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The series continues to blend humor with relatable school-life scenarios, offering a fresh take on the educational system. Watch Bad Education Series 5 in Canada embarks on a fresh comedic adventure with ex-students now teachers, Mitchell and Stephen, at Abbey Grove. Premiering on January 14, 2024, on BBC iPlayer and BBC Three, the series brings a new twist to teaching. Their unconventional methods, akin to guiding spirited kittens, humorously clash with a diverse cohort of quirky students.

This season redefines educational comedy, injecting novel humor into the everyday struggles of teaching. Follow the amusing escapades of Abbey Grove’s staff and students as Mitchell and Stephen face the amusing intricacies of guiding a modern classroom. This season promises laughter, quirky characters, and a unique take on the world of education.

Quick Steps: Bad Education Series 5 In Canada for FREE

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Where To Watch Bad Education Series 5 In Canada?

In the UK, Bad Education Series 5 is accessible on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer. However, due to regional broadcasting rights, accessing BBC iPlayer directly from Canada is not possible. This is where the use of a VPN becomes crucial.

Why Do You Need A VPN To Watch Bad Education Series 5 In Canada?

BBC iPlayer employs geo-blocking technology, restricting access to viewers outside the UK. To circumvent these restrictions, a VPN is essential. It allows you to change your IP address to one from the UK, making it appear as if you are accessing the content from within the United Kingdom.

Best VPN to Watch Bad Education Series 5 In Canada

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Release Date of Bad Education Series 5

Bad Education Series 5 is scheduled to air on January 14, 2024. It promises to bring more of the show’s trademark humor and quirky characters.

About Bad Education Series 5

Mitchell and Stephen, now established educators at Abbey Grove, embark on adulting adventures, guiding a new student cohort. The cast features flamboyant Usma, aspiring rapper Inchez, and socially conscious Jinx. Headmistress Bernadette Hoburn, played by Vicki Pepperdine, maintains her blend of strictness and humor. In the absence of Jack Whitehall’s Alfie Wickers, Layton Williams and Charlie Wernham carry the torch of absurdity, guaranteeing a new surge of laughter.

IMDb Rating7.4/10
No. of Seasons5

Trailer Alert: Watch Bad Education Series 5

The official trailer for Bad Education Series 5 can be found on the BBC’s official YouTube channel and social media platforms. It gives a sneak peek into the new adventures and comedic mishaps awaiting at Abbey Grove School.

Cast Member’s Names in Pointers

Official Name Character Name
Layton WilliamsStephen Carmichael
Charlie WernhamMitchell Harper
Vicki PepperdineHeadmistress Bernadette Hoburn
Nikki RunecklesMiss Chantelle Parsons
Kae AlexanderMiss Sylvia Edwards
Michelle GomezMiss Isobel Pickstock
Jack BinsteadLeslie ‘Rem Dogg’ Remmington

How Many Episodes of Bad Education Series 5 Are There?

The season comprises six episodes, each lasting about 30 minutes. Episodes will be released weekly on BBC Three and made available on BBC iPlayer shortly after broadcast.

Episode 1 | Boxing | 14 Januarya 2024

Mitchell runs the risk of losing Kayleigh due to an error in the wedding site. To save the day, Class K arranges a boxing bout at Abbey Grove.

Episode 2 | Face-Off | 14 January 2024

Mitchell becomes obsessed with gangster movies after landing a small role in one. He and Stephen are told to switch occupations by Hoburn, but Class K isn’t happy about the changes.

Episode 3 | Fitness | 14 January 2024

Fitness expert Mo Dix is hired by Hoburn to help the school get back in shape. After falling hard for him, Stephen does all in his power to get rid of Mitchell so Mo can take his place.

Episode 4 | Haunted House | 14 January 2024

Class K has an overnight break-in, some spooky encounters, and some revelations following the discovery of Stephen and Mitchell’s old time capsule.

Episode 5 | Reading | 14 January 2024

Class K faces difficulties with their exam preparation and turns to Fraser for assistance after Jinx gives up her studies to spend more time with Mitchell.

Episode 6 | Camping | 14 January 2024

After Mitchell pushes his practical jokes too far, the camping trip with Class K descends into anarchy.

The Hype of Bad Education Series 5


Is Bad Education Series 5 suitable for all ages?

The series is targeted towards a mature audience due to its humor and themes.

What themes are explored in Bad Education Series 5


Themes of adulthood, responsibility, and the challenges of modern teaching are central to the series.

Is Bad Education based on a true story?

No, it’s a fictional comedy series.


For Canadian viewers, watching Bad Education Series 5 is a breeze with the right tools. By utilizing a VPN, you can effortlessly access BBC iPlayer and dive into the hilarious world of Abbey Grove School. Get ready for a season filled with humor, quirky characters, and the unique charm that Bad Education is known for. Don’t miss out on the laughs and lessons in store for this new season!

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