Is Hollywood’s Financial Woes Putting The Brakes on Big-Budget Films?

Adam McKay ‘s new film idea, ‘Average Height, Average Build’, is generating a lot of buzz in Hollywood. However, despite having Robert Pattinson attached to the project as the lead, along with Robert Downey Jr. and other big names in the mix, finding a good production house to finance the film has been challenging.

The issue is the high budget of the film, which is not uncommon for McKay’s projects. Although his last three movies as a director received a total of 17 Oscar nominations, McKay has not been a huge box office draw since he left studio comedies.

The film’s plot is about a serial killer who gets into politics in an effort to change laws to be more murder-friendly, and with such a politically charged topic, the budget is expected to be high.

The entertainment industry’s financial situation is causing studios to be more risk-averse when it comes to greenlighting big-budget projects like ‘Average Height, Average Build’.

Despite this, the film is expected to land at a streaming service, with many believing that it will likely go to Netflix. However, the industry’s overall financial health directly affects which individual projects get made, making the current retrenchment and general malaise particularly urgent for those who want to see exciting and innovative films come to fruition.

Although ‘Average Height, Average Build’ has a star-studded cast, the film’s high budget is making it difficult for McKay to find a production house that is willing to finance the project.

The current state of the entertainment industry is adding to this difficulty, with studios being more cautious in greenlighting big-budget projects. Despite this, many believe that the film will likely end up at a streaming service, with Netflix being a strong contender.

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