Best Movies On ITV To Watch in New Zealand in 2023

Kia ora Kiwis! If you hold a genuine appreciation for ITV movies, then get ready for a delightful treat because we have meticulously curated a collection of films from the extensive ITV library, exclusively for you. Engaging in movies allows us to immerse ourselves in diverse narratives, explore a range of emotions, and momentarily escape our everyday routines.

Since its establishment in 1955, ITV has consistently delivered captivating and emotionally impactful films. Each movie possesses its own distinct qualities, featuring compelling storylines, exceptional direction, and remarkable performances by talented actors. However, to access ITV movies in the USA, it is advisable to use a reliable VPN (Virtual Private Network).

In this article, we will delve into the list of the Top 10 movies currently available on ITV that are guaranteed to capture your attention and provide a thoroughly enjoyable viewing experience.

Movies on ITV

The Triplets of Belleville

IMDB Rating7.7/10
DirectorSylvain Chomet
GenreComedy, Animation, Adventure

In this animated feature, we follow Madame Souza, an elderly Frenchwoman who becomes engaged in a global conspiracy after her grandson, Champion, a skilled cyclist, is kidnapped and transferred overseas. Madame Souza sets out on a journey to find and rescue Champion, accompanied by her faithful companion, Bruno the dog. Along the way, she develops an unexpected alliance with three vaudeville stage veterans who agree to help. This odd bunch of old women band together and use their knowledge and skill to outwit Champion’s criminal captors and succeed.

13 Assassins

IMDB Rating7.5/10
DirectorTakashi Miike
GenreDrama, Adventure, Action

Embark on a mesmerizing journey into the realm of samurai warriors through the extraordinary film “13 Assassins,” helmed by renowned Japanese director Takashi Miike. This exceptional cinematic creation blends exhilarating action sequences with a gripping narrative, following a formidable team of assassins on their mission to bring down a tyrannical lord. Brace yourself for the spellbinding storytelling and meticulous craftsmanship that Miike brings to the screen, as he intricately weaves together historical drama and pulse-pounding excitement. Get ready to be enthralled by the immersive world of “13 Assassins” and its meticulous attention to detail.

A Late Quartet

IMDB Rating7.1/10
DirectorYaron Zilberman
GenreDrama, Music

The future of a renowned string quartet hangs in the balance when their cherished cellist receives a grave medical diagnosis, unravelling long-suppressed emotions, competitive egos, and unchecked passions that jeopardize their years of friendship and collaboration.

Amidst the turmoil, we witness the intertwining of conflict and camaraderie forged over their remarkable 25-year journey as musicians. It is within the depths of their close bond and the enduring magic of music that they strive to preserve their legacy, culminating in a momentous 25th-anniversary performance that carries the weight of potential finality.

In this narrative, we delve into the complexities of human relationships and the transformative power of artistic expression as this quartet battles against internal and external forces to safeguard their collective musical heritage.


IMDB Rating7.1/10
DirectorAbderrahmane Sissako
GenreDrama, War
Release 2014

In the mesmerizing city of Timbuktu, director Sissako sheds light on the encroachment of fanatical jihadists from external sources, who threaten the vibrant and diverse traditions of the city.

The storyline revolves around the tragic fate of a beloved cow affectionately named “GPS,” serving as a poignant symbol for a nation that has lost its sense of direction.

As the film progresses, it circles back to the jarring portrayal of ruthless aggression, where Islamist fundamentalists are depicted callously hunting gazelles with AK-47 rifles and demolishing revered masks and statues, including a sacred fertility goddess sculpture.

Amidst these tumultuous events, our protagonist finds himself physically paralyzed. However, when the brutal assassin Iceman resurfaces, Alexander recognizes the imperative need for Hurst’s assistance once again, despite the challenges and dangers that lie ahead.


IMDB Rating7.8/10
DirectorNicolas Winding Refn
GenreAction, Drama

A stuntman and skilled getaway driver finds himself falling in love with Irene, the wife of a criminal. In order to protect her from her husband and a few other criminals, he makes the difficult decision to switch sides and engage in activities outside the boundaries of the law.

What Maisie Knew

IMDB Rating7.4/10
DirectorScott McGehee, David Siegel
Release 2012

Maisie, a 7-year-old child, is caught in the middle of a custody struggle between her mother, Suzanna, an ageing rock star, and her father, Beale, a successful art dealer. Beale marries Maisie’s babysitter, Margo, in an attempt to get an edge in court, while Suzanna marries Lincoln, a close friend and local barman. This film is one of the most popular ITV films in New Zealand.

The Kid with a Bike

IMDB Rating7.4/10
DirectorJean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne

Cyril, just shy of eleven years old, found himself placed under foster care as a result of his father’s decision to embark on a new journey without him, compounded by the tragic loss of his mother. With a spirited and spontaneous demeanor, Cyril seemed destined to veer towards a wayward path.

Thankfully, Cyril’s trajectory took a hopeful twist when he crossed paths with Samantha, a skilled hairdresser. Samantha became a pivotal figure in Cyril’s life as she helped him reclaim his treasured bicycle. Displaying a compassionate gesture, she even extended an invitation for Cyril to spend weekends at her home.

The Hunter

IMDB Rating6.7/10
DirectorDaniel Nettheim
GenreDrama, Adventure, Thriller
Release 2011

The Hunter” depicts Martin, a shrewd and deadly mercenary, as he goes into Tasmania’s untamed wilderness to look for of a presumed-extinct tiger. Martin assumes the persona of a scientist and creates a base camp with a family live in a decrepit farmhouse, whose patriarch has inexplicably disappeared, after being tasked by an unnamed organisation with acquiring the tiger’s genetic material.

Martin, who begins as a solitary figure, progressively becomes involved with the family, forging unforeseen ties. However, as his friendship with them grows stronger, Martin becomes caught in unexpected threats, complicating his already difficult quest.

Le Havre (film)

IMDB Rating7.2/10
DirectorAki Kaurismäki
GenreComedy Drama

In the bustling port city of Le Havre, a dockworker makes a startling discovery—an unexpected human voice emanating from a shipping container that was originally destined for London, having spent three weeks traveling from Gabon.

Reports from local media reveal that among the group of undocumented immigrants, a courageous young boy managed to escape with the guidance of an older companion, following a signal provided to him. This particular film has garnered significant popularity among viewers of ITV.


IMDB Rating7.6/10
DirectorAndrey Zvyagintsev
GenreCrime, Drama
Release 2014

Kolya, Lilya, and their adolescent son Romka are a typical family living on the outskirts of a modest coastal town in the Barents Sea where whales occasionally visit. However, they are pursued by the ghost of their town’s corrupt mayor, who wishes to confiscate their property, home, and vehicle repair shop.

Kolya decides to contact an old Army buddy who is now a successful lawyer in Moscow in order for him and his family to keep their homes. This is the most popular film on ITV Hub.


ITV provides a fantastic array of movies that cater to diverse preferences. Whether you’re inclined towards thought-provoking dramas, animated delights, or thrilling suspense, the aforementioned films on ITV ensure an engaging and pleasurable viewing experience. So, sit back, unwind, and let the magic of storytelling whisk you away to different worlds, leaving a lasting impact. Enjoy your exploration of the remarkable cinematic offerings available on ITV!

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