Justified: City Primeval Showrunners Tease Possible Spinoff

The masterminds behind FX series Justified: City Primeval, Dave Andron and Michael Dinner, have ignited excitement among fans as they hinted at the possibility of a spinoff featuring another epic showdown between beloved characters Raylan and Boyd.

The creators revealed to Collider that they have strategically left the door open for future collaborations and adventures involving the iconic duo. When asked about the potential for a new season that centers on another Raylan and Boyd confrontation, Andron emphasized, “We’ve obviously set it up…in theory, we’d be willing to go out there and take another swing at it.”

The showrunners acknowledged the lingering storylines that could be explored. For instance, the revelation that Boyd has an unknown child and Raylan’s concealed secret that he fathered a son while in prison. These narrative threads, brimming with emotional depth, offer fertile ground for further exploration.


Dinner added to the anticipation, remarking on the “unfinished business” for Boyd and the compelling arc that could be crafted for Raylan’s character. Drawing parallels to the classic film Unforgiven, he emphasized the potential for a captivating third act, highlighting Raylan’s journey of redemption and retribution.

While both creators emphasized that the series concluded on a high note, they expressed their eagerness to revisit the world of Justified if the demand and creative inspiration align. As Dinner succinctly put it, “If we feel there’s a story to be told and there’s an appetite for it, it would be great to do it. It would be awesome.”

Fans of Justified: City Primeval are left abuzz with speculation, envisioning the return of Raylan and Boyd for another enthralling chapter that promises to deliver the same mix of riveting storytelling, intense action, and complex character dynamics that made the show a hit.

You can catch Justified: City Primeval on FX and Hulu.

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