Top 10 Deadpool 3 Expected Cameos

Get ready for a multiverse extravaganza as Deadpool 3 gears up to explore uncharted territory within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Set to release in 2024, the highly anticipated film is generating immense excitement with rumors of an unprecedented array of cameos from characters spanning Marvel’s cinematic history. From the return of familiar faces from Fox’s X-Men franchise to speculations about iconic characters like Wolverine, Colossus, and even Taylor Swift as Dazzler, Deadpool 3 promises a star-studded journey into the multiverse. Let’s dive into the speculation and hype surrounding the Deadpool 3 expected cameos.

Deadpool 3 Expected Cameos

Curiosity piques as Deadpool 3 gears up for a cameo-packed adventure, delving into the MCU multiverse in unprecedented ways. Fans are eagerly anticipating familiar faces from Fox’s X-Men franchise, with Wolverine, Colossus, and Vanessa making a comeback. The excitement heightens with rumors of Dafne Keen reprising her role as X-23 and the possibility of additional characters like Professor X, Magneto, Storm, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Daredevil, Blade, Doctor Doom, and Taylor Swift as Dazzler. Join the excitement and explore the Deadpool 3 expected cameos that are fueling enthusiasm for this upcoming Marvel spectacle.

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10. Ian McKellen as Erik Lehnsherr, A.K.A. Magneto


It’s hard to picture Patrick Stewart coming back as Professor X without also thinking about Ian McKellen returning as his old buddy and nemesis Magneto. We haven’t seen McKellen in the role since 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, but since that movie ended with Wolverine fixing the timeline, we can assume Magneto is alive and back to his bad guy ways. There’s a rumor going around that Deadpool 3 might have a version of Magneto from Earth-838, the reality explored in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Maybe he’s seeking payback for those who killed his friend and manipulated his daughter (possibly the Scarlet Witch) into causing trouble for the Illuminati.

9. Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff, A.K.A. Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch

Elizabeth Olsen recently took a break from Marvel Studios after playing Wanda Maximoff for the past four years. She’s exploring other opportunities, which means her rumored appearance in Deadpool 3 might not happen. However, it could still make sense for her to show up. If Magneto makes a cameo in Deadpool 3, it could set up a family connection between them. Since Scarlet Witch became super popular in Phase 4 of the MCU, it would be awesome to see her back in action.

8. Channing Tatum as Remy LeBeau, A.K.A. Gambit


Channing Tatum was supposed to play Gambit in a 20th Century Fox film, but the project got stuck in development for years and got canceled. Despite that, many fans still want Tatum as Gambit in the MCU, and Deadpool 3 might be the perfect chance for that to happen. It could be a quick appearance, finally giving Tatum the chance to be the mutant hero he’s been teased for playing for a long time. Even though Taylor Kitsch played Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009, seeing Channing Tatum take on the role in real life would be pretty satisfying.

7. Halle Berry as Ororo Munroe, A.K.A. Storm


There’s talk about Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen showing up in Deadpool 3, and it seems like some other folks from the original X-Men crew might be in too, including Halle Berry as Storm. Berry first played Storm in the 2000 movie X-Men, and she stuck around for all the original films and Days of Future Past, where she made it out alive. So, it’s looking like the perfect chance for her to make a comeback. Especially since she recently posted a picture on Twitter with Storm’s iconic white hair, making everyone wonder if she’s gearing up for a return in Deadpool 3.

6. Famke Janssen as Jean Grey

Jean Grey

Famke Janssen first played Jean Grey in X-Men back in 2000, and she had this cool connection with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. It would be awesome if she came back for Deadpool 3. Jean Grey, played by both Janssen and Sophie Turner in Fox’s movies, got tangled up in the Dark Phoenix Saga a couple of times, and those didn’t go too well with the audience. So, having Janssen’s Jean Grey return in Deadpool 3 could be a chance for her to redeem herself, showing off her powers without getting stuck in the whole Dark Phoenix drama. It could be a solid way for her character to have a strong exit.

5. James Marsden as Scott Summers, A.K.A. Cyclops


Finishing up the original X-Men crew from Fox is James Marsden as Scott Summers, aka Cyclops. Now, Cyclops kinda got a raw deal in Fox’s movies – in the comics, he’s this natural leader of the X-Men, but in the live-action films, he didn’t get much of a chance to shine and ended up getting killed off early. If he does show up in Deadpool 3, it’ll probably just be a quick appearance, and they might end up recasting the role for future MCU stuff.

4. Ben Affleck as Matt Murdock, A.K.A. Daredevil


Before becoming Batman in the DC Extended Universe, Ben Affleck was actually Daredevil in Fox’s 2003 movie. Even though Charlie Cox is now the go-to guy for Daredevil, some folks had mixed feelings about Affleck’s take on the character. But, here’s the scoop: there’s talk that Affleck might show up in Deadpool 3, playing Daredevil again now that he’s done with being Batman. And the likelihood of this happening seems higher since Jennifer Garner is confirmed to be back as Daredevil’s Elektra Natchios in Deadpool 3.

3. Wesley Snipes as Eric Brooks, A.K.A. Blade


Blade from 1998 is like Marvel’s OG hit, marking the start of the whole superhero movie craze we’ve had for the past 25 years. Wesley Snipes rocked as Eric Brooks, the half-vampire “daywalker” hunting vampires with his crew. Now, even though Mahershala Ali is gearing up to be the new Eric Brooks in the MCU’s Blade reboot in 2025, folks still give props to Snipes for how he played the character. Rumor has it, Snipes might pop up in Deadpool 3 before Ali takes the reins. And it’d add some humor vibes since Ryan Reynolds was in 2004’s Blade: Trinity, starring alongside Snipes’ Blade.

2. Julian McMahon as Victor Von Doom, A.K.A. Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom is this big-shot supervillain from Marvel, always giving the Fantastic Four a hard time. Julian McMahon played him in the 2005 Fantastic Four flick and its 2007 sequel, plus the 2015 reboot attempt. Now, there’s some buzz that McMahon might make a comeback as Doctor Doom for the MCU’s Deadpool 3. Although Doctor Doom has been rumored to show up in the MCU’s Multiverse Saga, we haven’t heard anything official yet. So, there’s a chance that McMahon might be back as the character before Marvel Studios does their own take on Doctor Doom.

1. Taylor Swift as Alison Blaire, A.K.A. Dazzler


Lately, folks are talking about Taylor Swift making her debut in the MCU’s Deadpool 3. The buzz is that she might play Dazzler, a mutant pop star with this cool power to turn sound waves into light. Erik Davis from Fandango spilled the beans that Kevin Feige wanted to make a Dazzler movie, but it’s not clear if that means she’s showing up in Deadpool 3. With a bunch of characters rumored for Deadpool 3 already, maybe it’s not the best time to throw a big name like Taylor Swift into the MCU mix.

Wrapping It Up!

In conclusion, Deadpool 3, slated for a 2024 release, is gearing up to deliver an unprecedented multiverse spectacle. With rumors swirling about cameos from familiar faces like Wolverine, Colossus, and Taylor Swift as Dazzler, the film has generated immense anticipation. This blend of iconic characters promises to make Deadpool 3 a standout Marvel adventure, pushing the boundaries of the MCU and leaving fans eagerly awaiting its arrival.

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