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Step into the world of a cosmic teenage secret agent, as she battles General Gore and navigates the universe. Watch Agent 203 in Canada on ITV on November 2, 2023, this show combines humor, science fiction, and fantasy, promising an out-of-this-world adventure. Don’t miss this unique blend of action and teenage challenges, brought to life by the creative minds at Mondo TV Group and Toon2Tango.

Quick Steps: How To Watch Agent 203 In Canada For FREE

Follow these simple steps to watch Agent 203

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  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the UK

  4. Login to ITV

  5. Watch Agent 203 on ITV

Where To Watch Agent 203 In Canada?

Agent 203 is available on ITV, a platform that offers the perfect opportunity to catch this animated marvel online for free. The show’s release date is set for November 2, 2023. For Canadians facing geo-restrictions on ITV, VPN service comes to the rescue, allowing you to bypass these limitations and immerse yourself in Zoe’s intergalactic adventures.

Why Do We Need a VPN to Watch Agent 203 In Canada?

For Canadian viewers eager to dive into the world of Agent 203, a delightful blend of comedy, sci-fi, and fantasy, geo-restrictions on ITV might pose a challenge. However, with top-tier VPN solutions, these barriers can be effortlessly bypassed.

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What is the Release Date of Agent 203?

Prepare for a cosmic journey! Agent 203 is set to premiere on November 2, 2023.

What is the About of Agent 203?

In a universe filled with secrets, young Zoe stumbles upon a startling revelation: her father is a secret agent in outer space. Inspired by this discovery, Zoe adopts the alias “Agent 203.” Alongside her closest friends and her father’s former partner, she embarks on missions to protect the universe from the menacing alien, General Gore. Amid these space adventures, Zoe also navigates the challenges of teenage life.

Trailer Alert: Watch Agent 203

Official Synopsis

“Zoe Stranek’s shock when she finds out that her dad didn’t work at Starbucks, but was a secret agent protecting our planet from alien invasions.”


Voice Cast of Agent 203

Following are the main voice actors behind the animated series.

  • Kyra Jackson: Kyra Jackson’s main focus lies in acting, but she frequently takes on roles as a director and writer in both stage and film, while also enjoying post-production editing as a hobby.
  • Tim Heller: Tim’s talent for delivering impactful performances brings depth and intricacy to the group.
  • Emelia Suljic: Emelia’s ability to adapt and excel as an actor is evident, adding significant value to this already talented ensemble.

Episode Guide of Agent 203

Following are the episode details of the series.

  • Episode 1 | Let the Children Boogie: A gripping start that establishes the scene for Zoe’s interplanetary adventures.
  • Episode 2 | Zoe 2.0: Explore Zoe’s change in greater detail as she comes to terms with who she is now.
  • Episode 3 | There’s an alien in my locker: High school and the universe collide as Zoe deals with alien obstacles on a regular basis.
  • Episode 4 | Supersonic Zoe: This episode is defined by speed, agility, and a hint of adolescent spirit as Zoe takes on new tasks.
  • Episode 5 | Smooshageddon: Get ready for an episode full of surprising turns and turns.
  • Episode 6 | The Party Crashers: Expect the unexpected when you attend a cosmic party. This entertaining episode tests Zoe’s fortitude.
  • Episode 7 | Space Aliens from Space: Reliability or redundancy? Zoe struggles to understand the secrets of the cosmos.
  • Episode 8 | Flower Power: A thriving story of camaraderie, difficulties, and the strength of unity.
  • Episode 9 | Death by Cosplay: When Zoe explores a world of fandom and imagination, the distinction between fact and fiction becomes more hazy.
  • Episode 10 | You bee You: A popular episode that highlights the value of uniqueness and acceptance of oneself.
  • Episode 11 | Teacher Creature: Classes are in session, although not as usual. Zoe experiences an astonishing shift in her academic life.
  • Episode 12 | Attack of the Giant Quigley: Size does important, particularly when the equilibrium of the universe is under jeopardy.
  • Episode 13 | Elected: Power, politics, and a dash of youthful drama. Zoe gains experience in leadership.
  • Episode 14 | Mother Knows Best: A touching episode exploring the relationship between Zoe and her mother.
  • Episode 15 | The Royal Rumble: Cosmology meets royalty. Zoe’s explorations take on a royal aspect.
  • Episode 16 | The New Guy: Fresh faces, fresh difficulties. Zoe gains insight into the value of trust and first impressions.

What makes Agent 203 Unique?

Agent 203 is unique because it seamlessly blends action-packed space adventures with relatable teenage experiences. It’s a show that appeals to a wide audience by offering both thrilling cosmic escapades and the challenges of growing up.


Are there plans for additional seasons of Agent 203?

It is not announced by the official for the renewal of season 2.

Is Agent 203 suitable for all ages?

Agent 203 is designed to entertain a broad audience. While it contains action and adventure elements, it also explores relatable teenage themes, making it suitable for viewers of various age groups.

Who are the creative minds behind Agent 203?

Agent 203 is crafted through the collaborative brilliance of Mondo TV Group and Toon2Tango, two renowned entertainment companies known for their innovative storytelling.

Sum Up

The universe is full of mysterious voyages and limitless wonders. A doorway into this world is opened by Agent 203, which combines space exploration with realistic teenage drama. Viewers should expect a lovely experience as Zoe embarks on her journey, with each episode revealing new aspects of the narrative.

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