around the idea that the island holds secrets and potentially valuable treasures dating back to various historical periods, including theories about pirate loot, ancient artifacts, and even connections to the Knights Templar.

Vampire Academy

Director: Marguerite MacIntyre, Julie Plec
Fantasy; Supernatural; Horror
IMDb Rating:

The “Vampire Academy” series is a popular young adult book series that revolves around a fictional world where vampires, known as Moroi, coexist with humans. The Moroi are mortal and wield elemental magic. Dhampirs, a half-human, half-vampire breed, are trained to protect the Moroi from the Strigoi, immortal and evil vampires.

The 2014 film adaptation, titled “Vampire Academy,” aimed to bring the first book in the series to the big screen. It followed Rose Hathaway, a Dhampir who is training to be a bodyguard for her best friend Lissa, a Moroi princess. The movie’s release, however, received mixed reviews and didn’t achieve substantial commercial success, leading to the cancellation of any immediate sequel plans.

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

Director: Ted Bortolin
IMDb Rating:

“Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” is a reality television series that premiered on Bravo in August 2006. The show is part of the “Million Dollar Listing” franchise, which showcases the high-stakes world of luxury real estate and follows real estate agents as they navigate the competitive market and negotiate deals for high-end properties.

The Los Angeles edition of the series focuses on real estate agents who work in the glamorous and affluent neighborhoods of Los Angeles, California. The agents featured on the show often deal with multimillion-dollar properties and high-profile clients. The series offers a glimpse into the luxury real estate market, showcasing the properties themselves as well as the unique challenges and dynamics of the industry.

Wrap Up!

Discover the best shows on Peacock TV, even beyond the borders of US. From gripping dramas to hilarious comedies, Peacock offers a diverse selection of top-quality series.

While accessing Peacock in New Zealand might have limitations, its wide range of content ensures that viewers can still enjoy; ‘Killing It Season 2’, ‘Twisted Metal‘ and many more captivating shows from different genres. Keep up with the latest and greatest in entertainment with Peacock TV’s impressive lineup of international favorites.

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