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This year, the TikTok Awards Australia 2023 have raised the bar in celebrating digital creativity by hosting a big award ceremony in Sydney, this event has honored the exceptional achievements of TikTok content creators across Australia. You can watch the TikTok Awards Australia 2023 in New Zealand on Binge via a VPN airing on 10 December 2023. One noteworthy recognition goes to Indy Clinton, symbolizing the remarkable success and influence attainable on this global platform. This event not only spotlighted the immense talent in Australia but also demonstrated the universal appeal and reach of TikTok.

Quick Steps: How to Watch Tik Tok Awards Australia 2023 In New Zealand

Follow these simple steps to watch

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the AU

  4. Login to Binge

  5. Watch Tik Tok Awards Australia 2023 on Binge

Where Can I Watch Tik Tok Awards Australia 2023 In New Zealand

To stream Tik Tok Awards Australia 2023 which is only available on Binge in Australia, users can utilize a VPN with Australian servers to bypass location-based restrictions. This enables them to access Binge and enjoy the show from the New Zealand. The binge price structure are as follows. Binge provides a free trial to its subscribers so they can avail maximum opportunity of the platform and you can cancel the subscription you are not interested in without any charges. Binge costs NZ$ 29.23 per month and BINGE Premium is NZ$ 35.73 per month. By getting a VPN you can also watch other best shows on binge.

Why Do We Need a VPN To Watch Tik Tok Awards Australia 2023 In New Zealand

Streaming platforms often have geographical restrictions. If you’re in New Zealand and want to watch Tik Tok Awards Australia 2023 on Binge as it airs in the Australia but a VPN is your golden ticket. It masks your location, making it appear as if you’re accessing the content from the Australia. It enables you to bypass geo-restrictions and content licensing policies imposed by the streaming platform.

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Tik Tok Awards Australia 2023 Release Date

Plan to attend an event celebrating innovation and viral content! The TikTok Awards Australia 2023, a much-anticipated event honoring Australia’s best digital talent, will make its BINGE premiere. This significant event, which will premiere on December 10, 2023, will provide viewers a unique look at the year’s most influential and imaginative TikTok content creators.


Vote NOW & tune in to #TikTokAwards presented by CeraVe, LIVE on 6th Dec! Link in bio.

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Tik Tok Awards Australia 2023 Hosts: A Stellar Lineup

The TikTok Awards will be presented by a trio of dynamic figures that have made a mark in the entertainment industry. Abbie Chatfield, host of BINGE Original FBoy Island, expresses her enthusiasm for the event, emphasizing TikTok’s unique ability to develop specific niches and drive creativity. Kat Clark, the TikTok Creator of the Year in 2022 and a platform star, and Tony Armstrong, a successful Logie-award-winning TV personality, will join her. They promise that if they work together, they will make the occasion unforgettable.

About Tik Tok Awards Australia 2023

The TikTok Awards Australia 2023 acknowledged content creators’ achievements in a multitude of categories. While the search results do not provide detailed information on all of the nominees, it is evident that these awards were highly anticipated and included a wide range of key categories. Indy Clinton was selected TikTok Creator of the Year 2023, honoring her significant contribution on the platform. Other categories were almost certainly made up of a variety of creative material, ranging from viral videos to innovative and socially important works, illustrating the breadth of talent accessible on TikTok in Australia.

Tik Tok Awards Australia 2023 Nominees

This year, the TikTok Awards will present a total of 10 awards, shining a spotlight on the exceptional creators that have left an indelible mark on TikTok in 2023. These categories encompass a wide range of talents and genres:

Creator of the Year

  • Andy Hearnden – @andy_cooks
  • Angelo Marasigan – @_angelomarasigan
  • Indy Clinton – @indyclinton
  • Tom Forrest – @outbacktom
  • Sophia Begg – @sophadophaa

Video of the Year

  • Andrew Davie – Fitzroy Garage Party
  • Daen Lia Kelly – ASMR Garlic Bread
  • Darren Ford – Frod the Frog

TikTok for Good

  • The Black As Crew – @blackas
  • Sean Skeels & Marley Whatarau – @getdownwithsandm
  • Jenna Hudson – @jennawiththepink

Comedy Creator of the Year

  • Maddy Macrae – @maddy_macrae_
  • Tom Reese & Kell Reese – @reesebros
  • Jimmy Rees – @jimmyrees

Sport Creator of the Year (Wow Factor Award)

  • CommBank Matildas – @matildas
  • Kennedy Cherrington – @kennedycherrington
  • Christian Petracca – @christianpetracca_5

Music Act of the Year

  • Peach PRC – @peachprc
  • Go-Jo – @heyimgojo
  • Kim Dracula – @kimdrac
  • Kylie Minogue – @kylieminogue

LIVE Creator of the Year

  • Shirina Holmatova – @shirinaholmatova1
  • Paaka Davis – @paakadavis
  • Louis Parcell – @parsl3y

NZ Creator of the Year

  • Simeon Fiapule – @uce_gang6
  • Judah Metu-Teaukura – @judaxx
  • The Royal Family Dance Crew – @theroyalfamilydancecrew

International Creator of the Year

  • Chris Olsen – @chris
  • Maddie Jepson – @maddiegracejepson
  • Francis Bourgeois – @francis.bourgeois

TikTok Business of the Year

  • Vincent Lim
  • Yasmin Brisbane
  • Sarah Emilia

The Primo Award: Creator of the Year

This is the pinnacle of TikTok recognition, and the Creator of the Year is someone whose content has undoubtedly graced your screen. The nominees include:

  • Andy Hearnden: Known as the “hey babe, what do you want for dinner?” guy, who whips up restaurant-worthy dishes in his home kitchen.
  • Angelo Marasigan: The voiceover genius who aced the Neutrogena ad and staged unforgettable Kardashian skits.
  • Indy Clinton: The creator who shares heartwarming family life videos that have touched our hearts.
  • Tom Forrest: A true-blue Aussie dad who showcases the best of bush life.
  • Sophia Begg: The curator of the latest in the girly lifestyle and fashion space.

CeraVe’s Dedication to the TikTok Community

CeraVe, a TikTok fan favorite, is delighted to be the presenting sponsor of the inaugural TikTok Awards. Sophie Lacorne, Senior Brand Manager at CeraVe, expressed her excitement about this cooperation. “We are thrilled to be partnering with TikTok again, this time to launch the inaugural TikTok Awards,” she said. CeraVe has a thriving and devoted TikTok community, and we are honored to be a part of the awards, which recognize the best TikTok creators in Australia and New Zealand.”

How the Honorable Awards Will Be Decided

The TikTok Awards are unique in that the TikTok community chooses the winners through the For You website. You have until Tuesday, December 1 to vote for your favorite creators and content. Go to the TikTok voting center to cast your vote and express your appreciation for the sources of entertainment that have enhanced your TikTok experience.

Final Thoughts!

As the TikTok Awards Australia 2023 come to an end, we reflect on a night that celebrated the brilliance and creativity of the digital world. This year’s awards not only acknowledged the incredible ability of content creators like Indy Clinton, who was voted TikTok Creator of the Year, but also marked a watershed moment in recognizing the varied and dynamic nature of online communities. The awards showcased the best of Australian creativity, from viral sensations to profound messages, and left us inspired and enthusiastic for what the coming year will bring in the ever-changing TikTok world. The event caught the essence of what makes TikTok a game-changing platform, with a blend of glitter, innovation, and community spirit.

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