‘Telemarketers’ Directors Talks About the Impact of Docuseries

Telemarketers, the new HBO Max three part docuseries has already become thrill coaster for summer television.

Telemarketers is based on footage from Sam Lipman-Stern, who began filming as a New Jersey teenager in the early 2000s while working as a telemarketer at Civic Development Group, a shadowy company that hired teens, ex-cons, and addicts to solicit money on behalf of various organizations, primarily state lodges of the Fraternal Order of Police.

Lipman-Stern began shooting workplace pranks, but his aim quickly grew into an investigation into who and what he was raising money for. Patrick J. Pespas, a former heroin addict and death metal rocker who becomes involved in the probe, becomes his companion in this investigation.


Co-directors Lipman-Stern and Bhala Lough spoke to Variety about the docuseries and the impact they think it would have.

“My hope is that after seeing this, people will be like “Grandma, I saw this show on HBO and you shouldn’t be giving to those places anymore.” That’s the simple act of educating. I think reaching a large swath of people through entertainment is more powerful than some local news report that has been done ad infinitum in the past and never really made a dent.” says Lough.

“Hopefully, this story can help that money go to actual good causes,” added Lipman-Stern.

Telemarketers is available to stream on Max.

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