Best Shows on ABC iView In New Zealand

You can put an end to your contemplating in case you’re wondering where to watch crime, thriller, and comedy shows in New Zealand when you don’t want to spend a fortune on streaming websites.

This article is going to cover all your concerns from top to bottom as we present you with the best ABC iview shows in New Zealand that you wouldn’t find anywhere except on ABC iview.

ABC iview promises an overload of movies and TV shows and has improved itself in terms of providing the best quality that too in HD! With ABC iview shows like Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?, Barons, The Newsreader, The Good Karma Hospital, Wakefield, and Total Control you wouldn’t wander off anywhere else, do you know why?

This streaming app is free which is a rarity these days in case you’re thinking about the ABC iview price in New Zealand. You can also try the ABC iview free trial to get a more sophisticated idea about the works so that in case it doesn’t suit you, you can figure it out ahead of time instead of having to cancel ABC iview later on.

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What are the Best ABC iview Shows to Watch in New Zealand 2023?

Owning a subscription to a streaming channel is a must nowadays which you can’t deny and ABC iview is the ultimate option if you want to stream for free in Australia. Here’s everything you need to know about the best ABC iview shows to watch in New Zealand.

1. The Split (2018 – 2022)

Ever heard that two divorce lawyers would also land in a situation where they would themselves get divorced after carrying out hundreds of divorce trials for others?

This series showcases light on a couple who are amicably going through a divorce and are now met with shocking revelations about their relationship. You wouldn’t believe but Australian ABC iview shows are immensely thrilling and would be the perfect weekend getaway for you!

IMDb RatingCastDirector
7.7/10Nicola Walker, Meera Syal, Stephen Mangan, Fiona Button, Deborah FindlayJessica Hobbs

2. Small Axe (2020)

In the world we live in, West Indians are the ones who have suffered a lot and are still suffering, especially on the English side of the world. This mini-series revolves around the experiences of the West Indian community about reality all through 1969 and 1982.

It has been created by Steve McQueen who has been an Academy Award winner previously. Be sure to watch this series on ABC iview as it will enlighten you with all the struggles and hardships these people have been through. This is one of the best ABC iview shows to watch in New Zealand.

IMDb RatingCastDirector
7.8/10John Boyega, Amarah-Jae St. Aubyn, Letitia Wright, Shaun Parkes, Steve ToussaintSteve McQueen

3. We Hunt Together

This series consists of an exciting and major plot twist because of the cat-and-mouse chase happening over the course of time.

It revolves around two detectives who work together to find out about deadly killers who are out on the run and the emotional manipulation as they are on the mission to hunt them down. This is a perfect amalgamation of thriller and crime and an embodiment of ABC iview crime drama.

IMDb RatingCastDirector
6.9/10Hermione Corfield, Dipo Ola, Eve Myles, Babou Ceesay, Vicki PepperdineGaby Hull

4. The Witchfinder

A witchfinder who’s failing at what he’s supposed to be best at transports a woman who is suspected to be a witch to East Anglia for a trial.

Although it could change his life forever initially he has to deal with religious fanatics, civil war, and famine through his journey with the worst companion he could ever think of.

This is a whirlwind of a ride that you can’t possibly miss on best ABC iview shows to watch in New Zealand.

IMDb RatingCastDirector
6.4/10Tim Key, Daisy May Cooper, Jessica Hynes, Daniel RigbyNeil and Rob Gibbons

5. Mystery Road (2018 – )

Jay Swan is a Detective who is on a mission to investigate the disappearance of two men who were last found to be in Australia’s Outback cattle station.

The real trouble begins when two unknown people become the reason behind all the crisis after the events of these two missing people takes place. An ABC iview drama that will keep you hooked.

IMDb RatingCastDirector
7.4/10Aaron Pedersen, Jada Alberts, Tasma Walton, Callan Mulvey, Rob CollinsRachel Perkins, Warwick Thornton, Wayne Blair, and Dylan Rive

6. Smother

This series is a mind-blowing thriller that revolves around Val Ahern’s husband’s tragic death and the events that unfold afterward.

Val discovers how little she knew about the man she loved all those years as she came to know about the relationship her husband had with his daughters and all the secrets that were hidden for many years that could rip the family apart. Easily one of the best shows on ABC iview 2023.

IMDb RatingCastDirector
6.4/10Dervla Kirwan, Niamh Walsh, Seána Kerslake, Gemma-Leah Devereux, Conor MullenDathaí Keane

7. Killing Eve (2018 – 2022)

Do you know when you’re not satisfied with what you’re doing it’s not what you hoped for? This series’ plotline is just the time as it revolves around Eve, who is a spy, and it is clearly not what she imagined it to be.

Then there is Villanelle who is the opposite of Eve. Both of them are given the task to hunt down The Twelve, a psychopathic killer.

IMDb RatingCastDirector
8.2/10Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer, Fiona Shaw, Kim Bodnia, Sean DelaneyDamon Thomas

8. Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?

This miniseries is based on a novel written by Agatha Christie and centers upon Vicar’s son, Bobby Jones, and Lady Frankie Derwent who are on an adventure to solve a crime because of the last words spoken by a dying man which probably awoke curiosity in both of them.

If you are into crime mysteries, then this show is a perfect weekend getaway for you!

IMDb RatingCastDirector
7.2/10Carlie Enoch, Richard Dixon, Benedict Wolf, Andrew Hill, Martyn EllisJohn Davies, Tony Warmby

9. Barons (2022)

Little do they know that this group of best friends who are great and enthusiastic surfers, their lives will be turned upside down with the evolution of their success.

The miniseries “Barons” is set in 1971 in Australia when all kinds of sexualities and social classes were emerging, these groups of friends realize that the world is full of ambition and greed. It is one of ABC iview popular shows, and you can’t possibly dare to miss it!

IMDb RatingCastDirector
5.2/10Ben O’Toole, Jillian Nguyen, Sean Keenan, Hunter Page-Lochard, Lincoln YounesMichael Lawrence, John Molloy, and Liz Doran

10. The Newsreader

Difficult pairings are the ones that bring the most success when carrying out a mission. This series showcases light on reporter Dale Jennings and news star Helen Norville. They’ve been paired together to carry out a task.

You will experience a totally unconventional relationship between the two when their professional and personal life starts to coincide.

IMDb RatingCastDirector
7.6/10Anna Torv, Sam Reid, Robert Taylor, Chum Ehelepola, William McInnesMichael Lucas


ABC iview offers a diverse range of shows that cater to different tastes and preferences. From intense dramas to thrilling crime series, ABC iview has something for everyone.

With their compelling storylines, talented cast, and skilled direction, these shows are sure to keep you entertained.

Make sure to check out ABC iview and enjoy these remarkable shows without having to worry about any subscription fees.

With its free streaming service and high-quality content, ABC iview is a great option for New Zealand viewers. So grab your popcorn, sit back, and indulge in the captivating world of ABC iview shows.

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