Best VPN For Hallmark In Canada: Shows are Just a Click Away

Are you located in Canada and want to watch the famous and your favorite TV shows and movies on Hallmark? The only roadblock to enjoying your favorite shows is the channel’s geo-restriction. This roadblock can easily be removed with the help of VPN services.

The Hallmark Channel airs wholesome programs such as Love in the Great Smoky Mountain, When Calls the Heart, and Make Me a Match. Typically, it’s accessible only to viewers in the United States. To enjoy it in Canada or on restricted networks, you’ll require a VPN with US servers. This guide highlights fast VPNs and official streaming platforms that provide access to the Hallmark Channel without the need for a cable subscription.

In the United States, Crown Media Holdings, Inc. owns the pay-cable channel The Hallmark Channel. The content offered on the channel targets mostly families and consists of a variety of TV movies, miniseries (mainly in the rom-com genre), and both original and acquired TV series about daily life.

Alternatives Channels To Watch Hallmark Shows in Canada

If you’re a devoted Hallmark enthusiast looking for alternatives to the usual cable TV plans, there are various streaming choices to consider. The Hallmark streaming application provides a collection of content, although a few users have mentioned difficulties in accessing the most recent releases.

  • Peacock has its Hallmark channel, which lets you watch live shows and movies, though new releases might be slightly delayed.
  • Frndly TV is affordable at CA$9.45 per month and gives you access to Hallmark channels.
  • Philo TV costs CA$33.80 per month and offers DVR features, so you can record and watch Hallmark shows when it suits you.
  • YouTube TV now has Primetime Channels, including Hallmark Movies Now.
  • Hulu TV provides real-time access to the Hallmark Channel.

Given these choices, which accommodate diverse tastes and financial plans, Hallmark enthusiasts can select the ideal streaming service to suit their entertainment needs.

Why Do You Need a VPN To Stream Hallmark?

Hallmark is geo-restricted, so in order to access Hallmark in Canada, you must use a reliable VPN service. If you attempt to see Hallmark from in Canada while traveling or for any other reason, you won’t get access to it and receive an error message.

Hallmark can fortunately be unblocked in Canada if you use a trustworthy Virtual Private Network (VPN). When utilizing a VPN, you can conceal your real location by having your IP address changed to one from another nation. The best option for obtaining a US IP is to use a US server offered by the VPN program. It is super easy to stream Hallmark in Canada now, thanks to the VPN services.

Which devices are compatible with Hallmark streaming?

Check whether your device is compatible with Hallmark for streaming. Hallmark is available on a variety of popular devices.

  • iPads & iPhones running iOS 13.0+
  • Apple TV running tvOS13+, 4th Generation
  • Android OS 10.0+ Phones & Tablets
  • Chromecast
  • Android TV 10.0+
  • Samsung TV: Select Models from 2018+
  • Vizio TV: Select Models from 2020+
  • LG TV: Select Models from 2018+
  • Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube running Fire TV OS 5+
  • Kindle fire: HD, HDX, Fire Phone
  • Roku OS 9+
  • Sony: Select Models from 2019-2020
  • Broadband internet connection
  • Up-to-date web browser versions Microsoft Edge, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox on smartphones and desktop
  • Windows 10+ or Mac OS 10.15+ operating systems on desktop, and the latest versions of iOS and Android on your mobile device

Best VPN For Hallmark

Many VPN services are available, but only a handful can provide the high quality and speed needed for streaming Hallmark. To simplify things, we’ve put together a list of the best VPN service providers that are perfect for streaming Hallmark content.

🥇 1st OptionExpressVPN – Fastest VPN and Brilliant for Streaming
🏆 2nd OptionNordVPN – Great for Security and streaming due to large server network
🏆3rd OptionSurfshark – A pocket-friendly VPN with an unlimited connection facility

What Are The Most Important VPN Factors For Hallmark?

🚀 Speedy Connection

👍Hallmark Unblocking

🌐 Server Availability In the US

🖥️Device Compatibility

📞24/7 Customer Support

💰Money Back Gurantee

🙂 User-Friendly App


FeaturesSupported By ExpressVPN
🔵 Servers 3000+ servers spread over 94 countries. 
🔵 Speed QualityHigh-Speed with ExpressVPN custom Lightway Protocol
🔵Security  AES-256 Encryption for Privacy & Security
🔵Simultaneous connections5 Devices at a time
🔵SmartDNS Yes, Media streamer(SmartDNS): For non-VPN supported devices
🔵Money-back guarantee30-days
🔵Split tunneling and P2P featuresYes
🔵Customer Support24/7 Customer Support

Think of ExpressVPN as a powerful tool for your online life – it’s like having a secret guardian that keeps you safe and makes your internet super fast. You can use it on your computer, phone, and even special devices like the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

One of the best things about ExpressVPN is that it can unblock content from all over the world. Sometimes, the stuff you want to see or do online is blocked, like a virtual wall. ExpressVPN is like a magical key that opens the door to lots of shows and websites. And the best part? You can do things online really fast because it doesn’t slow you down.

But wait, there’s more! ExpressVPN also has something called MediaStreamer, which is like a secret code that lets you watch TV shows and movies on different devices, like smart TVs and gaming consoles in Canada. If you want a top-notch internet experience with awesome adventures online, ExpressVPN is the way to go. It might cost a bit more, but trust me, it’s totally worth it!

Quality Speed and Brilliant Performance While Streaming

ExpressVPN is like the fastest sprinter in the internet race – incredibly speedy and unbeatable! It’s so quick that I could watch Ultra HD videos with zero annoying pauses. Just picture streaming your favorite Hallmark shows smoothly in Canada– that’s the magic of ExpressVPN!

But hold on, there’s more! ExpressVPN doesn’t just excel in speed; it also offers unlimited bandwidth in Canada. This means you can binge-watch all those Hallmark shows without worrying about data limits. It’s like having a buffet of non-stop streaming!

I tried out ExpressVPN with their New York server in the US, and boy was I impressed! I streamed Hallmark movies and other shows with lightning speed and crystal-clear quality. Our tests even clocked download speeds of 95.57 Mbps and upload speeds of 86.74 Mbps – it’s like having a turbocharged internet connection!

ExpressVPN USA Server:

Users can easily discover a variety of USA servers within the ExpressVPN app for smooth and convenient connections. Tap on the location bar in the center of the app and then select your favorite location from the location list.

  • USA supported locations (cities): 17
  • USA VPN servers: 24

Plans and Price

ExpressVPN offers users a choice of three subscription plans, each designed to meet various requirements and preferences. This ensures that there’s a plan to fit everyone, whether you need short-term access or a longer commitment.

  • 1 Month Plan: CAD 14.89
  • 6 Month plan: CAD 81.52
  • 12 Months Plan:  CAD 99.95

Device Compatibility

ExpressVPN works with all the well-known devices that are frequently used by regular people. 

  • Android 
  • Smart TV
  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • iOS
  • Wifi Routers
  • Play Station
  • Xbox
  • Chromecast
✔️ High Server Speed❌IPV6 is not supported by ExpressVPN
✔️ Good Customer Support❌It is expensive
✔️ A variety of protocols are available
✔️ Secure with 256-AES Encryption
✔️ Does not record your browsing history
✔️ Good Customer reviews


FeaturesSupported By NordVPN
🔵Servers5500+ servers in 60 countries
🔵Speed QualityHigh-Speed with NordVPN custom Nordlynx Protocol
🔵BandwidthUnlimited Ultra-HD streaming bandwidth
🔵Simultaneous connections6 Devices at a time
🔵DNS leak protection featureYes
🔵SmartDNSYes– for non-VPN supported devices
🔵SmartPlay Feature for streamingYes– for non-VPN-supported devices
🔵MeshnetShares files and routes traffic securely worldwide.
🔵No log PolicyYes
🔵Customer Support24/7 Customer Support

NordVPN is globally recognized as one of the finest VPN services, known for its exceptional speed and security. When you’re enjoying Hallmark content in Canada, NordVPN is a wise choice. They offer top-tier security and streaming features such as Double VPN, DNS leak protection, Meshnet, Smartplay, SmartDNS, and an advanced technology called obfuscation, ensuring your safety while streaming Hallmark.

NordVPN is highly regarded for its unwavering commitment to safeguarding your online privacy. Even when facing legal challenges and subpoenas, NordVPN’s standout achievement is that they had no user logs to disclose. This highlights their effectiveness in preserving the confidentiality of your online activities. Additionally, NordVPN’s registration outside the jurisdiction of the 5 Eyes alliance, a coalition of nations known for sharing intelligence, provides an extra layer of confidence.

For watching Hallmark content in Canada, NordVPN excels due to its extensive server network. With a vast global presence of over 5500 servers, including more than 1970 in the US across cities like Atlanta, Seattle, Buffalo, and New York City, NordVPN ensures a seamless and dependable streaming experience.

Speed Quality and Performance

NordVPN is your ticket to hassle-free Hallmark streaming in Canada. It’s super fast and reliable. We tested it, by watching Love in the Great Smoky Mountain and it gave us a smooth online experience. With NordVPN, you get great speeds of download speeds of 87.82 Mbps and an upload speed of 50.64 Mbps, making your browsing smooth and uninterrupted. It’s your go-to choice for Hallmark enjoyment in Canada.

NordVPN USA Server:

In the NordVPN App, users can find numerous servers and locations. Changing your location on NordVPN is a simple process. On the NordVPN app, you’ll see a map with various server pins. You can click on any of these pins to select a server in that location. Alternatively, you can use the server list on the left-hand side of the app to choose a specific country or city.

  • USA supported locations (cities): 16
  • USA VPN servers: 1,970

Price and Plans

NordVPN offers three different pricing choices for its subscription packages. These packages differ in the features they include, with certain capabilities only available in particular plans.

PlansCompletePlus (highly recommended)Standard
1 Month CAD 20.38CAD 18.75CAD 17.66
12 Months CAD 9.50/monthCAD 7.87/monthCAD 6.79/month
24 MonthsCAD 7.87/monthCAD 6.24/monthCAD 5.15/month

Device Compatibility

NordVPN is compatible with all the popular and common devices that are mostly used by the common people. 

  • MacOS
  • iOS
  • Smart TVs
  • Android Mobile
  • Android TVs
  • Wifi Routers
  • Play Station
  • Chromecast
  • Linux
  • Windows
✔️It has high Security Protocols❌ Bad Mobile App Interface
✔️ No-log Policy❌ No free version
✔️ 24/ 7 Live Chat❌ Sometimes slow connectivity
✔️ Wide range of servers
✔️ High-Speed Performance


FeaturesSupported By Surfshark
🔵Servers3200+ servers in 100 countries
🔵Simultaneous connectionsUnlimited device connections
🔵Speed QualityRapid speed
🔵Pricing Pocket Friendly
🔵Camouflage featureYes, Masks VPN traffic as regular internet traffic.
🔵Whitelister featureYes,Choose which apps or websites bypass the VPN.
🔵Kill Switch Yes
🔵CleanWebYes, Choose which apps or websites bypass the VPN.

Recently, many folks want to protect their online privacy and access content worldwide. Surfshark is a budget-friendly VPN known for its strong features. It offers military-grade encryption and lets you connect unlimited devices, which means your whole family can enjoy affordable streaming.

Surfshark unlocks various streaming services like Hallmark, Bravo TV, BBC iPlayer, and Disney Plus. With 3,000+ servers in 90+ countries, it’s speedy and works on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Prices are reasonable, but watch out for auto-renewal surprises. Surfshark offers a good balance between online safety and affordability.

Speed Quality and Performance

Surfshark offers reliable internet speeds and special streaming servers to ensure smooth connections. These servers are strategically placed to reduce delays and buffering, ensuring uninterrupted, high-quality streaming.

Our Surfshark test, focusing on the Chicago, US server, showed excellent performance while streaming ‘Love in the Great Smoky Mountain’ on Hallmark outside the US.

Speed tests revealed impressive download speeds of 87.42 Mbps and upload speeds of 80.48 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection. These speeds mean you can enjoy 4k videos without frustrating pauses. Surfshark is definitely speedy!

Surfshark USA Servers 

The Surfshark app, designed for user ease, offers a variety of servers. To make things convenient and ensure smooth connections, Surfshark provides more than 3200 servers across 65+ countries. Below, you’ll find the locations and count of servers in the USA:

  • USA supported locations (cities): 23
  • USA VPN servers: 600+

Price and Plans

Surfshark offers its users three plan choices: Surfshark Starter, Surfshark One, and Surfshark One+. These plans are designed to suit different requirements and preferences, giving users flexibility and a range of options to choose from.

PlansSurfshark StarterSurfshark One (highly recommended)Surfshark One+
1 Month CAD 17.61CAD 24.41CAD 31.21
12 Months CAD 5.43/monthCAD 6.11/monthCAD 11.27/month
24 MonthsCAD 3.13/monthCAD 4.38/monthCAD 8.14/month

Device Compatibility

SurfShark provides users with three plan options: Surfshark Starter, Surfshark One, and Surfshark One+. These plans cater to various needs and preferences, offering flexibility and choices for users.

  • Android TVs
  • Smart TVs
  • MacOS
  • iOS
  • Android Mobile
  • Windows
  • Linux
✔️ Unblocks plenty of streaming content like Amazon Prime❌ No dedicated IP add-on 
✔️ Unlimited simultaneous connection❌ No split tunnelling on iOS app
✔️ High Speed❌ Does not work in China region
✔️ Reasonable price
✔️ Split tunneling and multi-hop tunneling tools
✔️ Free 7-Day Trial

How can you watch Hallmark with the help of a VPN in Canada?

You can easily access Hallmark with the help of VPN services in Canada. All you need to do is to follow the below steps:

  • Select a VPN provider that suits your requirements (ExpressVPN is recommended)
  • Sign up for a subscription plan
  • Download and install the VPN app on your device.
  • Open the VPN app and log into it.
  • Look for the US server location and then try to connect to it.
  • On a successful connection, visit Hallmark and watch your favorite shows.

Steps to follow if Hallmark is not working with VPN

While using the VPN, I faced a few hiccups because perfection is hard to achieve. To tackle these issues, I decided to seek assistance from the VPN provider’s customer support. They kindly shared some straightforward tips to help me address the problem. Here are the common steps I took to resolve my issue and enjoy a seamless experience with the VPN service.

  • Switch between different cities
  • Switch the VPN protocol
  • Delete all cookies and cache
  • Try to change networks from wifi to 4G/5G or vice versa


Can I watch shows and movies on Hallmark outside US?

Hallmark is a geo-restricted content and can only be accessed within the boundaries of US. To watch shows and movies on Hallmark outside the US, you need VPN services.

What is the best VPN for watching Hallmark in Canada?

The best VPN for accessing Hallmark in Canada may vary based on your specific needs and preferences. Some top choices include ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark.

Can I use a free VPN to stream Hallmark in Canada?

You can use free VPNs to watch Hallmark in Canada, but they have weaker privacy protection and slower speeds. For a better and more secure streaming experience, it’s recommended to invest in a reputable paid VPN service known for unblocking content and offering faster connections.

Can I use a VPN on my Smart TV to watch Hallmark in Canada?

Many VPNs offer Smart TV apps, which you can use to access Hallmark. Alternatively, you can set up the VPN on your router to cover all devices, including your Smart TV.

Final Verdict

In summary, employing a VPN to enjoy streaming Hallmark TV shows and movies from Canada is a smart way to access your beloved shows and films. A top-tier VPN can help you overcome geographical limitations, ensuring an uninterrupted streaming experience.

For Hallmark fans residing in Canada or anyone prioritizing online privacy, a VPN is a valuable asset. With the correct VPN service, you can open the door to a vast collection of heartwarming content, relishing your treasured Hallmark programs and movies without hindrances.

We appreciate your feedback in the comment section below to enhance our list of the finest VPNs for enjoying Hallmark.

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