Unlocking the Magic: A Comprehensive Guide to Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episodes

The popular animated television program “Miraculous Ladybug” was produced by Thomas Astruc. The French-Japanese co-production is renowned for its fusion of teenage drama, magical themes, and superhero action. It has a sizable fan base among viewers of all ages, especially youngsters and young people. Find out the Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 episode guide.

As a result of its captivating plot, endearing characters, and attractive animation, “Miraculous Ladybug” has gained a devoted following and favorable reviews. It continues to produce new episodes, and thanks to its success, the Miraculous Universe has been further explored via products and spin-offs.

Viewing Adventure: Where to Catch the Thrills of Miraculous Ladybug Season 5

Popular streaming platforms in your region, such as Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, or other platforms known for carrying animated series would have access to Miraculous Ladybug Season 5. These platforms may have the latest episodes of “Miraculous Ladybug” available.

Visit the official “Miraculous Ladybug” website or the website of the production company to find more information on where to watch episodes.

The voice behind the Characters

ActorVoice/ Character
Cristina ValenzuelaLadybug
Bryce PapenbrookAdrien Agreste
Keith SilversteinHawk Moth
Max MittelmanPlagg
Mala LeeTikki
Carrie KeranenAlya Cesaire

Miraculous Season 5 Episode Guide

Here is your ultimate guide for Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.

Season 5. Episode 1: Evolution
Shadow Moth transforms into Monarch after stealing the Miracle Box, and she utilizes the Rabbit Miraculous to go back in time to a precarious time in Ladybug and Cat Noir’s history to capture their Miraculous.

Season 5. Episode 2: Multiplication
Marinette tries to put her love for Adrien to rest to prevent further mishaps and concentrate on getting ready to fight Monarch. Still, the days pass, and no akumatized villains have yet to materialize. Has Monarch given up?

Season 5. Episode 3: Destruction
What if Monarch could compel the Kwamis, familiar with Ladybug’s whereabouts, to direct him there? The unlucky little animals would be forced to follow his orders. Would Marinette Dupain-Cheng be able to flee from Monarch if he showed up at her house?

Season 5. Episode 4: Jubilation
When Marinette learns that Socqueline, a former classmate, is assuming the identity of Ladybug, she is shocked. She attempts to talk her out of it, but Monarch sets his sights on her.

Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episodes

Season 5. Episode 5: Illusion
Ladybug cannot perform a miracle for Nino, but she still wants to help, so he starts an aid network at school. They have to understand the new power the Monarch has. Adrian, Alya, and Marinette aren’t persuaded, though. Would the superheroes approve of this scheme?

Season 5. Episode 6: Determination
Marinette learns that she has affection for someone else as she struggles to persuade herself that she must stop falling in love with Adrien since it takes her focus away from her superhero job.

Season 5. Episode 7: Passion
Adrien, who has given up on loving Ladybug, seeks to find a means to express his feelings to Marinette. At the same time, Marinette convinces herself that she loves Chat Noir to forget about Adrien. Ladybug and Chat Noir trade their Miraculous to escape a ruthless lousy guy as their lives flipped upside down.

Season 5. Episode 8: Reunion
To learn more about the potential relationship between Johanne of Arc and Chat Noir, Marinette utilizes Tikki’s Reunion to contact a former Ladybug holder, Johanne of Arc. Pharaoh, who has been reawakened, asks Ladybug to answer his questions.

Season 5. Episode 9: Elation
Despite Alya’s objections, Marinette chooses to date Cat Noir to further her newfound affection for him. But they get spoilt when they run with a Ladynoir fan, who shares some frightening information about their love affairs.

Season 5. Episode 10: Transmission (The Kwamis’ Choice Part 1)
Tikki and Plagg are upset to witness their carriers’ distress at having to renounce their emotions. The Kiwanis will then take extreme action that alters several aspects of Paris.

Season 5. Episode 11: Deflagration (The Kwamis’ Choice Part 2)
Monarch has a rare opportunity that he will not pass up. The Kwamis made a choice that entirely took Marinette and Adrien’s attention away from their duties. Both positively and negatively.

Season 5. Episode 12: Perfection
Without her buddies, what would Marinette do? To assist her in finally getting closer to Adrien, the gang has decided to do everything they can.

Season 5. Episode 13: Migration
Luka has several personalities. He is Juleka’s twin brother and acts as a big brother to Marinette and Adrien. He is also the guitarist for the group Kitty Section. But Luka, who is willing to do anything to stand up for his beliefs and friends, is underestimated by Bob Roth, a label owner.

Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episodes

Season 5. Episode 14: Derision
Adrien and Marinette get ready for a typical date in the pool, but Marinette finds this quite upsetting because she once had a crush on Kim, and Chloe played several cruel pranks on her last year.

Season 5. Episode 15: Intuition
Monarch needs to improve when it comes to intuition. Either Ladybug’s Lucky Charm keeps evolving, or Cat Noir’s unpredictable nature suddenly ruins everything!

Season 5. Episode 16: Protection
Lila utilizes her gift for persuasion to convince Kagami that Marinette is a liar who takes advantage of everyone else’s goodwill as the group devises yet another convoluted scheme to bring Marinette and Adrien together. Will Lila’s poisonous lie ruin the friendship between Kagami, Marinette, and Adrien?

Season 5. Episode 17: Adoration
When Zoe and Marinette are selected to plan the end-of-year party, Marinette finds out that Zoe is secretly in love with a student in the ninth grade.

Season 5. Episode 18: Emotion
Marinette decides to attend Diamonds’ Dance, organized by Adrien’s father and Mrs. Tsurugi, but how will she enter such a private event where she isn’t welcomed at all?

Season 5. Episode 19: Pretension
Marinette resolves to have a heart-to-heart with the father of the boy she loves after concluding that Gabriel’s lack of interest in her results from a miscommunication, and her extraordinary bravery incites her buddy Kagami. Also, will Marinette and Adrien ever be able to love one another freely?

Season 5. Episode 20: Revelation
Lila is a skilled liar. She is adored by everyone thanks to this evil skill, and Gabriel Agreste even employs her. Be cautious with Lila because things frequently differ from what they seem.

Season 5. Episode 21: Confrontation
Junior high will soon be over, and then it will be summer break! Lila and Chloe stand up for their peers’ aspirations, but Adrien and Marinette are worried and trying to figure out their new evil plan.

Season 5. Episode 22: Collusion
As the academic year ends, unrest is growing between Monarch, Lila, and Chloe. Adrien is hiding a big secret from Marinette because it will disrupt their relationship.

Season 5. Episode 23: Revolution
Because of Chloe, the Monarch now has greater power than ever before. Ladybug and Cat Noir are unsure of the evil trap they have just stepped into as they ponder their superpowers. Adrien and Marinette’s life is about to undergo a permanent upheaval.

Season 5. Episode 24: Representation
Gabriel commits himself to finding Adrien after he disobeys him and searches for Marinette. Marinette is confident that Adrien is looking for her in the meantime. She will learn a secret that no one could have forewarned her about, as she believes she will join the boy she loves.

Season 5. Episode 25: Conformation (The Last Day – Part 1)
Monarch has just set the last pieces of his terrible scheme on his chessboard of evil. Will Monarch ultimately triumph?

Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episodes

Season 5. Episode 26: Re-Creation (The Last Day – Part 2)
The grand scheme of Monarch is in motion. Now, nothing can stop him. The supervillain has just captured Ladybug in person while descending into anarchy.

Season 5. Episode 27: Action (Plastic Waste Awareness Special)
Parisian plastic pollution is something that Marinette, Adrien, and their pals desire to combat actively. But looking merely at their scale, the endeavor looks too big.

Wrapping Up!

Key elements like Superhero Adventures, Secret Identities, Teenage Drama, and Magical Creatures are what make Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir perfect for children and Young Adults.


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