Where Was SmartLess Documentary Filmed?

Buckle up and prepare for a wild ride into the uncharted territories of laughter, insight, and camaraderie! Imagine three of Hollywood’s wittiest and most charming stars embarking on a cross-country adventure that’s anything but ordinary. Welcome to the enthralling world of SmartLess documentary, where the unscripted and unexpected converge to create an unforgettable journey. SmartLess: On the Road is ready to share heartfelt stories and impromptu conversations on Prime Video Max and Max. Let’s delve into a journey filled with genuine moments and discover where the documentary was filmed.

Where to watch SmartLess documentary in Canada?

SmartLess: On The Road is available exclusively on Prime Video and Max. The documentary has taken the streaming world by storm, captivating audiences with its captivating blend of humor, heart, and adventure. SmartLess documentary follows the dynamic trio of Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett as they explore the diverse tapestry of American culture.

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What is SmartLess: On the Road all about?

SmartLess documentary

The dynamic trio of Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes is back with SmartLess: On the Road, an exciting extension of their hit podcast, SmartLess. This highly anticipated Max docuseries offers an unfiltered peek as these comedy legends travel to meet celebrities and notable guests. Following their live SmartLess podcast tour in February 2023, which included cities like Boston, Brooklyn, Washington D.C., and more, SmartLess: On the Road captures the candid behind-the-scenes moments of their tour in six captivating episodes. Fans are in for a treat as they witness the camaraderie, engaging conversations, and the humorous minds of these beloved comedians and actors.

Who can we see in SmartLess: On the Road documentary?

Taking their podcast’s magic to the next level, the trio embarks on a cross-country comedy adventure, bringing their signature humor to life with face-to-face interactions with prominent figures. Staying true to their podcast’s format, each episode concludes with one host introducing an enigmatic guest to the other two.

Directed by Sam Jones, SmartLess: On the Road features a star-studded lineup including Conan O’Brien, Will Ferrell, Matt Damon, and more surprise appearances. Executive produced by Arnett, Bateman, and Hayes, alongside Sam Jones and Ross M. Dinerstein, this docuseries offers an exclusive window into their dynamic world, filled with witty banter, casual conversations, and unscripted authenticity.

What to expect from the SmartLess documentary?

Since its 2020 debut, SmartLess has become a comedy podcast sensation, earning widespread acclaim. Now, viewers can enjoy the backstage fun, witty exchanges, and candid discussions that shine in the spotlight.

Join these three beloved stars on an exhilarating journey with SmartLess: On the Road, where laughter takes center stage. Don’t miss this unforgettable adventure. For more details on this uproarious docuseries, keep scrolling down to our guide below.

Where was the SmartLess documentary filmed?

SmartLess documentary

The trio of hosts, Bateman, Arnett, and Hayes, recorded multiple episodes during a concentrated period from February 2nd to February 12th, encapsulating ten days of filming. This time frame corresponds to their live shows across different cities.

Notably, the podcast episodes were filmed at distinctive venues in various cities. The schedule comprises stops in different locales, such as Washington DC, Boston, New York, Chicago, Madison, and Los Angeles. Critical cities like Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, and Los Angeles even had multiple shows on their dates. This suggests that the content presented in those episodes might encompass a blend of different performances. See the table below for the venues that opted to film in these breathtaking cities.

Date of filmingLocation
February 2Washington, DC (Dar Constitution Hall)
February 4Boston, MA (Boch Center Wang Theatre)
February 5Brooklyn, NY (Kings Theatre)
February 8Chicago, IL (The Chicago Theatre)
February 9Madison, WI (The Orpheum Theatre)
February 12Los Angeles, CA (The Orpheum Theatre)

Release date of SmartLess: On the Road documentary

SmartLess: On the Road debuted on Tuesday, May 23, 2023, exclusively on Max. The show is accessible through Max, the rebranded streaming service derived from HBO Max. It’s also available for viewing on Prime Video Max. Max retains the streaming content from HBO while being a distinct subscription service. To enjoy SmartLess: On the Road and other offerings, you can easily subscribe to Max.

Trailer of SmartLess documentary

During the big reveal of Max, previously called HBO Max, they exclusively showed the SmartLess: On the Road trailer. Like other documentaries about live tours, this new show follows the successful podcast and goes behind the scenes. The hosts travel to beautiful cities in North America, sharing stories from behind the scenes and giving their opinions on various topics.

While on the road, they meet famous people and have funny experiences. In each city, they hang out with a celebrity friend or a well-known personality, creating unforgettable and hilarious moments. The show is filmed in black and white, as seen in the trailer, giving it a candid and classic documentary vibe, except for the continuous funny and laughter-filled moments created by the hosts’ playful actions.

SmartLess Podcast- Worth the laughs!

SmartLess documentary

Conceived as a passion project during the COVID-19 pandemic, SmartLess has evolved into a tremendously successful endeavor. Launched in 2020 by actors and friends Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, and Sean Hayes, the podcast earned recognition as one of Apple’s Best Shows of 2020. It consistently maintains high rankings, securing positions in the Top 5 Comedy Shows and Top 10 Overall Shows on iTunes.

With 147 episodes released so far, the podcast has hosted various intriguing individuals from multiple backgrounds. Its appeal is further heightened by engaging and light-hearted discussions on meaningful topics, creating an enjoyable blend of entertainment and insight. SmartLess can be enjoyed on Wondery, Amazon Music, and Apple Podcasts.

Director Sam Jones talks about shooting the docuseries in black and white!

SmartLess documentary

Upon asking the reason for shooting SmartLess in black and white, director Sam Jones explained his point of view, saying:

I just love it aesthetically. Number two, it allowed the backstage and travel stuff to work seamlessly with our filming while they were on stage. I think it gave you a feel that this is a behind-the-scenes thing. When you’re going between all of these different locations, hotels and planes and green rooms and onstage and backstage, black and white focuses your attention on the main characters.

The end!

Get ready to hit the open road with the SmartLess crew, experiencing unforgettable mishaps, jaw-dropping revelations, and belly laughs when three brilliant minds throw caution to the wind and embark on an unscripted adventure. SmartLess: On the Road is more than a documentary; it celebrates friendship, a journey of discovery, and a testament to the power of authentic connections. Get ready to laugh, learn, and be inspired as you join the extraordinary expedition of the SmartLess documentary.

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