Watch Barbie: Uncovered in New Zealand on NOW TV

For those eagerly anticipating the revelation of the untold story behind the beloved Barbie brand, the wait is nearly over. Watch Barbie Uncovered in New Zealand, a captivating documentary delving into the origin tale of the iconic doll is scheduled to premiere on Sky Documentaries and NOW TV on March 27, 2024, for viewers in New Zealand. This groundbreaking film promises to provide an in-depth exploration of Barbie’s history, shedding light on the captivating journey of its creators, Ruth Handler and Jack Ryan.

Through interviews with family members, former employees, and cultural experts, Barbie: Uncovered takes audiences on a captivating journey through the highs and lows of fame, ambition, and the ever-changing landscape of pop culture. Audiences are invited to uncover the truth behind Barbie’s legendary status like never before.

Watch Barbie: Uncovered in New Zealand on NOW TV

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Where To Watch Barbie Uncovered In New Zealand?

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Barbie Uncovered Release Date

Mark your calendars for March 27, 2024, as Barbie Uncovered makes its highly anticipated debut on Sky Documentaries and NOW. Don’t miss the opportunity to uncover the captivating story behind one of the world’s most iconic brands.

Barbie Uncovered About

Barbie Uncovered is a groundbreaking documentary that offers a revealing glimpse into the untold story behind one of the world’s most iconic brands. Produced by Two Rivers and co-produced by RW Productions, this documentary delves deep into the history of Barbie, the beloved plastic doll that has captured the hearts and imaginations of millions worldwide. Directed by a team of seasoned filmmakers, Barbie Uncovered explores the visionary minds of Ruth Handler and Jack Ryan, the creators behind Barbie, tracing the doll’s journey from its humble beginnings to global fame.

Through a combination of archival footage, interviews with family members, former employees, and cultural experts, Barbie Uncovered sheds light on the innovative spirit, scandals, and controversies that have shaped Barbie’s legacy. From its inception to its enduring cultural impact, Barbie Uncovered offers a comprehensive exploration of the doll’s evolution and significance, inviting viewers to uncover the truth behind the legend of Barbie like never before.

Watch Barbie Uncovered Trailer

While the official trailer for Barbie Uncovered is yet to be released, anticipation continues to build for this groundbreaking documentary. Keep an eye out for the trailer, as it promises to offer a sneak peek into the intriguing narrative of Barbie Uncovered.

Meet the Cast of Barbie Uncovered

  • Ann Ryan (Jack’s daughter): Provides personal insights into the family dynamics and the legacy of her father’s contributions.
  • Annie Constantinesco (Former employee and lover): Offers insider perspectives into the inner workings of Mattel.
  • Tom Kalinske (Former CEO of Mattel): Shares leadership experiences and strategic decisions during his tenure at Mattel.
  • Various Mattel employees, friends of Jack and Ruth, and period biographers also contribute to the documentary.

Episode Guide of Barbie Uncovered

  • Episode 1: The Genesis of Barbie
  • Episode 2: Rise to Fame
  • Episode 3: The Dark Side of Success
  • Episode 4: Barbie’s Cultural Impact
  • Episode 5: Legacy and Beyond


Is Barbie: Uncovered suitable for all ages?

Barbie: Uncovered is primarily targeted towards adult audiences due to its exploration of complex themes, it may also be suitable for older children and teenagers interested in Barbie’s history and cultural impact.

Is Barbie: Uncovered available on mainstream streaming platforms like Netflix or Hulu?

No, Barbie: Uncovered is not available on platforms like Netflix or Hulu. It is exclusively premiering on Sky Documentaries and NOW.

Does Barbie: Uncovered delve into the controversies surrounding Barbie’s image?

Yes, Barbie: Uncovered explores various controversies and criticisms surrounding Barbie’s image, including discussions on beauty standards, gender roles, and cultural impact.


As the final moments of Barbie: Uncovered unfold, viewers are left with a lasting impression of the journey through the fascinating history of the iconic doll. From its modest beginnings to its widespread cultural significance, the documentary intricately examines Barbie’s origin story, highlighting the innovative minds of Ruth Handler and Jack Ryan. Through narratives of ambition, creativity, and the less glamorous aspects of fame, Barbie: Uncovered transcends mere entertainment, offering profound insights into societal complexities and human nature. As we say goodbye to this captivating narrative, Barbie’s enduring legacy continues to echo, serving as a poignant reminder of the profound impact of an icon that has captivated generations.

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