How Hannah Waddingham Almost Walked Away from Ted Lasso

When Apple TV+ entered the streaming arena, skepticism loomed. Could it contend with giants like Netflix and Prime Video? Amidst doubts, one ace emerged—Ted Lasso. This tale of an American soccer team’s quest for victory captured hearts, including that of its star, Hannah Waddingham.

For Waddingham, Ted Lasso proved transformative. Despite her seasoned career, the role felt surreal, a sentiment she shared on Sunday Sitdown. Playing a divorced woman bent on sabotaging her ex-husband’s beloved club was a departure, yet a cathartic one.

Reflecting on her journey, Waddingham acknowledged pivotal support. Her portrayal of Septa Unella in Game of Thrones caught the attention of its creators, who championed her for Ted Lasso. Their endorsement sealed the deal, despite initial resistance.

ted lasso

While the show soared, Waddingham initially wavered. Season one’s wrap left her questioning, but viewing the series altered her perspective. The alchemy of stellar casting and a feminist-driven writers’ room struck a chord, solidifying her belief in Ted Lasso’s impact.

As one of the most Emmy-nominated debut comedies and the top-streamed original series of 2023, Ted Lasso’s success is undeniable. Waddingham’s journey from doubt to pride mirrors the show’s own evolution—a testament to its enduring appeal.

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