Ed Helms faced anxiety after film’s success

Ed Helms faced anxiety after his recent project received fame.

The actor was already well-known for his roles in The Office and The Daily Show, but his notoriety increased as a result of The Hangover.

Helms, also caused him a lot of anxiety for career-related concerns because it sparked what he described as “a cyclone of fame.” He says, “It was a tornado of fame and a lot of buffeting. I really was reeling a lot of the time, like in the aftermath of The Hangover … I was getting scripts for all these different kinds of projects. Like what do I do? I dunno. I was kind of spinning out and panicking about different things. Like, well, what kind of career do you want?”

Further, he said, “I will say one of the craziest things about a massive jump into fame like that, and what I think people who have never dealt with that or been close to it just can’t understand is the just total loss of control of your environment.”

The Hangover became an instant hit with its intended demographic as well as with reviewers, becoming an overnight sensation. On a $35 million budget, the movie did incredibly well at the box office, grossing over $469 million worldwide. Two years later, The Hangover Part II was released, and a third movie followed in 2013. Helms played the lead in all three parts.

The hangover

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