Best Gangster Movies On Paramount Plus In New Zealand

If you’re a fan of thrilling crime dramas and gripping gangster tales, Paramount Plus has a selection of movies that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

From classic films to modern masterpieces, these gangster movies offer a glimpse into the dangerous and intriguing world of organized crime. Here are some of the best gangster movies available on Paramount Plus in New Zealand.

1. The Killing (1956)

Description: “The Killing” is a classic film noir directed by the legendary Stanley Kubrick. The movie revolves around a complex heist planned by a group of criminals, led by Johnny Clay (played by Sterling Hayden).

The plan seems perfect, but as the story unfolds, things take unexpected turns, and the characters’ true motives come to light. With its non-linear narrative and suspenseful plot, “The Killing” is a must-watch for any gangster movie enthusiast.

IMDb RatingCastDirector
7.9/10Sterling Hayden, Coleen GrayStanley Kubrick

2. In the Heat of the Night (1967)

Description: “In the Heat of the Night” is a gripping crime drama that deals with racial tensions and prejudice in a small Mississippi town. When a prominent businessman is murdered, Virgil Tibbs (played by Sidney Poitier), a skilled African-American detective from Philadelphia, gets involved in the investigation.

As he teams up with the town’s racist sheriff, Bill Gillespie (played by Rod Steiger), the two must put aside their differences to catch the killer. This Academy Award-winning film is a powerful exploration of social issues and a compelling crime story.

IMDb RatingCastDirector
7.9/10Sidney Poitier, Rod SteigerNorman Jewison

3. Paradise Express (1937)

Description: “Paradise Express” is a classic gangster film that follows the story of a daring train robbery orchestrated by a notorious criminal named Duke.

The thrilling heist involves intrigue, suspense, and unexpected twists that keep the audience engaged until the very end. With a touch of romance and plenty of action, this vintage crime drama is a delightful addition to any gangster movie marathon.

IMDb RatingCastDirector
5.7/10Grant Withers, Dorothy ApplebyJoseph Kane

4. Marihuana (1939)

Description: “Marihuana” is an early exploitation film that delves into the world of drug trafficking and its consequences. When a young girl tries marijuana for the first time, her life takes a dangerous turn, leading her down a path of crime and addiction.

While the movie’s portrayal of marijuana use may seem outdated, it remains an intriguing and historically significant piece of gangster movie history.

IMDb RatingCastDirector
4.0/10Harley Wood, Hugh McArthurDwain Esper

5. Married to the Mob (1988)

Description: “Married to the Mob” is a crime-comedy film that combines elements of the gangster genre with humor and romance. The movie revolves around Angela de Marco (played by Michelle Pfeiffer), who finds herself entangled in the mafia’s affairs after her husband’s death.

As she tries to break free from the mob’s influence, she gets caught in a web of lies, danger, and unexpected love interests. With a stellar cast and witty dialogue, “Married to the Mob” offers a unique take on the gangster movie genre.

IMDb RatingCastDirector
6.2/10Michelle Pfeiffer, Matthew ModineJonathan Demme

6. Death Wish (1974)

Description: “Death Wish” is a gritty and violent crime drama that follows the story of Paul Kersey (played by Charles Bronson), a mild-mannered architect turned vigilante after his wife is brutally attacked and murdered by thugs.

Frustrated with the ineffective justice system, Kersey takes matters into his own hands and becomes a one-man army against crime. The film’s controversial themes and Bronson’s powerful performance have made “Death Wish” an enduring cult classic.

IMDb RatingCastDirector
6.9/10Charles Bronson, Hope LangeMichael Winner

7. Bugsy (1991)

Description: “Bugsy” is a biographical crime film that chronicles the life of infamous mobster Bugsy Siegel. Warren Beatty delivers a captivating performance as Bugsy Siegel, showcasing the gangster’s rise to power and his involvement in the development of Las Vegas.

The film also explores Siegel’s turbulent romance with Virginia Hill, played by Annette Bening. With lavish sets and a compelling story, “Bugsy” is a gangster movie that offers both glamour and grit.

IMDb RatingCastDirector
6.8/10Warren Beatty, Annette BeningBarry Levinson

8. Angel on My Shoulder (1946)

Description: “Angel on My Shoulder” is a unique blend of crime, fantasy, and comedy. The film follows the story of Eddie Kagle, a small-time gangster who ends up in Hell after being killed by his former partner.

However, Kagle gets a chance at redemption when he strikes a deal with the Devil to return to Earth in the body of a judge. As he starts using his new identity to bring justice and right wrongs, unexpected consequences arise. “Angel on My Shoulder” is a charming and entertaining gangster film with a twist.

IMDb RatingCastDirector
6.8/10Paul Muni, Anne BaxterArchie Mayo

9. Sunset Range (1935)

Description: “Sunset Range” is a classic Western gangster film that combines thrilling action with cowboy charm. The movie follows the adventures of hero Tom Rigby, who sets out to avenge his father’s murder and bring down a notorious gang of outlaws.

With daring shootouts, horseback chases, and plenty of excitement, “Sunset Range” is a delightful addition to the gangster movie genre.

IMDb RatingCastDirector
6.3/10Tom Keene, Rochelle HudsonRay McCarey

10. Chinatown (1974)

Description: “Chinatown” is a neo-noir crime film set in 1930s Los Angeles. Jack Nicholson stars as Jake Gittes, a private detective hired to investigate an adultery case.

However, as he delves deeper into the complex web of deceit, murder, and political corruption, he uncovers a shocking conspiracy involving the city’s powerful elites. Directed by Roman Polanski, “Chinatown” is a masterclass in storytelling and a must-see for any gangster movie enthusiast.

IMDb RatingCastDirector
8.2/10Jack Nicholson, Faye DunawayRoman Polanski


Paramount Plus offers a diverse collection of gangster movies that cater to different tastes and preferences. From classic films like “The Godfather” to modern crime dramas like “Chinatown,” there is something for every gangster movie enthusiast.

These movies explore the dark and dangerous world of organized crime, providing an intriguing and thrilling cinematic experience. So, grab your popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the gripping tales of crime, power, and redemption on Paramount Plus in New Zealand.

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