‘Young Sheldon’ and ‘Suits’ Find New Life on Netflix

Young Sheldon has wrapped up its time on CBS, but it’s experiencing a resurgence on Netflix. The second edition of What We Watched: A Netflix Engagement Report reveals that the single-camera comedy has garnered an impressive 88 million views since its arrival on the streaming platform in November. The first season alone attracted over 26 million viewers, with season 2 pulling in 17.2 million.

The popularity surge of Young Sheldon on Netflix follows its series finale on CBS, which aired on May 16. The two-episode conclusion drew 8.95 million viewers, marking it as the top broadcast of the night and the most-watched episode since the season 3 finale in April 2020.

Meanwhile, Suits continues to be a powerhouse on Netflix. The legal drama’s nine seasons accumulated nearly 146 million views in the latter half of 2023. Season 1 remained the standout with 26.9 million views, followed closely by seasons 2 and 3, which garnered 21.7 million and 19.3 million views, respectively.

Young Sheldon

Each subsequent season maintained strong viewership, solidifying Suits as a consistent favourite among Netflix subscribers.

The success of Suits on Netflix has spurred UCP to develop a spinoff titled Suits: LA, starring Stephen Amell. This move aims to capitalize on the show’s enduring popularity and expand its universe.

Netflix’s ability to breathe new life into these series underscores its influence in the streaming landscape. Young Sheldon and Suits are prime examples of how beloved TV shows can find extended life and new audiences on the platform.

M. Osama Asghar

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