Succession Creator Jesse Armstrong Clarifies Kendall’s Fate

In a recent revelation, Jesse Armstrong, the creator of the critically acclaimed HBO series Succession, has put an end to the debate surrounding a crucial moment in the show’s final season.

Warning: If you haven’t watched the final season yet, beware of spoilers!

During the middle of Season 4, following the sudden death of the family patriarch and CEO of Waystar Royco, Logan Roy, Frank gathered the Roy children to share Logan’s final wishes. At this occasion he appointed Kendall as the new CEO.

However, there was ambiguity about Kendall’s fate. Did Logan cross out his name, indicating a change of heart, or did he underline it, affirming his choice?

Kendall, portrayed by Jeremy Strong, photographed the handwritten note with his phone, sparking speculation and debate among fans. The note became a focal point as the battle for leadership of the company intensified.

Succession Creator Jesse Armstrong Clarifies Kendall's Fate in Final Season

TV Line reports that Jesse Armstrong, in a recent appearance at a Financial Times event, resolved the mystery. He pointed out that if someone intended to cross out a name, they wouldn’t start by underlining it, as shown in the prop used on the show and seen on Kendall’s phone.

Armstrong even revealed that he himself drew the pivotal underline on the prop, confirming Kendall’s position as the chosen successor.

While this clarification might satisfy many fans, there’s still no word on the enigmatic “?” next to Cousin Greg’s name, leaving some questions unanswered as the show bids farewell.

Armstrong’s revelation provides closure to one of the most debated moments in Succession.

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