Disney+ Hotstar Packages in Canada in April 2024

In this blog we will talk about Disney+ Hotstar packages in Canada. Hotstar has emerged as the leading streaming service in India, surpassing different competitors like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Hotstar offers exciting content like famous movies, shows, sports, web series and even live TV too.

In this comprehensive guide we have highlighted Disney+ Hotstar packages in Canada. If you are traveling to Canada and already have a Disney+ Hotstar subscription from your home country, you should be able to access the service using your existing account.

Streaming services like Disney+ Hotstar often allow subscribers to access content from abroad, but the available content library may vary based on regional licensing agreements. Make sure you have a stable internet connection, and you may need to use a VPN

Hotstar Packages in Canada

If you’re considering subscribing to Disney+ Hotstar in Canada but want to know more about its features and offerings, you’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about Disney Plus Hotstar subscriptions, available content options, and more.

Whether you’re curious about exploring Hotstar’s offerings or interested in understanding its pricing plans, this guide will equip you with all the necessary information. So, let’s dive in and discover the world of Hotstar.

Overview of Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar, owned by Disney, is a streaming platform that offers a vast selection of movies, TV shows, and original content. It combines the strengths of two popular streaming platforms, Hotstar and Disney+. Hotstar was introduced in India in 2015 and quickly gained popularity due to its extensive collection of Indian and international content.

Disney+ Hotstar boasts an extensive library of movies, TV shows, and original content from renowned brands. The platform supports multiple languages, including Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Bengali. Additionally, it offers live streaming of various sports events, including cricket, football, and hockey.

In recent years, Disney+ Hotstar has also ventured into producing original content in India. Popular programs like Taaza Khabar, Criminal Justice, Aar Ya Paar, and Special Operations have garnered critical acclaim and garnered a massive fan following among Indian viewers.

Disney+ Hotstar Packages in Canada in April 2024

Disney+ Hotstar offers a variety of deals and packages to cater to the entertainment needs of its diverse user base. Whether you’re a fan of Disney classics, Marvel superheroes, or live sports, there’s a package designed for you. In this guide, we’ll break down the different Disney+ Hotstar deals and packages available for users. 

1. Disney+ Hotstar Premium Monthly

Disney+ Hotstar Monthly is a subscription plan that grants access to a vast library of content at an affordable price.

What are the Features of Disney+ Hotstar Monthly?

  • Disney+ Originals
  • Exclusive Indian content
  • Live sports including cricket, football, and other sports events 
  • Dubbed content in multiple Indian languages for example Tamil content. 
  • Ad free streaming


Disney+ Hotstar Monthly costs around INR 299 which is CA$4.91/ per month.

2. Disney+ Hotstar Premium Annual

Disney+ Hotstar Premium is a premium subscription plan that unlocks a wider range of Hotstar content libraries, including international shows and movies.

What are the features of Disney+ Hotstar Premium?

  • This plan includes everything available in Disney+ Hotstar library 
  • Allows access to Disney+ Originals
  • It includes Hollywood blockbusters and TV shows
  • Allows unlimited streaming on multiple devices
  • Allows 4 simultaneous streams at a time
  • Offers ad free streaming 


The annual subscription for Disney+ Hotstar Premium is around INR 1,499 which is CA$24.61/per year.

3. Disney+ Hotstar Super

This combo plan combines the benefits of both Disney+ Hotstar Monthly and Premium, catering to all your entertainment needs.

What are the features of Disney+ Hotstar VIP and Premium Combo?

  • Allows access to everything in Disney+ Hotstar 
  • Offers sports
  • Allows 2 simultaneous streams 
  • This plan is ideal for households with diverse content preferences
  • This plan includes ads


The combo plan was available for approximately INR 899 per year which is CA$ 14.76/Per year.

Must Watch on Disney Plus Hotstar

Does Disney+ Hotstar offer a free trial anymore?

No, Currently Disney Plus in not offering a free trial, streamers have to subscribe to the service to watch its content.

Wrapping It Up

Disney+ Hotstar is a streaming platform that offers a wide range of content, including Disney+ content, Hotstar Originals, Bollywood movies, Indian TV shows, live sports (such as cricket, hockey, kabaddi, football and more). Streamers can watch their favourite content on the platform but Hotstar library differs from region to region and Disney plus Canada has comparatively less content on its list.

In this guide we have mentioned all the details on Hotstar packages in Canada.

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