What to Watch on Amazon Prime in 2023 in Canada.

Amazon Prime Video is a subscription-focused streaming platform offered by Amazon as part of its Amazon Prime subscription program. The platform focuses on providing a wide selection of movies, TV series, and original content exclusively to its subscribed members. Here’s our comprehensive guide on ‘What to Watch on Amazon Prime in 2023?’

It’s essential to recognize that content availability might vary based on location due to licensing agreements and regional restrictions. Additionally, Amazon Prime Video is a component of the broader Amazon Prime subscription bundle, granting access to extra Amazon services like expedited shipping and Prime Music.

Given the swiftly evolving nature of the streaming landscape, I strongly recommend checking the official Amazon Prime Video website or app for the latest updates regarding accessible content and features.

How to Watch Prime Video in Canada?

To watch Amazon Prime Video in Canada, follow these steps:

  1. Amazon Prime Subscription: If you’re not an Amazon Prime member, sign up for an Amazon Prime subscription. Visit the official Amazon website and create an account. As of my last update in September 2021, Amazon Prime Video is included in the Amazon Prime subscription.
  2. Compatible Device: Ensure you have a compatible device to access Amazon Prime Video. This could be a smartphone, tablet, computer, smart TV, streaming device (e.g., Amazon Fire TV Stick), or gaming console.
  3. Download the App: If you’re using a mobile device or tablet, go to the app store (Google Play Store for Android or Apple App Store for iOS) and download the “Amazon Prime Video” app.
  4. Browser Access: Using a computer, you can access Amazon Prime Video through a web browser. Visit the official Amazon Prime Video website and log in with your Amazon account credentials.
  5. Sign In: Open the Amazon Prime Video app or website and sign in using the Amazon account associated with your Amazon Prime subscription.
  6. Browse and Stream: Once logged in, browse the available content by category genre or search for specific movies or TV shows. Click on the content you want to watch to start streaming.
  7. Create Profiles: If multiple people use the same account, consider creating separate profiles to maintain personalized recommendations and viewing history.
  8. Offline Viewing: Amazon Prime Video allows you to download specific content for offline viewing. Look for the download icon next to eligible titles.
  9. Watch Amazon Originals: Amazon Prime Video offers a variety of original TV series and movies. These exclusives can be a highlight of the service.

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Newest in August 2023!

Find the ultimate collection on ‘What to Watch on Amazon Prime in 2023’ for August.

NameStyleGenreIMDb RatingRelease Date
The Lost Flowers of Alice HartTV Mini-SeriesDrama8.0August 4, 2023
Mamba’s DiamondMovieAction8.0August 4, 2023
One Friday Night 13: Allazov vs. GrigorianChampionshipSportsN/AAugust 5, 2023
The Killing VoteTV SeriesDrama, Thriller7.9August 10, 2023
Twisted MetalTV SeriesAction, Adventure, Comedy7.5August 10, 2023
Red, White, and Royal BlueMovieComedy, Romance7.1August 11, 2023
The Super Mario Bros. MovieMovieAnimation, Adventure, Comedy7.1August 11, 2023
Moving OnMovieComedy5.7August 14, 2023
In Bed with the PedrosMovieDramaN/AAugust 15, 2023
MirrorsMovieHorror, Mystery6.1August 15, 2023
Three Mothers, Two Babies and a ScandalTV SeriesCrime7.4August 16, 2023
RenfieldMovieComedy, Fanatsy, Horror6.4August 17, 2023
Harlon Coben’s ShelterTV SeriesCrime, Drama, Mystery6.7August 18, 2023
Cangaco NovoTV SeriesAction, Crime, Drama8.7August 18, 2023
Pizza 3: The MummyMovieDrama, Horror, Thriller5.1August 24, 2023
Beautiful DisasterMovieDrama, Romance5.3August 25, 2023
Polite SocietyMovieAction, Comedy6.7August 28, 2023
A Good PersonMovieDrama7.0August 30, 2023
Hostel Daze: Season 4TV SeriesComedy, Drama8.4August 31, 2023

Picks for Recents in July 2023!

Recent picks for ‘What to Watch on Amazon Prime in 2023’ for July.

Los iniciadosStyleGenreIMDb RatingRelease Date
Atomic BlondeMovieAction, Thriller6.7July 5, 2023
WNBA: Seattle Storm at Connecticut SunTournament  SportsN/AJuly 6, 2023
The Horror of Dolores RoachTV SeriesComedy, Horror7.1July 7, 2023
RobotsMovieRomance, Sci-Fi, Comedy5.5July 7, 2023
Los IniciadosMovieCrime, Drama, Thriller5.5July 7, 2023
Captain UnderpantsMovieAnimation, Action, Adventure6.2July 10, 2023
ChampionsMovieComedy, Drama, Sports6.7July 11, 2023
The Summer I Turned Pretty: Season 2TV SeriesDrama, Romance7.4July 14, 2023
InsideMovieDrama, Thriller5.5July 15, 2023
Spider-Man: HomecomingMovieAction, Adventure, Sci-Fi7.4July 19, 2023
Made in Heaven: Season 2TV SeriesDrama, Romance8.3July 21, 2023
Takeshi’s Castle Japan: Season 1TV SeriesAction, Adventure, Comedy8.2July 25, 2023
SpyMovieAction, Comedy7.0July 26, 2023
Good Omens: Season 2TV SeriesComedy, Fantasy8.0July 28, 2023
NovelaTV SeriesComedy7.1July 28, 2023
A Thousand and OneMovieCrime, Drama7.0July 29, 2023

Finishing Line!

Amazon Prime Video has witnessed a surge in popularity for various reasons. Its exclusive content, highlighted by shows like “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” “The Boys,” and “Fleabag,” has earned recognition from both critics and viewers. The platform offers a diverse selection spanning genres such as drama, comedy, action, and science fiction, appealing to a broad audience. The convenience of streaming on devices like smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs provides adaptable content consumption, catering to user preferences. Included as part of the broader Amazon Prime subscription, it offers comprehensive benefits, including expedited shipping and access to Prime Music, attracting those searching for a complete service. Furthermore, the addition of original movies sets it apart from its rivals. Its user-friendly interface, offline viewing capability, global availability, exclusive streaming rights, and integration with Amazon devices enhance its appeal. The amalgamation of competitive pricing and innovative methods, such as interactive storytelling and live streaming, significantly contributes to its widespread recognition.

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