‘The Walking Dead’ producers file $200-million lawsuit against AMC Networks

AMC Networks’ The Walking Dead creators have filed another $200 million lawsuit in their latest attempt to recoup income from the blockbuster series and its spinoffs.

A number of producers, including the author of the comic book series Robert Kirkman, originally sued AMC in 2017 over how the show’s earnings were handled, but the court dismissed the majority of their allegations.

On Monday, the producers filed a new lawsuit against AMC Networks in Los Angeles Superior Court, claiming a breach of contract over the series and its prequel, Fear the Walking Dead.


Producers claim in their most recent case that AMC’s $200 million deal with series creator Frank Darabont in 2021 entitled them to comparable treatment. According to Orin Snyder, a counsel for AMC Networks, the court has previously dismissed the producers’ main allegations against AMC.

 “This is just another crass money grab. We are confident it will fail, as their previous attempts have failed.” says Snyder.

The producers have now submitted new charges, and Buckley rejected the majority of their case in April of this year. He did, however, let the producers to take legal action with more restricted arguments.


Darabont and CAA initially sued AMC after he was dismissed from the series in 2013. He said the network cheated him out of millions of dollars in income by engaging in unethical and unfair “self-dealing,” which occurs when a network develops a show and then strikes a deal with itself for distribution rights, limiting the possible share for producers.

AMC denied the claims.

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