Best Shows on Bravo TV to Watch in New Zealand

When it comes to getting stuck into the world of reality telly, not many networks nail the glitz, the drama, or pure entertainment quite like Bravo TV. They’re the ones who’ve got a solid lineup of shows that have kept us Kiwis hooked for years. Bravo’s become a proper cultural phenomenon, a place where we can escape into a world of gripping stories, flash lifestyles, and unfiltered moments. So, let’s check out the best shows on Bravo TV and uncover a handpicked selection of must-watch telly for any true television fan. And the best part is, you can give ’em a whirl with a Bravo free trial; no need to sign up for any pricing plans!

Vanderpump Rules

Lisa Vanderpump became a really big deal on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But her main gig is being the co-owner and manager of SUR (Sexy Unique Restaurant) in West Hollywood, California.

She’s a real pro at balancing her caring nature and sharp business skills. Vanderpump keeps a tight grip on the restaurant’s energetic and ambitious crew, the ones who are slugging it out at SUR while chasing their dreams.

Drama is like a full-on essential part of their job. Relationships are blooming and fizzling out left and right among the crew, complicating things in that tight-knit workplace. And that’s where Vanderpump Rules comes in. It’s like the ultimate showcase of their lives, the whole shebang. We’re talking about intense arguments, fiery romances, career goals, and personal victories, all rolled into one epic telly show. It’s got the works!

Top Chef

Top Chef is a real top-notch culinary competition telly series that puts talented chefs against each other in a massive cook-off, with heaps on the line. They bring together a bunch of pro chefs from all over the globe, all gunning for that ultimate title of “Top Chef.” It’s a really fierce showdown!

It’s a wild ride throughout the whole season. These culinary legends get hit with a bunch of gnarly cooking challenges that push ’em to their limits, testing their skills, creativity, and how they handle the heat in the kitchen.

They got to face these quickfire challenges that demand quick thinking and on-the-spot innovation. And then there are these elaborately themed challenges that let them show off their true culinary artistry. It’s all about wowing the judges, who are the big shots in the culinary world. It’s all about impressing the best of the best!

Below Deck

We’ve got another gem on the list of the best shows on Bravo TV: Below Deck. It’s a wicked reality series that takes you deep into the lives of a bunch of young professionals. These legends work it off on these mega yachts that stretch well over 100 feet long.

These crew members are the ultimate yachties. They live and breathe on these insane, privately owned boats that are straight-up luxurious. Their job? Making sure every whim and fancy of their high-maintenance clients are taken care of, down to the tiniest detail. While catering to those ever-changing demands and desires, these crew members must keep in mind the absolute precision expected of them.

With a shared passion for their work, the yachties take on a thrilling journey, exploring some of the world’s most breathtaking destinations. Every episode is a whole new bunch of passengers hopping on board, from loaded millionaires to party animals on the hunt for adventure. And off they go, sailing into the horizon, ready for an unforgettable marine escapade that’ll blow their minds. It’s like living the dream on those open waters!

Southern Charm

Southern Charm is a whole other world of privilege, wealth, and scandal, right there in Charleston, South Carolina. This epic docuseries takes you on a ride through generations of prestigious families. We’re talking about those families with deep roots, the ones that have been holding it down in Charleston for ages.

The show follows the lives of a bunch of singles in Charleston. They’re out there, trying to maintain their personal and professional journeys while keeping the honor and reputation of their esteemed family names intact. It’s like a high-stakes game where they must balance their dreams with the weight of their family’s legacy.

Tradition is no joke in this world. Even the tiniest slip-up can have repercussions that last for generations. This show gives us an exclusive peek into Charleston’s high society’s grand homes and lives. We’re talking about centuries-old places where the magic happens.

It’s all about this unique mix of tradition and pure opulence that defines the Southern aristocracy. Through the eyes of the city’s gentlemen and their Southern belle counterparts, Southern Charm pulls back the curtain on a social scene that’s tightly bound by strict codes of conduct and extravagant displays of wealth. This ain’t your typical cultural enclave. It’s a whole different ballgame, one that’s uniquely American and utterly enthralling.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Much like The Real Housewives of Orange County, The Real Housewives of Atlanta takes us deep into the world of glitz and excitement. There are a bunch of legendary ladies, living it up in the vibrant social scene of Georgia’s capital city.

This iteration of the beloved reality TV franchise takes it up a notch. Relationships are front and center in this one. And the rollercoaster of emotions regarding the ladies’ romantic entanglements is nothing to miss out on. We’re talking about the highs and lows and everything in between.

The show always spotlights these incredible women with their sassy attitudes and entrepreneurial vibes. They’re trying to juggle it all—personal lives, professional dreams, and social calendars that are bursting at the seams.

But that’s not all. These ladies know how to have a good time too. They indulge in the fabulousness that their city has to offer. They’re hitting up the hottest spots, living it up in style, and making the most of what life throws at them. And these personal journeys and larger-than-life personalities make it among the best shows on Bravo Tv.

Summer House

Get ready for a thrilling ride with Summer House! This epic series plunges you into a world of sun-drenched parties, tight friendships, and wild adventures that’ll leave you breathless. Just imagine a bunch of energetic, good-looking professionals, escaping the chaos of their city lives to spend weekends in a picturesque beach house in the Hamptons.

But hold up! Don’t let that idyllic setting fool you. This house becomes a hotbed of drama, romance, and absolute madness. You’ll witness sizzling love triangles, fiery confrontations, and moments of pure summer fun you won’t forget. It’s like the perfect storm of entertainment!

With each episode of Summer House, you’re in for an emotional rollercoaster. These lively housemates are on a mission to untangle their tangled web of relationships. It’s no walk in the park, but through it all, they create memories that will stick with them for a lifetime.

Summer House is the ultimate guilty pleasure that will leave you craving more! Once you begin watching it, you won’t feel the need to think about what to watch on Bravo Tv again.

Shahs of Sunset

Shahs of Sunset is another reality TV series on Bravo. This one takes us into the lives of a group of Persian-American friends in the heart of Los Angeles. They’re out there, dealing with the intricate web of their bustling social lives, demanding careers, and the weight of family traditions.

We get an up-close and personal look at their vibrant dating lives, the dazzling party scene they’re a part of, and the ongoing battle to find love and acceptance within their tight-knit community. The show has everything from the ambitious real estate agent Mercedes to the rebellious singer Asa!

These friends are all about tackling the challenges of bridging modernity with the cultural expectations that come with their Persian background. It’s a constant balancing act between staying true to themselves and honoring their roots. And you know what that means? Drama, emotions, and heaps of personal growth.

Family Karma

If you ever want to see the drama version of tug-and-war, you can’t miss out on one of the best shows on Bravo TV, Family Karma. This epic series dives into the lives of a close-knit crew of Indian-American friends and their families, all right there in Miami.

The show boasts their modern-day struggles, as they find the delicate balance between holding onto their cherished Indian traditions and taking the opportunities and challenges that come with living in America. They try to preserve their roots while carving out their own paths in this land of opportunity.

Amidst generations-old family feuds and the pressures of finding the perfect partner, we see an intimate and often humorous look into the trials and triumphs of this diverse group.

Married to Medicine

Bravo isn’t holding back with the reality TV game. After the massive success of their hit show in Atlanta, they went ahead and dropped another bombshell in their lineup. This time, they’re giving us an inside look at the lives of influential socialite women in the bustling city. But there’s a twist!

Married to Medicine ventures deep into the glamorous lives of Atlanta’s doctor elite. We’re talking about women who are either accomplished doctors themselves or married to medical professionals. They’ve got everything going on, from thriving careers to cherished family lives and a whirlwind of social engagements.

The cameras capture every thrilling moment as they handle high-pressure situations in their medical practices and strive to make time for their loved ones while maintaining a packed social calendar.

So, if you’re wondering what to watch on Bravo TV, this one is a must!

Million Dollar Listing New York

What makes Million Dollar Listing New York an absolute banger and one of the best shows on Bravo TV? It’s definitely what goes down in the high-stakes world of Manhattan real estate. This show takes the success of its Los Angeles counterpart and brings it to the bustling heart of the Big Apple.

The series features mind-blowing luxury homes, penthouses, and the most relentless agents you’ll ever encounter. These legends hustle day in and day out to make those mega deals happen. It’s a cutthroat world where fortunes are made and lost in the blink of an eye.

As the series unfolds, we are introduced to a cast of exceptional agents who possess unrivaled expertise and an unyielding drive to succeed. Among the standout names is the charismatic Fredrik Eklund, known as the “listings machine,” whose boundless energy and sales prowess make him a force to be reckoned with. Alongside him is Ryan Serhant, a former actor and hand model, whose journey into the world of real estate is as remarkable as his sales achievements.

Summing Up

There you have it – the best shows on Bravo TV! No matter which path you choose, whether it’s the world of high glamour, setting sail on the high seas, or basking in the high fashion world, Bravo TV has got you covered. These series are your gateway to a thrilling escape, where adventure, excitement, and larger-than-life personalities reign supreme.

As the cameras roll and the drama unfolds, the best shows on Bravo TV will never cease to entertain, inspire, and leave you craving for more. Let me tell you, this streaming giant knows how to keep you hooked on reality shows and even movies!

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