Deadpool & Wolverine: Revisiting Old Man Logan in the MCU

The upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine film is set to delve into the beloved Old Man Logan storyline, promising audiences a fresh take with enhanced comic book fidelity compared to its 2017 predecessor, Logan. Building on the success of previous iterations, this cinematic venture aims to captivate fans with new elements and a deeper exploration of the iconic storyline.

Film Overview

The collaboration between Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is set against a backdrop of multiverse chaos. This adaptation draws heavily from the Old Man Logan comics, presenting a visually richer and potentially more accurate rendition of the desolate world first introduced by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven.

Deadpool & Wolverine: Revisiting Old Man Logan in the MCU

Key Elements from the Comics

In the film’s second trailer, notable scenes include Deadpool recruiting Wolverine to save his universe, leading to their arrival at the Void at the End of Time—a setting reminiscent of the Marvel’s Loki series. This environment mirrors the comic’s dystopian wasteland, with scattered relics from the Marvel universe, including Giant-Man’s massive skeletal remains serving as grim landmarks.

Narrative and Character Development

This iteration of Wolverine may mirror his comic counterpart more closely, depicted as a haunted figure who, similar to his portrayal in the comics, may have been deceived into devastating the X-Men, thus adding a layer of tragic depth to his character.

Deadpool & Wolverine: Revisiting Old Man Logan in the MCU

Comparison with 2017’s Logan

While Logan chose a different narrative path, focusing on Wolverine’s declining years and the consequences of a dementia-stricken Professor Xavier, Deadpool & Wolverine leans into the original comic’s themes and settings more heavily. The inclusion of mutant villains and a road trip through a devastated landscape offer direct parallels to the journeys seen in Old Man Logan.

Enhancements Over Logan

By integrating iconic elements from the Old Man Logan storyline and expanding on them within the MCU’s multiversal framework, Deadpool & Wolverine promises not only a tribute to the beloved arc but also an evolution of its thematic and visual elements.


As anticipation mounts for the Deadpool & Wolverine film, fans eagerly await the cinematic realization of the Old Man Logan storyline. With promises of enhanced comic book fidelity and fresh elements, this upcoming installment holds the potential to reignite excitement among audiences and deliver a memorable experience that honors the legacy of the beloved narrative.

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