Fabolous Tries But Fails At Roasting 50 Cent For Rick Ross Diss

Fabolous has jumped into the ring, armed not with diss tracks, but a calculator. The feud between 50 Cent and Rick Ross reached a new level when 50 mocked Ross for supposedly lackluster first-week sales of his collaborative album with Meek Mill, Too Good To Be True.

Rick Ross, never one to back down, fired back, taking a jab at 50’s girlfriend and asserting that the sales figures don’t reflect their ongoing success. Meanwhile, Fabolous, perhaps channeling his inner math professor, chimed in on Instagram, defending Ross and Meek’s numbers.

Fabolous Instagram 50 Cent and Rick Ross

He pointed out that in the streaming era, 31,000 CD sales translate to a whopping 46,513,000 streams. While the math may not be Billboard-approved, Fabolous argued that the low sales narrative is outdated, given the dominance of digital streaming platforms.

However, Billboard had a thing or two to say about Fabolous’ calculations, clarifying that 1,250 premium audio streams, 3,750 ad-supported streams, or 3,750 video streams equal one equivalent album unit. Oops, it seems like Fab’s math was more mixtape than album.

This sales spat isn’t just about numbers; it’s a full-fledged hip-hop soap opera. Rick Ross then took aim at Charlamagne Tha God for calling 50 Cent a ‘diabolical genius.’ According to Rick Ross, cracking jokes doesn’t make you diabolical, but getting money does. The beef, now seasoned with financial wisdom, continues to sizzle.

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