Best Movies To Watch On ABC iView in New Zealand

The world of streaming platforms remains fiercely competitive, with the adage “everything comes with a price” holding true for most high-quality streaming services. However, there is one exception to this rule, which goes by the name of ABC iView, brought to you by ABC. Not only is it completely free, but it also offers a user-friendly experience without any advertisements. Now, let’s address the main question at hand: Which are the top movies available on ABC iView in New Zealand?

With a vast library of content, finding the cream of the crop can be challenging. But fear not! We have simplified the process for you. Here is a thoughtfully curated selection of the finest movies on ABC iView that promise to provide you with an exceptional viewing experience. Let’s get to it!

The Secret Garden

This famous novel-to-film adaptation is about a little orphan girl, Mary, who is taken to live with her uncle in England in 1947. Mary is an abandoned little child who has spent her entire life suppressing her feelings and emotions.

So now, she comes off as a cruel and unpleasant individual. Meanwhile, her uncle is an extremely strict man. However, Mary’s fate turns when she finds a strange, mystical secret garden on her uncle’s property.


Before graduation, two best friends, Amy and Molly, notice their classmates have shunned them for being nerdy snobs. As their college life comes to an end, they decide it’s time to have fun and make up for the missed time.

Directed by Olivia Wilde, this 2019 American comedy is a must-watch for anyone hoping to revive their high school memories and take a trip down memory lane. That’s what makes it one of the best movies on ABC iView.

The Girl On The Train

Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt) is a divorcee. Every day, she takes a train and on her way, observes Megan and Scott, a happy and ideal couple from the window of her train. But one day, she notices something really terrible and chooses to alert the authorities. Shortly after that, Megan vanishes.

Exciting events occur as she launches her inquiry out of fear for Megan’s possible fate. If you enjoy thrillers and mysteries, you’ll find this to be one of the best movies on ABC iView.

Early Man

This animated picture centers on a caveman named Dug, and his sidekick, Hognob. The two try to prepare their entire tribe for a major danger to their way of life. Lord Nooth wants to turn their property into a large mine and force them to prospect for rare metals. So, Dug, Hognob, and the clans must prevail in this battle in order to avoid yielding to Lord Nooth.

The Broken Shore

The Broken Shore is a 2014 Australian television film based on the novel of the same name by Peter Temple. The movie is about Detective Joe Cashin who is recovering from serious physical injuries he received while on duty.

He is called in to investigate the death of a wealthy local man, Charles Burgoyne. As he digs further into the mystery, he uncovers secrets, betrayal, and police corruption which impacts everyone around him.

The Babadook

The Babadook is a psychological horror film directed by Jennifer Kent and released in 2014. A widow named Amelia and her young son Samuel struggle to cope with the death of Amelia’s husband, Samuel’s father. Amelia struggles to balance her responsibilities as a single mother and Samuel’s increasing behavioral issues.

One night, Samuel asks his mother to read a mysterious pop-up book titled “Mister Babadook.” The book describes a sinister creature, the Babadook, who invades people’s lives and consumes them with fear. Amelia and Samuel begin to experience strange occurrences as they read the book. That’s when Amelia becomes increasingly convinced that the Babadook is real.

The Child In Time

Author Stephen Lewis (Benedict Cumberbatch) experiences every parent’s worst nightmare while simply running errands at a sunny supermarket: his beloved daughter goes missing. Thereafter, The Child in Time plunges into the terrifying and heart-wrenching situation parents face when unforeseen circumstances come their way.

The world turns upside down for Stephen and his wife, Julie. Stephen grapples with overwhelming guilt and a sense of responsibility as he tries to cope with the haunting reality of his daughter’s disappearance.

100 Bloody Acres

This dark comedy horror film was released in 2012, directed by Colin and Cameron Cairnes. The movie follows the twisted misadventures of Reg and Lindsay Morgan, two brothers who run a struggling organic fertilizer business in rural Australia. Desperate to boost their sales, they come across a gruesome accident on the road involving three young travelers, James, Sophie, and Wes. Seizing the opportunity, the Morgan brothers transport their bodies to their fertilizer factory.

As the unsuspecting victims wake up in the Morgans’ custody, they soon realize they are trapped in a horrifying and deadly game. Reg, the somewhat sympathetic brother, begins questioning the ethics of their actions. Meanwhile, Lindsay, the more sadistic and volatile sibling, is determined to continue their gruesome practices. The ensuing events are what make this one of the best movies to watch on ABC iView.


In this tale of intertwined relationships, two lifelong best friends, portrayed by Robin Wright and Naomi Watts, are entangled in forbidden affairs with each other’s sons. The secret romances they embark upon take a passionate and steamy turn, blurring the lines of boundaries and challenging their bonds.

However, complications arise when one of the young men yearns for a lover of his own age, causing a stir of trouble and casting a shadow over the tangled web of desires and connections they have created.


Trumbo depicts the life of Dalton Trumbo, a renowned Hollywood screenwriter who becomes entangled in the anti-communist Red Scare of the 1940s and 1950s. The government blacklists Trumbo and other artists for their political beliefs.

This forces him to write under pseudonyms to continue working in the film industry. The film follows Trumbo’s struggles, his battle for the right to be credited for his work, and his personal sacrifices during a time of intense political persecution.

Summing Up

As we end our journey through the best movies on ABC iView, we hope you’ve discovered some cinematic masterpieces that have caught your attention. ABC iView offers a wide range of films that will keep you entertained, informed, and captivated – from timeless classics to contemporary gems.

So, grab some popcorn, find a comfortable spot on your couch, and immerse yourself in this exciting world of movies. With ABC iView by your side, you’ll never run out of amazing stories to watch – all for free!

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